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Updated April 10, 2012 - 11:18 PM EDT

McCain, Lieberman Meet With Syrian Rebels

  Syria War Spilling into Turkey, Lebanon
Israel Afraid of Iraq's US-Provided Warplanes
  US Support for Emerging Dictatorship in Iraq May Be 'Catastrophic'

Suicide Bombings Kill 19 Across Afghanistan

  Ex-Taliban Amb. Flees After US Raids on Kabul Home
Iran Signals Willingness to Halt 20 Percent Enrichment
  Warships in the Gulf 'Routine' Response to No Specific Threat
Somalia Bomb Shows Toughening Shabab Resistance

Officials: Boko Haram in Northern Mali City

At Least 64 Killed in Southern Yemen Fighting
UK 'Approved' Rendition of Top Libyan Military Figure
Washington's Dead Policies Toward Pyongyang and Tehran  by Ted Galen Carpenter
Obama Administration Silencing Pakistani Drone-Strike Lawyer  by Medea Benjamin
Thinking the Unthinkable on Iran  by Jonathan Schell
Is Serfdom an Executive Order Away?  by Sheldon Richman
Hostages in Iran  by Paul R. Pillar
Deir Yassin: No Passing Over History  by Yousef Munayyer

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Afghan Killings and an Amnesia Defense

Exiled Son of Shah to Israel: Don't Bomb Iran

In an Israeli Lab, the World's Smallest Drone, Funded by the US

White House Rejects President Peres' Plea to Release Pollard

Media Groups File Challenge to Keep Gitmo Court Open

Pentagon to Fast-Track Cyberweapons Acquisition


French Election Throws Afghan Exit Into Disarray

Weapons Smugglers Thrive in Chaos of Western Pakistan

Pakistan Avalanche Shines Light on 'Futile' War


Iran Announces Istanbul, Baghdad as Venues for P5+1 Talks

South Korean Intelligence Officials Say North Korea Preparing for Nuclear Test

White House Warns Media Not to Let North Korea Co-opt Them

Marines Poised for More Philippine Tours

Indonesia's Aceh Vote Tests Fragile Peace

Myanmar's Forgotten Ethnic Conflict


Market Bombing in Central Somalia Kills 11

Mali Junta Leader Doesn't Want Foreign Forces

Over 40 Dead in Nigeria Easter Violence

Middle East

Bomb Injures Seven Bahrain Policemen While Crushing Protests

UAE Detains 6 Activists Critical of Rulers

Tunisia Police Fire Tear Gas to Disperse Rally

ElBaradei to Co-Found New Egypt 'Revolutionary' Party

Egypt Election: Mubarak Spy Chief Suleiman's Bid Draws Brotherhood Warning

Libya Halts Payments to Ex-Fighters Over Fraud

Libya's Oil Could Leave the Country on a Slippery Slope

Libya Probes Oil Contracts Under Gadhafi

Iraqi VP Travels to Istanbul, 7 Iraqis Killed in Violence Back Home

Israel Deploys Anti-Aircraft Battery as Part of Aerial Defense Drill

Israeli Ban on German Poet 'A Sign of Hopelessness'

Israeli Settlements Spark Palestinian Protest

UN Sends Four Electrical Transformers to Gaza


Russia Allows Anti-Putin Demonstration in Red Square

France Takes New Look at Radicalization in Prisons


San Pedro Sula's Drug-Related Violence Mirrors Honduras' Pain

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