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Updated March 23, 2012 - 11:09 PM EDT
Israel, US Disagree on Timetable to Attack Iran
  IAEA Chief's Credibility Questioned
US Commander: Halt Afghan Troop Drawdown
  Karzai Pushes for Sovereignty in Post-2014 Afghan Security Pact
  Bales Charged With 17 Counts of Murder Over Massacre
  Western Countries Scramble for Afghan Exits
62 Reported Dead in Syria Despite Ceasefire Calls
  PKK Commander: If Turkey Invades Syria, All of Kurdistan Is Warzone
19 Iraq Terror Suspects Escape in Jail Break
  Iraq Denies Torture in Death of VP's Bodyguard
  Allawi Reiterates Warnings of Iraq's 'Emerging Dictatorship'
Feds Will Now Keep Data on Innocent Americans
Naval Shelling Kills 29 in Yemeni Province
Coup in Mali Possible Consequence of Libyan War
France Standoff With Gunman Reaches Deadly End
Five Reasons to Withdraw From Afghanistan  by Malou Innocent
Why Do We Protest the NATO Summit?  by Buddy Bell
The 'Taliban Five' and Forgotten Afghan Prisoners in Guantánamo  by Andy Worthington
An Administration Gone Rogue  by Rep. Ron Paul
'Belambai' Is Afghanistan's 'My Lai'  by Paul Rosenberg
Big Brother on Campus  by Michael Gould-Wartofsky

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US-Japan Plan Reportedly Would Spread Marines Across Pacific
US Intelligence Sees Global Water Conflict Risks Rising
Life After Guantanamo
Pressure Mounts for Transparency in Manning Court-Martial
US Says 5 Nations Clear Out Weapons-Grade Uranium
Islamists Seek Influence in Syria Uprising
Turkey Eyes Syrian Crisis Through Lens of Kurdish Stability
A Street Called Syria Divides Tense Lebanese City
UN Human Rights Body to Probe Israel's Settlement Activities in West Bank
Netanyahu Says UN Rights Council 'Hypocritical'
Lawyer Says Israeli Outpost Deal a Stalling Tactic
PA Urges Donor Countries to Pay Up
Egypt-Hamas Standoff Leads to Gaza Power Crisis
Would-Be Spy for Israel Gets 13 Years in Prison
Christian Among 8 Killed in Iraq
Iraq Ascendant as Power Shifts in OPEC
Iraq Oil Income Drops Sharply on Weather, Sabotage
Baghdad a 'Virtual Prison' Ahead of Arab League Summit
Middle East
India to Continue Purchasing Iranian Crude Oil: Indian FM
US to Resume Aid to Egypt
Kurdish PKK Rebels and Police Killed in Turkey Clashes
Libya Resists International Court's Claim on War Crimes Case
Al-Qaeda Says It Killed American Teacher in Yemen
Bahrain Police Install Cameras to Curb Abuse
Leader Calls for Unity as Tunisia Celebrates Independence
Mohammed Merah, Face of the New Terrorism
French Gunman Was on US 'No-Fly' List
Report: Suspect in French Jewish School Shooting Visited Israel
Mali Rebels Advance in North, Mutineers Seek President
Adviser: Mali President Safe at Military Camp
Mali Soldiers Loot Presidential Palace After Coup
In Zimbabwe, Sentenced for Watching News Reports
Bali Attack Plot Shows Indonesia Terror Threat Evolving
Pentagon Suspends Efforts to Recover Remains of Troops in North Korea
Myanmar Invites Americans and Europeans to Monitor Vote
Kashmir Blast: One Dead and Many Hurt South of Srinagar
Pakistan: Haqqani Rejects Ijaz's Claims on Coup Memo

Suspect Pleads Not Guilty to Thailand Explosives Charge

UN Adopts Resolution on Sri Lanka War Crimes Probe
Accounts by Colombian Ex-Rebels Helped Military Plan Attack That Killed 33, General Says
The War at Home
Ban Lifted, ROTC to Return to Harvard's Campus
Supreme Court Appears to Side With Secret Service Agents Who Protected Cheney
8 of 9 Barbers on Strike at Denver Air Force Base
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