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Updated March 15, 2012 - 11:22 PM EDT
Karzai Wants NATO Out of Villages; Taliban Halt Talks
  Russia May Give NATO Air Base for Afghan War
Ethiopia Carries Out Attacks Against Eritrea
Pakistan Denies Role in Recent US Drone Strikes
  Pakistani Leaders Spurn US Calls to Reopen Border
Iraq's Maliki Vows to Prevent Arms Flow to Syria
Azerbaijan Arrests 22 'Iranian Spies'
Saleh Calls for Rivals' Expulsion Frm Yemen
Kony 2012 Is the Bastard Offspring of the Liberal Elite  by Brendan O'Neill
Obama's Personal Role in a Journalist's Imprisonment  by Glenn Greenwald
Remembering Guatemala's Military Massacres  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Top 10 Media Failures in the Iran War Debate  by Stephen M. Walt
Way to Go, IDF!  by Gideon Levy
Kony 2012's Old-Fashioned War Propaganda  by Tate Watkins

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Report: US Asked Russia to Warn Iran of 'Last Chance' to Avoid Military Strike
How the FBI Monitored Hippies Under the Guise of Combating Terrorism

DoD Says Amputations Reached Wartime High

Military's Search for Cause of Rampage Yields 'No Smoking Gun'


GOP, Dems Urge US to 'Stick to Plan' in Afghanistan

Panetta Safe After Serious Security Breach in Afghanistan

Polish Soldiers Face Afghanistan Killings Retrial

NATO Moves to Keep Taliban Out of Afghan Army

Afghan Official Says Surveillance Video Shows US Soldier Surrendering After Civilians Killed

Former Bush Official Warns Against Iran Attack

Israel Would Face Challenge in Bombing Iran Nuclear Sites, Experts Say

Iran's Parliament Summons a Slippery Ahmadinejad

Iran Slams Using Oil as 'Political Tool'

Cyber-Attack on BBC Leads to Suspicion of Iran's Involvement

Netanyahu: Gaza Violence Somehow Shows Israel Cannot Afford to Be Lax on Iran Nuclear Threat

Likud MP to Arab MPs: You're the Devil

Israel to Demolish Palestinians' Solar Panels

Cuban Dissidents Hole Up in Church, Ask for Audience With Pope During Upcoming Visit
Colombia's Ambassador in Peru Resigns to Face Charges of Alleged Paramilitary Ties

Canadian Women Allege US Border Groping

United States

US Marines to Cut Four Battalions, 12 Air Squadrons

Pentagon Considers On-Demand Disposable Satellites

Marine Vet Suspected in 6 Murders Says He 'Needed to Kill'

State Dept. Moves to Fire Peter Van Buren, Author of Book Critical of Iraq Reconstruction Effort
Tunisian PM: 'Military Intervention in Syria Would Be Pure Madness'

Syrian Rebels Lack Guns, Money After Key Defeats

A Year Into Uprising, Syrian Protesters Say They Won't Give Up

Some 120,000 Iraqis Remain in Syria Despite Increase in Migration

Syrian Athletes on 'War Crimes' Watch

Anti-Assad Front Under Fire as Three Break Away

Syria's Devastated Economy

Journalism Organization Outraged at Number of Journalists Killed, Detained in Syria
Middle East-North Africa

Effects of Pipeline Attacks Spread Beyond Egypt

Armed Bedouins Surround Peacekeepers, Some US, in Sinai to Demand Prisoner Release

Condition of Bahrain Hunger Striker Seen Worsening

Fifty Years On, Algeria War Resonates in French Vote

Iraq Settles Airline Dispute With Kuwait Ahead of Arab Summit

Detained British Journalists Handed Over to Libyan Govt


Seen by Millions, Will Uganda Kony Video Matter?

Two Somali Refugees Shot Dead in Kenya Camp

Somalia: Suicide Bomber Targets Presidential Palace

EU to Consider Security Training Mission to Niger

Congo Warlord Guilty in Hague Court's First Verdict


S. Korea to Stage Major Drill in Yellow Sea

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