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Updated April 13, 2012 - 11:09 PM EDT
Pakistan Calls for End to US Interventionism
North Korea Rocket Launch Fails
Obama Threatens More Iran Sanctions
  Ahmadinejad: Iran to Insist on Rights to Civilian Nuclear Program
  An Attack on Iran Would Violate International Law
Syria's Fragile Ceasefire Continues to Hold
  Turkey: NATO Has 'Duty' to Defend Border With Syria
Judge Allows CIA, FBI Secrecy on Rendition
  CIA's Secret Fear: High-Tech Border Checks Will Blow Spies' Cover
Toll Hits 177 in South Yemen Battle With Militants
  Yemen's Ex-President Insists on Role for Loyalists
Karzai: Early Presidential Elections Possible

New Mali Leader Sworn in, Vows 'Total War'

US at Center of Chinese-Filipino Naval Dispute
Chemical Warfare: US Military's Pill Addiction  by Robert C. Koehler
Why Washington's Iran Policy Could Lead to Global Disaster  by Juan Cole and Tom Engelhardt
Starve the Beast of Empire: Ax the Income Tax  by John V. Walsh
In Defense of Gunter Grass  by Matthew Rothschild
Syria: Let's You and Him Fight  by Thomas Knapp
Obama Targets Journalists  by Jesselyn Raddack

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Strip Search

by David Bromwich
Georgian Billionaire Storms K Street
Anti-Terrorist Hotline Calls 'May Have Been Recorded'
UK Police 'Confident' Terror Hotline Not Hacked
China Inquiry Widens to Wealth of Powerful Couple
Two Coast Guard Members Shot Dead at Alaska Base
Unmanned Vessel Could Soon Be Working for Navy
New Concerns Rising Over Antimalaria Drug
North Korea
North Korea Insists Rocket Launch Does Not Flout Deal With US
New Titles for North Korea Leader
Wrong Turn Grants Glimpse Behind North Korean Curtain
Pakistan: 15 'Terrorists' Killed in Kurram
China Puts on Show of Might Over Bo Xilai's Military Allies
UK: Myanmar Sanctions May Be Eased
Fear and Looting New Way of Life in Malian City Gao
Islamist Militia Recruiting Children to Boost Their Forces
14 Dead in Sudan Clashes: Rebels
South Sudan Refuses to Withdraw Troops From Oilfield
In Sudan's Nuba Mountains, Rebels Roll Up String of Victories
Military Seizes Guinea-Bissau's Capital, Possible Coup; Leader's Whereabouts Unknown
Nigeria's Boko Haram Vows to Fight on in Video Message
Danish Navy Frees 12 Hostages, Holds 16 Somali Pirates
South African Military Overstretched: Ministry
Mugabe Arrives Home Under Intense Health Scrutiny
Prominent Muslim Metin Mekhtiyev Stabbed in Moscow
Jailed Ex-Soviet Arms Dealer Asks Russia to Sue US
Denmark Braced for Terror Trial Against 4 Swedes
Ministry of Defense Says 'Big Bang' Heard Over England Was Sonic Boom
Americas Summit Host Seeks Role as Regional Leader
'War on Terror'
Sudbury Terror Sympathizer Mehanna Sentenced to 17 Years
Novelty Grenade in Package Causes World Financial Center Building to Evacuate
Presidential Candidate Suleiman Warns of Religious State
Election Is Second Act for an Aide to Mubarak
Parliament Votes to Sideline Mubarak Figures
Obama, Sarkozy Vow to Step Up Efforts to End Syria Violence
Fight Against Assad Just Begun, Syrians in Turkey Say
Iran Nuclear Program Talks Reveal Internal Divisions Between Diplomats
UAE Recalls Envoy to Iran in Islands Row
3 Decades Later, Ex-Hostages Press on for Damages From Iran
14 Killed in Fresh Iraq Violence
Police Declare Basra 'al-Qaeda Free'
Iraq Halts Plans to Cut Zeros Off Dinar Currency-Cabinet
Iraq to Get 40 Boeing Planes
Iraq Suggests Exxon Deals With Kurds Could Stand
ICC Defense Lawyer Wants Libya Reported to UN
Iraq to Assist Libya in Disposing of Chemical Weapons
Jordan Says Libya Owes $140 Mln in Medical Bills
Turkey Raids in New Crackdown on Military
2 Turkish Soldiers Killed in Clashes With PKK Rebels in SE Turkey
Middle East
Israeli Group Wants 'Flytilla' Activists Put on Trial
Explosion Damages 3 Cars in Bahrain's Capital
Tunisia Journalists Boycott Interior Minister Over Crackdown
US Military
Dual-Focus Contact Lens Prototypes Ordered by Pentagon
Cutting-Edge Navy Warship to Be Based in Pacific
5 Lewis-McChord Soldiers Being Investigated After Rocket Launcher Found Off Base
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