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Updated April 27, 2012 - 11:24 PM EDT
Back-to-Back Killings Between US-Afghan Forces
  Senators Warn Obama Against Cutting Afghan Military
Iran May Agree to Snap UN Nuclear Inspections
  Panetta Hopes Israeli General 'Correct' That Iran Won't Develop Nukes
Truce Falters as 11 Killed in Damascus Bombing
  UN Chief: Syria 'Not Complying' With Peace Deal
  Massive Explosion in Hama Kills 70
  Russia: Syrian Rebels Use 'Tactics of Terror'
Kurdish President Raises 'Secession' Option
  Iraq's Sadr Bloc Keen to Appoint Next PM
Judge: Bin Laden Photos Can't Be Released
  Analysts: Bin Laden's Killing Did Little to al-Qaeda
Obama OKs Broader Yemen Drone Campaign
Cybersecurity Bill Broadened, Passes US House
Congress Quietly OKs Domestic Drone Use
Philippines-China Standoff Could Lead to War
Pakistan PM Convicted of Contempt, Vows Appeal
Four Bombs Explode in Ukraine City, 27 Wounded
Have You Heard the One About the Drone Strikes?  by Adam Bates
The Phases of War: Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, and Israel  by Phyllis Bennis
Bradley Manning: A Show Trial of State Secrecy  by Michael Ratner
Tomorrow's Man – or Yesterday's?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
A History of the World, BRIC by BRIC  by Pepe Escobar & Tom Engelhardt
Obama Escalates in Yemen – Again  by Glenn Greenwald

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US Lawmakers to NATO: Pay Up for Missile Defense
UN Confirms Cluster Bomblets Found in Sri Lanka
NATO Faced With Rising Flood of Cyberattacks
Manning Judge Warns Military Prosecutors in WikiLeaks Case
European Lawmakers Visit CIA Prison in Lithuania
AF Colonel Wins Ridenhour Prize for Afghan War Essay
4 US Troops Killed in Separate Afghan Incidents
500 Troops to Be Withdrawn From Afghanistan, Says UK Defense Secretary
Congressman Rohrabacher Is Asked to Cancel Afghanistan Trip
Afghanistan, Iran Agree Prisoner Swap
Pakistan Follows India With Its Own Missile Test
Imran Demands PM Gilani's Resignation
Osama bin Laden's Family Leaving Pakistan
Bo Xilai Scandal: China President 'Was Wire-Tapped'
US Charges Taiwanese Pair With 'China Arms Plot'
New Deal Calls for 9,000 Marines to Leave Okinawa, Many Will Shift to Guam and Hawaii
5 Okinawan Facilities to Be Returned in Stages
Analysts Say North Korea's New Missiles Are Fake
Sri Lankan Muslims Strike Over Dambulla Mosque
US Draft Warns Sudan, South Sudan of Possible Sanctions
Civil Servants Told to 'Donate' Wages to Pay for Conflict
Seven Killed in Nigeria Newspaper Office Bombs
Strife-Torn Nigeria Is an Investment Magnet
West Africa Regional Bloc Will Send at Least 3,000 Troops to Mali to Retrain Army
Former Liberian President Convicted of War Crimes
US Military
Criminal Hazing: Raped by His Fellow Soldiers
General Says Air Force Targeting Skills Have 'Atrophied'
Pentagon: Women in Combat Units to Begin May 14
The War at Home
CISPA Veto Could Protect Privacy, Say Experts, but Congress Presses Ahead
White House: No Terrorist Threat Linked to bin Laden Anniversary
US to Show Gitmo Arraignment at 5 Sites for Families of 9/11 Victims, 3 Spots for Public
Family Misses Flight After TSA Gives Pat-Down to Girl With Cerebral Palsy
Syria Blames 'Terrorist' Bomb Factory for Hama Blast
Syrian Dissident's Attempt to Form 'Govt' in Exile Exposes Rifts in Anti-Assad Movement
Thirteen to Stand in Egypt Presidential Election
Egypt Presidential Race Boils Down to 3 Candidates
Yemen to US: Up Anti-Terror Aid, Limit Drones
Islamist Militants Blow Up Yemen Gas Pipeline
Middle East
Iraq: 29 Killed, 50 Wounded in Violence Against Civilians and Jewelers
IDF Chief: Other Countries Are Prepared for Possible Iran Attack
Bahrain Mourners Attack Police After Funeral
Palestinian Leader Backs Arabs' Visits to Jerusalem
Jordan's Prime Minister Quits Suddenly
Libya's Ruling Council Fires Cabinet
Thousands Rally for Nationalists in Serbia
Georgian President Says He's Willing to Resign if Russia Pulls Out From Separatist Regions
Tymoshenko: Europe Anger at Ex-Ukraine PM's Health
US Trucker Arrested in Mexico With 268,000 Bullets Charged With Smuggling Military Ammo
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