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Updated March 30, 2012 - 11:21 PM EDT
Afghan Witnesses Say Bales Did Not Act Alone
  Afghan Policeman Kills 9 Sleeping Fellow Officers
  US Military 'Can't Access' Massacre Site to Collect Evidence
  20 Killed in Ambush on NATO Supply Convoy
  Nationalization Leads to Spike in Afghan Guards' Cost
  Afghan Army, Police Pose Growing Risk to US, NATO Troops
Israel Shields Public from Risks of War with Iran
  Israel's Plan to Attack Iran Reportedly On Hold for 2012
  Sanctions on Iran Driving Up Global Oil Prices
Maliki: Arming Syria Rebels to Cause 'Proxy War'
  Assad Will Pursue UN Peace Plan If Foreign Intervention Stops
  Arab League Backs UN Plan for Syria at Baghdad Summit
  Syrian Rebels Kill Two Colonels, Kidnap General
  An Executioner for Syria's Rebels Tells His Story
US 'Not Ready' to Stop Pakistan Drone Strikes
  In Remote Baluchistan, Pakistan Fights a Shadowy War
Israel to Deport Hunger Striker to Gaza Strip
Philippines OKs Greater US Military Presence
Antiwar Activist George Galloway Back in UK Parliament
A Real Antiwar Movement in the Belly of the Beast  by Glen Ford
Potomac War Hawks Target Middle East, Again  by Bob Barr
McCain, Lieberman, Graham: The Senate's Three War-Crazed Amigos  by Alex Pareene
Israel Encircles Iran  by Philip Giraldi
The Hybrid Rules of Drone Warfare  by Joanne Mariner
Obama Takes Bush's Secrecy Games One Step Further  by Glenn Greenwald

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NATO: Members Should Share Military Systems
The Causes of the Uprising in Northern Mali
FBI Reveals Profiling of Northern California Muslims
Lacking Fighter Jets, Baltic States Count on NATO Allies
Study: AF Lacks Stealth Aircraft to Fight China
NATO 'Failed to Aid' Libyan Migrant Boat
Azerbaijan Denies Granting Israel Access to Air Bases on Iran Border
Iran Suspends Accreditation for Reuters in Tehran, Citing Ninja Story
Iran Sanctions Prompt 'Stuff for Oil' Barter
Turkey Voices Support for Iran Nuclear Program
Syrians Try to Clear Antipersonnel Mines Near Turkish Border
No Clear Way to Court for Syria War Crimes Suspects
Abbas Drops Threat to Dismantle PA Over Stalled Israel Talks, Foreign Diplomats Say
Israel Police Gear Up for Mass Land Day Demos
PLO, Hamas Urge Participation in Land Day Protest
3 Mortars Hit Negev; Israeli Aircraft Open Fire in Gaza
Israelis Move Into Contested West Bank Home
Red Cross Says It Will Ship Fuel to Crisis-Hit Gaza
Gazans Blame Hamas for Fuel Shortages
Israelis Protest Racist Football Attack Against Arabs in Jerusalem
5 Iraqis Killed as Arab Leaders Meet
With Lavish Summit in Baghdad, Iraq Signals That It's Back
Sunni Muslim Rulers Snub Iraq at Arab League Summit
Iraq Tiptoes Away From Assad
Soldier Release Is Friendly Message to US People: Sadr
Middle East
Infighting at Arab League Summit Leaves Little Room to Celebrate
Little Talk of Tough Issues at Arab League Meeting
Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood Increases Pressure on Generals to Fire Military-Appointed Govt
US to Give Tunisia $100 Million for Debt Relief
Swedish Defense Minister Quits in Saudi Arms Scandal
Turkish Prosecutors Seek Jail for 364 Officers
TSA Body Scanners' Flaw Raises Airport Security Concerns
Are TSA Searches More Rigorous at Small Airports?
TSA Manager Arrested for Running Prostitution Ring
TSA Officers Charged With Trashing South Beach Hotel Room, Shooting Gun
Second Afghan Insurgent Group Suspends Peace Talks
Grieving Survivors Describe Afghan Massacre to Aussie Reporter
Details Offered on How Suspect Could Have Left Afghan Base
Staff Sgt. Robert Bales Describes PTSD-Like Symptoms, Lawyer Says
Former Ambassador to US Cites Threats in Pakistan Over Memo Case
Baluchistan Separatists in Pakistan Beset by Divisions
Gilani Urges Consensus Over Review of US Relations
Pakistan Backs Open Communication With US
Sharif Vows to Become Pakistans Saviour
Pakistan: April 16th Is the 'Day of Judgement'
Seven Killed in Balochistan
Five Shias Killed in Quetta Attack
India Army Chief Says Leak of His Letter Is 'Treason'
India Puts Sikh Radical Rajoana's Execution on Hold
The Triumphal Rise of Aung San Suu Kyi
Myanmar's Suu Kyi: From Prisoner to Would-Be Lawmaker
Frenchmen Suspected in Indonesian Embassy Blast
Dead Tibetan Activist's Letter Calls for Freedom
US F-15 Crashes in Southwest Asia; Pilot Killed
Nigeria Ex-Militant Linked to Security Firm's Bid
Suspected Islamists Bomb Nigerian Police Post
African Presidents Turn Back From Mali to Hold Crisis Talks in Ivory Coast, Over Security
France Bars Muslim Clerics From Entering Country
French Nuclear Physicist Faces Terror Trial
Pope Benedict Criticizes US Trade Embargo on Cuba
Rumors Roil Haiti Amid Political Uncertainty
William Hague Tells Argentina 'We Will Steadfastly Defend Falklands'
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