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Updated April 5, 2012 - 11:20 PM EDT
Israel Wants Another $700M in US Military Aid
Libya NTC Warns, But Western Towns Keep Fighting
US Blames Iran for Afghan Quran-Burning Violence
  Pakistan Spurns US Bounty on Charity Head: Wants Evidence Instead
Clashes Continue in Syria, 54 Reported Killed
Thought Destroyed, Bush-Era Torture Memo Released
CIA Withheld Info From Britain, Fearing Transparency
Reconciliation Efforts Fizzle as 14 Are Killed in Iraq
Polling the Right Questions on Defense – Voters Get It Right  by Jon Basil Utley
A Hollow Victory: The Slow Unraveling of Libya  by Joshua Foust
From Tracking Al-Qaeda to Tracking the Wayward Spouse  by Dana Milbank
Netanyahu's Self-Defeating Tactics  by Trita Parsi
Unmasking the Democracy Promoters  by Robert W. Merry
Obama's NSA: Close to Knowing All About Us  by Nat Hentoff

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by Justin Logan

Trial of 5 9/11 Suspects to Resume at Guantánamo

Inside America's Drone HQ

Khalid Sheik Mohammed to Face Death Penalty

UK Warship Sets Sail for the Falklands

Iraq Equipment to Militarize US-Mexico Border?

Owe the IRS? Bill Would Suspend Passport Rights for Delinquent Taxpayers

Suicide Bomber Kills 10, Including 3 NATO Troops in Afghanistan

US Investigators Visit Afghan Shooting Site

Afghan Official: US Impeded Bales Investigation

Afghanistan to Be Cleared of Mines Within the Next 10 Years


Complaint Says KBR Knew of Iraq Toxin

In Iraq, Concern Over Shrinking Rights

Mines Killed 8,000 Kurdistan Citizens in 20 Years

Iraq Receives 20 Bodies of Victims of Iraq-Iran War


Iran Seeks a Change of Venue for Nuclear Talks

South Africa's Oil Imports From Iran Surge Defying US-Led Embargoes


US Drone Crashes on Seychelles Runway

Deadly Theater Blast Shatters Calm in Somalia

UN Council Alarmed by 'al-Qaeda Presence' in Mali

Military Spokesman: South Sudan Shoots Down a Sudanese Military Jet Over South Sudan Territory

Angola Marks 10 Years Since End of Civil War

United Kingdom

David Cameron Defends Secret Courts and Web Monitoring Plans

Falklands' British Governor Hopes for De-Escalation in Tensions Over Islands

Middle East-North Africa

International Court Tells Libya to Hand Over Seif Gadhafi

Libya's NTC Chief, Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, Will 'Resign if Elections Fail'

Syria's Opposition in Exile Plagued by Infighting

Russian FM Warns Against Arming Syrian Opposition

US Pressing Interpol to Deny Egypt's Request to Arrest NGO Workers

Officials From Egypt's Brotherhood at White House

Tunis Reopens Ancient Islamic College to Counter Radicals


Israel to Make Do With Fewer Iron Dome Interceptors

Fuel Arrives in Gaza to Ease Power Crisis

Israel's Finance Minister: Financial Assistance to Settlements Grew Significantly

Israel Issues Tender for Hundreds of New Apartments in East Jerusalem

Outrage in Germany: Nobel Laureate Grass 'Attacks' Israel in New Poem

United States

Rocket With Secret Payload Launches From Calif.

Navy Builds Robot 'Jellyfish' Fueled by Sea Water

Al-Qaeda Forum Back Online After Blackout

TSA Shuts Down Airport, Detains 11 After 'Science Project' Found

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