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Updated March 16, 2012 - 11:24 PM EDT
Karzai: US Not Cooperating in Massacre Probe
  Panetta: Stay the Course in Afghanistan
  NATO Helicopter Crashes Into Afghan House, 16 Killed
  Afghanistan Massacre Suspect Named as Sgt. Robert Bales
  Karzai Wants NATO Out of Villages; Taliban Halt Talks
  Afghan MPs Outraged as US Transfers Massacre Soldier to Kuwait
  'Why Did They Not Stop the Killings?'
  Kuwait Wants Massacre GI Out; Official Says He 'Snapped' Under Strain
Netanyahu Moves Closer to Iran Attack
  Houthi Official Denies Receiving Arms From Iran
78 Percent of Americans Oppose Invading Syria
  Dueling Rallies on Syria Anniversary
Army: Manning's Leaks Assisted al-Qaeda
  Calls for Manning Dismissal After Prosecution Botches Doc Handover
Algeria Conflict Shapes US Military Strategy
Marine Team Giving Specialized Training to Uganda Forces
Yemen's Saleh Seen 'Undermining' al-Qaeda Fight
The End: It's Time to Leave Afghanistan  by Fred Kaplan
The Road to Hell Is Paved With Viral Videos  by David Rieff
Gitmo and Recidivism: The Media's Ongoing Failure to Question Official Statistics  by Andy Worthington
The Systemic Atrocity of Afghanistan's Occupation  by Ross Caputi
Reasons to Attack Iran  by Gwynne Dyer
Afghanistan: The Dead Just Keep Piling Up  by Mark LeVine

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Attorney Asks for Dismissal in WikiLeaks Case
Different Kind of Hunt for bin Laden
Somalia, Kenya, Nigeria Bombings Deadlier in 2011
Blocking WikiLeaks Emails Trips Up Bradley Manning Prosecution
Despite Rights Concerns, US Plans to Resume Egypt Aid
Pentagon: Afghan Security Breach Was More Serious Than Reported
Kandahar Massacre Reverberates Across the River
Cameron Declares Afghanistan a Success at 9/11 Memorial
Afghanistan Increasingly Looks Like Iraq
Cameron and Obama Show Unity on Afghanistan
Identity of Afghan Shooting Suspect Still a Secret
Afghan Massacre Accused Chooses Lawyer
Alleged Afghanistan Shooter Was Loath to Deploy, Lawyer Says
Abbottabad Commission Findings Contradict US Version on bid Laden
Pakistani Dies in Firing by NATO Forces
Pakistani PM to Supreme Court: Send Me to Jail
Mansoor Ijaz, Husain Haqqani Appear Before Memo Commission
Swiss Pair Free After Taliban Ordeal, Pakistan Army Says
Koreas' War of Words Raises Concerns
A US Tie to Push on Surveillance in Chinese Cities
Tibet Exiles See Rise of American-Style Politician
Less Than Half Russians Trust Putin Vote Result, Poll Shows
Russia Convicts Protest Leader's Husband
Belarus Bars Critics From Leaving the Country
French Soldiers Shot Dead on Street in France
Venezuela to Deploy 15,000 Troops to Borders to Combat Drug Trafficking and Armed Groups
US Veterans
Military PTSD – Stereotype or Reality?
Iraq War Veteran Killed Sister, 11, Then Himself
Iraq War Veteran Accused in 6 Murders Tells Detective He Has 'Killer Gene'
Netanyahu Is Preparing Israeli Public Opinion for a War on Iran
Netanyahu Says Israel Won't Need US OK to Hit Iran
US Denies Sending Warning to Iran Via Russia
US Navy Doubling Minesweepers in Persian Gulf
Global Network Expels 30 of Iran's Banks to Isolate Economy
Iran Food Stockpiling Grows as Grain Ships Near Port
Worries Over Iranian Jews if Israel Attacks
Iran Official: All Options on Table if Nuclear Facilities Attacked
Tribal Leader Says Only Armed Struggle Can Topple Assad
1.4 Million 'Risk Hunger in Syria': UN Agency
Syria 'Setting Border Mines to Stop Refugee Flight'
Turkey Braced for Syria Refugee Flood
Israeli Aircraft Hit Gaza in Response to Rockets
Israel, Palestinians Trade Fire but Truce Largely Holding
Israeli Woman Soldier Stabbed by 'Palestinian'
Escalation in South Israel Makes Portable Shelters All the Rage
Kurdistan President Calls Baghdad Leaders 'Failures'
Kurds Claim Iraq Owes $1 Bn for Oil Pumped in 2011
Maliki's Move to Persuade Syria to Hand Over Wanted Iraqis
Sistani's Representative Urges UN to Continue Working in Iraq
Iraqi Parliament Speaker: Slaughtering Emos Is a Crime
Iraq's Artists Lament Decline in Cultural Life
Bahrain Hunger Striker Weak After 36 Days
Bahraini Officers Face Prosecution for Mistreating Protesters
North Africa
Tunisia Revolution 'At a Crossroads': PM
Libya Reopens Its Stock Exchange
16 Death Sentences in Algerian Bomb Attack Trial
Nigeria Starts Talks With Boko Haram
Mozambique Denies Cutting Zimbabwe Power Over Debts
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