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Updated March 29, 2012 - 11:23 PM EDT
McCain Resolution: Arm Syrian Opposition
  Syrian Troops Retake Key Town of Saraqeb
NATO Convoy Ambushed in Afghan Mtns, 20 Die
Obama Admin. Escalates Drone War in Yemen
Qatar, Turkey Oppose Unilateral Strike on Iran
FBI Nixes Offensive Material in Training Manuals
More Clashes in South Libya: Over 70 Killed
Was France Gunman a Police Informant?
Baghdad Cell Service Shut Down for Arab Summit
The NDAA Has Had a Chilling Effect on Media Work  by Naomi Wolf
Panetta, Polls, and the Afghan Quagmire  by Matthew Rothschild
Rejecting the CIA's Communist Methods  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Netanyahu's Machine  by Scott McConnell
Rethinking Zionism  by Peter Beinart
The Symmetry of Slaughter  by Gwynne Dyer

More Viewpoints

The MEK and Its Material Supporters in Washington
by Jeremiah Goulka & Glenn Greenwald

Experts: Hubris Is Major Threat to US

Bales Describes PTSD-Like Symptoms, Lawyer Says

Joint Chiefs Chairman Says He 'Misspoke' on Defense Cuts Hurting Global Influence

Boehner Asks Obama to Explain Comments on Missile Defense

US Could Fly Spy Drones From Australia

US Troops in Afghanistan Now Sleep With Armed Guards

Afghan Soldiers Arrested After Suicide-Vest Find

UK Troops Could Be in Afghanistan Until Late 2014

US Generals, Pakistan Army Chief Meet About NATO Skirmish

Pakistan Opposition Blocks NATO Route


Iran Says Expects Nuclear Talks on April 13

Report: Iran Strike Would Only Set Back Any Nuclear Program 6 Months

Iranian Ninjas Sue Reuters for Branding Them as Assassins


Thousands Celebrate Coup in Mali

Malian Junta Unveils Constitution

South Sudan Troops Withdraw From Oil Area After Clashes

Bodies, Destroyed Tanks at Scene of Sudan Battle


US Confirms It Has Suspended North Korea Food Aid Plans

India's Army Unfit to Fight a War, Army Chief Says

Delhi Court Drops Terror Charges Against Maoist Leader


German Town Fears Loss of US Army Base

Ex-Gitmo Prisoner Wants Albania to Let Him Leave

Poland's Ex-Intelligence Chief Charged Over Alleged Links to Secret CIA 'Black Site' Prison

Syrian Violence Ignores Peace Diplomacy

Reports: Destruction as Syrian Forces Take Opposition Town

In Syrian Peace Plan, Assad Seems in Driver's Seat

Syria Authorities Target Children, Says UN Rights Chief

Arab Summit to Stop Short of Call for Assad Ouster

Two Independent Journalists Killed and One Wounded in Syria

Middle East-North Africa

Italy Police Seize 1.1 Billion Euro Gadhafi Family Assets

Tribe Threatens Separate State in South Libya

Saudi Diplomat Kidnapped in Yemen

Iraqi Government Orders Closure of Saddam's Tomb, Transfer of Remains

Sudan's Bashir Heads to Arab Summit Despite ICC Warrant


Netanyahu and Barak Forge a Bond on Israel's Iran Crisis

Olmert to J Street: Abbas a Partner for Peace

State Department Won't Say Jerusalem Is Capital of Israel

Fatah Groups in South Lebanon Merge, Now Under One Command

Rights Group Accuses US of Abuses on Mexican Border

Bolivia Seizes Weapons From US Embassy Vehicle

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