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Updated April 4, 2012 - 10:56 PM EDT
Pak 'Tensions' New Excuse to Keep Afghan War Going
  US to Make Concession on Night Raids in Afghanistan
  Suicide Bomber Kills 10, Including 3 NATO Troops in Afghanistan
US: UN Must Act Against Syria After April 10 Deadline
Clinton: New Demands For 'Commitments' From Iran
ICC Rejects Palestinian Bid to Probe Israeli Crimes
First Contingent of US Marines Arrives in Australia
22 Killed as Western Libyan Towns Continue Fighting
Yemen: 43 Suspects Killed as Shelling Continues in South
Iraq: More Sunni Arrests; Qatar Rejects Demand to Return VP
Embassy to Nowhere  by Kelley Vlahos
Syria: America Steps Onto the Slippery Slope  by Robert Wright
The Surveillance State: Growing Under a Coalition That Pledged to Reverse It  by James Ball
Afghanistan: A Gathering Menace  by Neil Shea
Data Mining You  by Tom Engelhardt
Uprooting 30,000 Bedouin in Israel  by Neve Gordon

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Boredom, Terror, Deadly Mistakes: Secrets of the New Drone War

Impact of Iran Sanctions Widens

Despite Embargo, Coup Leader in Mali Stays Put; Economic Sanctions Begin to Bite

Jailed Bahraini Activist on Hunger Strike May Die

Palestinians Honor Columnist Helen Thomas


Taliban Torch Six NATO Fuel Tankers in Southwest Afghanistan

9 Afghan Police Killed, 11 Abducted in 2 Days

NZ Soldier Dies in Afghanistan

US Offers $10 Million Bounty for Founder of Pakistani Militant Group


Shi'ites, Sunnis in Post-US Iraq: Separate, Unequal

Police Commander's House Attacked in Basra


Mali's Junta 'May Charge' President Toure With Treason

Mali Junta Defies Deadline for Handing Over Power

Rebel Seizure Raises Fears for Timbuktu's Ancient Treasures


Kenya: Al Shabaab Responsible for Twin Blasts

Togo's President 'Apologizes' Over Past Political Violence


Nuke Agency Cautious on North Korea Visit

SE Asian States Call for Myanmar Sanctions to Be Lifted

Middle East-North Africa

Syrian Official: Troops Begin Pullout From Cities

Syria Unrest: Turkey Says UN 'Supports' Repression

Muslim Brotherhood Officials Aim to Promote Moderate Image in Washington Visit

Libya Militias Turn to Politics, a Volatile Mix

Mauritanian Protests Against President Abdelaziz


Netanyahu Delays Eviction of West Bank Settler House

Israel Official 'Concerned' Over Future Ties With Egypt

Netanyahu Wants Deal to Prevent 'Binational State'

The Gaza Kitchen Cookbook Recaptures Lost History Through Food


Russia Says Kills Five Islamists in Caucasus

French Terror Charges for 13 Suspected Militants

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