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Updated March 13, 2012 - 11:23 PM EDT
Netanyahu Considers Ground Invasion of Gaza
  Israeli Delegation Cancels US Visit: MP Denied Entry Over Terror Links
Afghans Vow Vengeance After Massacre of Civilians
  White House: US Won't Change Strategy in Occupation of Afghanistan
Photos of 'Cleanup' at Iran Site Lack Credibility
Syrian Opposition Demands 'Urgent' Foreign Invasion
Yemen: US Drone Strikes Killed at Least 64
Treasury Probes Former Penn. Governor's Terror Ties
18 Killed in Iraq as Officials Ready for Arab League Summit
Americans for Permanent War: Target Syria  by Doug Bandow
Crackdown on Whistle-Blowers Is Full of Contradictions  by Trevor Timm
Congress Must Decide if It or the President Declares War  by Gene Healy
Afghanistan's Haditha: An Atrocity to End the War  by Robert Dreyfuss
Just War and the Iran Crisis  by Robert C. Koons
Why Putin Is Driving Washington Nuts  by Pepe Escobar

More Viewpoints

Afghanistan Massacre Has Some Republicans Questioning the War Effort

UK Government Sued for Helping US Drone Strikes

Cheney Deems Canada Too Dangerous for Visit

Military Under Fire Over Troops' Mental Health

Bahrain, Belarus Newly Dubbed 'Internet Enemies'


Attack May Derail Effort to Force Taliban Into Talks

Military Searches Soldier's Records for Clues in Killings of Afghan Civilians

Afghanistan Shooting Suspect Was Trained Sniper

NATO Airstrike Kills Three Afghan Civilians

United States

Obama: War Fears Driving Gasoline Prices Higher

Prosecution of Ex-NSA Official Was 'Ill-Considered,' Former Agency Spokesman Says

Advocates Worry About 'Crazy Vet' Perception


Bangladesh Braced for Mass Anti-Government Rally

Vietnam to Send Buddhist Monks to Spratly Islands

Group: Tibetan Teen Monk in China Self-Immolates on Anniversary of Failed Uprising

Secret Australian Teams Hunt for African 'Terrorists'

2 Soldiers Killed, 4 Wounded in Clashes With Rebels in Senegal's Restive South

Mexican Army: Captured Drug Gang Leader Responsible for Massacre of 35 in Port City

For Argentines, Falkland Islanders, History Has Made Their Claims to the Land Non-Negotiable


Syria and Rebels Trade Accusations Over Brutal Killings

UN: Syria Subjecting Civilians to Mass Punishment

Iraqi Sunni Tribal Sheikh Admits Sending Men to Fight Against Bashar Al-Assad in Syria

Syria Plants Landmines Along Turkish Border

US and Russia Clash in UN Over Syria

Azerbaijani Defense Minister Pledges No One Will Attack Iran Through His Country

Israeli Planning for Iran Operation Goes Back Years: Long-Range Flights and 'Bunker Busters'

Middle East
Arab Israeli MPs Slam Gaza Bombings

For Refugees in Libya, Hard to Stay or Go

Protests Spread in Morocco's North Rif Mountains

N. Africa Countries Adopt Plan to Secure Borders

Journalists in Turkey Coup-Plot Trial Freed

Gadhafi 'Contributed €50m to Sarkozy's 2007 Presidential Election Fund'

Imam Killed in Belgian Mosque Arson Attack, Police Say

Russia Slays Georgian Monsters in Kremlin-Backed Film

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