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Updated March 24, 2012 - 11:29 PM EDT
US, Europe, Israel Agree: Iran Nuke Threat Far Off
  Iran Sanctions Bring Unintended, Unwanted Results
  Obama Blames Iran for High Gas Prices
PKK: An Excuse for Turkish Invasion of Syria?
  38 Reported Killed in Syria as Annan Seeks Settlement
  Syrian Rebels 'Running Out of Ammo' Again
Coup in Mali Poses Dilemma for US
  Mali Coup Leader: President Has Been Arrested
  Tuareg Rebels Vow Push in Mali After Coup
19 Iraq Terror Suspects Escape in Jail Break
Rep. Granger Unblocks US Aid to Palestinians
Clinton Waives Democracy Clause, Egypt Aid to Resume
Despite Claims, No Sign French Attacker Had al-Qaeda Ties
Romney's Plan for Defense Spending Is Unrealistic Fantasy  by Christopher Preble
'Stability' Trumps Democracy in Egypt  by Medea Benjamin & Charles Davis
Defusing the Middle East Would Lower Gas Prices  by Sheldon Richman
'This Is Not Who We Are' – Oh Yeah?  by Gene Marx
Preparing Israel for War  by Neve Gordon
Afghanistan and the Roman Empire  by Renee Parsons

More Viewpoints

NYPD Intelligence Officers Monitored Liberal Groups
UN Says Serbia Local Poll in Kosovo Is Illegal
UN Rejects Russian Call for Libya to Stop Detentions, Uganda's Call for Libya to Stop Killing Blacks
Former NSA Spokesman: Prosecution of Ex-Official Was 'Ill-Considered'
With SOPA Shelved, Anti-Piracy Advocates Take New Approaches
Space Clutter a Growing Concern for Pentagon
Bashar Assad's Wife Banned From Entering EU
Russian Politician Says Syria Must Pull Out Troops
Clans and Villages Flee Syria, Investigators Say
Syrian Nationals in US to Get 'Temporary Protected' Status
Egypt Helps Ease Gaza Oil Crisis
Israeli Officials Denounce Move by UN Rights Council
Hamas: PA, Israel Colluded Over Gaza Energy Crisis
Human Rights Watch Calls on Iraq to Investigate Torture Claims
Displaced Iraqis Still Suffering From Sectarian War
Iraq, Samsung Engineering Ink $1bn Oil Deal
Security Forces Kill 9 PKK Members in SE Turkey
End to Turkey's Kurdish Conflict Fades From Sight
Two Detained After Attack on Iran's Ankara Embassy
Middle East
Landmines Kill 10 Civilians in Northern Yemen Battle Zone
Bahraini Protesters Battle Police Outside Manama
Saudi Arabia Says Three Security Men Shot and Injured in Shi'ite Area
Iran Ramps Up Food Imports Via Turkish Banks: Trade
Ex-Rebels' Accounts Aided Colombia Military Attack
Colombian Police Say Rebel Captured in Venezuela
Mexico Church Divided Over Drug Wars
Mexican Police Kill Lieutenant for Zetas Drug Cartel
Anonymous Hackers Block Mexico Pope Visit Sites
Argentina Declassifies Its Review of 1982 Falklands War That Blames Dictatorship for Failures
Cuba Replaces Senior Revolutionary Figure
Weekend Reviews
Justin Raimondo on Unequal Justice
The Hunger Games: A Franchise Is Born
The Hunger Games: The Role of Dystopian Literature in Libertarianism
Karzai Says West to Fund Army for $4 Billion a Year
China Condemns US Afghan War Strategy
Afghan Massacre: No One Asked Their Names
As Details of Massacre Emerge, Afghan Man Who Lost 11 Relatives Says: 'We Want Justice'
Afghan Massacre Suspect Accused of 2008 Drunken Assault
Woman Says Afghan Shooting Suspect Was 'Obnoxious Drunk'
Europe No Sanctuary for Afghan Asylum Seekers
Mosque Bombing Kills 13 in Khyber
US-Pakistan Talks to Restart After Airstrike Probe
Pakistan Army Kills 10 Militants in Waziristan
Militants Kill 4 Soldiers in Balochistan
Bomb Hidden in Radio Kills Pakistani Soldier, Son
Taliban's Brisk Trade of Kidnapping in Karachi
North Korea
Japan Readies Anti-Missile Defense for North Korea Rocket
Critics Fear North Korea's Rocket Test Is Cover for Honing Nuclear Missiles
Sri Lanka Minister Mervyn Silva Threatens Journalists
The China-US Rare Earth Games
Myanmar Postpones By-Elections in Troubled Kachin State
In Mali, Coup Leaders Seem to Have Uncertain Grasp on Power
Tuareg Rebels Take Mali Town, Threaten 3 More
AU Suspends Mali Until Constitutional Order Returns
African Union: Kony to Be Hunted Down by '5000 Soldiers'
Somalia Pirates: EU Approves Attacks on Land Bases
Soldier Killed, Four Wounded in Senegal Rebel Attack
US Military
Marine Who Called President Obama the 'Domestic Enemy' Could Be Discharged
Army: PTSD Treatable; Some Diagnosed Return to War
Missing Mom's Body Found in Iraq Vet Murder-Suicide Spree
Robot Jellyfish: US Navy-Backed Researchers Developing Robojelly
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WMDs Redux

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Is Iran a Threat?

Ran HaCohen
Was Elliott Abrams Hitler's Senior Advisor?

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