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Updated April 16, 2012 - 11:26 PM EDT
Secret Wars: The Rise of the Killer Drones
Karzai Blames NATO as 18-Hr Kabul Attack Ends
Netanyahu Condemns P5+1 Talks With Iran
  Obama Says More Iran Sanctions Coming
US Allies Call for Drug Legalization
  Future of Summit of the Americas in Doubt After Cuba Row
Syria Ceasefire in Doubt as UN Observers Arrive
  Obama Approves Aid Package to Syrian Rebels
European Airlines Silence Palestine Protest
  Senior IDF Officer Beats Pro-Palestinian Activist With Rifle
Militants Attack Pakistan Jail, 384 Escape
Confidential NATO Report Admits 'Flaws' in Libyan Air War
A Lack of Vision Is Making Israel a Short-Term State  by Gideon Levy
The UK Government's War on Internet Freedom  by Trevor Timm
Abu Hamza Extradition Ruling Should Be a Wake-Up Call to the Legal System  by Richard Norton-Taylor
What the Laws of War Allow  by Chase Madar and Tom Engelhardt
The Trial of the Century?  by Joanne Mariner
Silencing Drone Activism  by Murtaza Hussain

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Julian Assange to Debut TV Interview Show Tuesday
Obama: I'll Be Angry if Agent Scandal Is True
McCain Presses for Arming Syrian Rebels
Children, Qaeda Suspects Killed in Yemen Air Strike
Filipino Protesters Throw Paint at US Embassy to Demand End of Military Drills
India Fumes Over Bollywood Star's US Airport Row
Israel Nabs Fly-In Activists at Airport
Israeli Army Officer Probed for Striking Activist in the Face With Gun
Israel Bans 'Flytilla' Activists but Hundreds Left in Europe
Activists Accuse Israel, Air France of Racism
Abbas to Warn PM: Two-State Solution Could Collapse
Obama: US Hasn't Given Anything Away to Iran
Gulf States to Meet Tuesday on UAE-Iran Island Row
Egypt's Suleiman: Israel May Consider Occupying Sinai
Militants Kill 2 Egyptian Policemen in Sinai
Egypt Sues UK Over Frozen Assets
Iraq Election Officials Out on Bail; 13 Killed in Attacks
Iraq PM Says Syria Neutrality Best for Country
Iraq Frees Last Saddam WMD Scientist
Peshmerga Forces Injure Civilian North of Mosul
Iraq Signs Two-Year Power Deal With UAE
Middle East
Straw 'Admitted Agreeing to Send Suspect to Libya After He Sees Evidence'
Bahrain Opposition Starts F1 Protests Week
Jordan King Orders Release of Jailed Activists
Lavrov Says No Agreement Yet With US on Missile Defense
Britain Urged to Confront Russia Over Human Rights
Kabul: US Embassy in Lockdown After Hits
US Calls Afghanistan Attacks Cowardly
Foe to Friend? GIs Leery About Working With Taliban Defectors Who Wanted Them Dead
Bold Taliban Attacks Unlikely to Alter US Afghan Plans
Drones Would Be Shot Down: Imran
Quetta Shuts Down to Mourn Shia Killings
Balochistan Can't Be Separated in Army Presence: Musharraf
North Korean Leader Stresses Need for Strong Military
Ex-Thai PM Thaksin Plans Early Return From Exile
Filipino Protesters Throw Paint at Main Gate of US Embassy to Demand End of Military Drills
Voting Begins in East Timor Presidential Run-Off
Key Players in Mali and Rebel-Held North Call for Talks
Mali Ready to Talk to Rebels, Not Foreigners
Guinea-Bissau Junta, Opposition, Announce Transitional Council
Prime Minister Arrested for Helping Drug Trade, Military Says
Fearful of Junta, Guinea-Bissau Residents Keep Away
Ekweremadu Condemns Coup
The War at Home
US Recruits Silicon Valley Tech Firms to Counter Cyberattacks
New Air Force One Debuts in Pentagon Planning
Vet Heard Voices, Sought Help – and Was Turned Away
Parents Say Son Thought He Was Shooting at Afghan Insurgents When He Fired on Police, Firefighters
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