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Updated April 28, 2012 - 11:06 PM EDT
US Talks Fail as Pakistanis Demand Apology
Back-to-Back Killings Between US-Afghan Forces
  US, Afghan, and Pakistani Officials Push to Restart Taliban Talks
Obama Makes bin Laden's Killing a 'Central Issue'
Truce Falters as 11 Killed in Damascus Bombing
US Escalating Drone War in Yemen
Panetta, Barak Aim to Stoke Fears About Iran
Constant Wars Come at a Massive Cost for Vets
Transfer of GIs Out of Japan Hardly a Withdrawal
27 Wounded in Coordinated Ukraine Bombings
Senate Probe: US Torture Not Working Very Well
Pentagon Prepares to Close 'Excess' Military Bases in US
Obama Waiver to Restart US Aid to Palestinian Authority
Understanding Iran's Diplomatic Strategy  by Gareth Porter
How to Tell if a Candidate Backs Peace or War  by David Swanson
How Obama Recycled a Lie About Iran  by Elizabeth Murray
NATO: An Alliance Past Its Prime  by Doug Bandow
Ziad Jilani: A Kill Shot in Wadi Joz  by Richard Silverstein
US Hegemony in Latin America  by Renee Parsons

More Viewpoints

A Game
of Drones

by Ximena Ortiz
Putin Quits Ruling Party After Protests
FBI Workaround for Firms to Share Data With Law Enforcement Without CISPA
Ex-CIA Interrogation Chief Defends Tactics (video)
Challenge for US After Escape by China Activist
Spain Takes First Step Toward Peace With ETA
Congressman Says TSA's Pistole Needs to Go
Russia Warns EU Iran Oil Embargo Will Be Costly
Ehud Barak Adds to Israel's Recent Mix of Messages on Iran
Iran Reveals New Data About Downed US Drone
Peres: Israel Must Not Put Off Peace Process With Palestinians
Gazan Leaders Call for Abduction of Israelis
Ex Shin Bet Chief Slams Bibi, Barak
Journalist Held Over Israeli Attacks Is 'The Wrong Man'
Clashes in Jerusalem Over Occupied Palestinian Homes
Israel Asks to Defer Demolition of Settler Homes
Sadr to Barzani: No Overthrow of Iraq Government
Iraq at 'A Crossroad', Fugitive VP Tells AFP
Iraq's Shahristani: Dispute With Kurds an Internal Affair
Militants in South Yemen Threaten to Kill Captured Soldiers
Saleh Nephew 'Quits as Yemen Presidential Guard Chief'
Egypt Islamists Rally Against Ruling Military
Boko Haram Warns of More Attacks on Nigerian Media
Guinea-Bissau Leaders Seized in Coup Are Freed
Iyad Ag Ghali, Leader of Armed Islamist Militants, Emerging as Power Figure in Mali
Malawi President Banda Sacks Rival Peter Mutharika
South Sudan Borderlands Oil Brings Bomb, Not Cash
Somali Mohammad Shibin Guilty Over Quest Hijacking
UN Maintains Arms Embargo and Ban on Import of Rough Diamonds From Ivory Coast
Weekend Reviews
The Value of Bradley Manning
The Dissent Papers
The Myth of Wartime
Oklahoma City: The Bubba Job
Sheikh Jarrah, My Neighbourhood
'War on Terror'
Republicans Prepare Contempt Citation Against Holder Over Fast & Furious
Germany's Top Security Official Sees Islamic Extremists Acting Alone as Greatest Terror Threat
TSA Defends Patting Down Hysterical 4-Year-Old Who Had Just Learned About 'Stranger Danger' in School
'Manhunt' Details US Mission to Find Osama bin Laden
Taliban Closes Dozens of Afghan Schools
NATO Service Member Killed in Southern Afghanistan
British Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Pakistan PM Gilani Refuses to Quit After Guilty Verdict
US Assumes Gilani Is Still PM
Pakistan Again Seeks US Apology on Salala Attack
Eight Killed in Lyari Operation
Pakistan's Spy Agency Seeks Some Credit for bin Laden's Death
Kazakh Police on Trial Over Zhanaozen Violence
Prosecutors in Kazakhstan Warn of 'Evil' Foreign Reporters, Show Intercepted Phone Calls
China Dissident Chen Guangcheng 'in US Embassy'
'White Vans' Keep Fear Alive in Post-War Sri Lanka
Agency Rejects South Korea's Request to Rename Sea of Japan
8 Reported Killed in 2 Colombia Attacks Blamed on Rebels
Opposition Suggests Government Were Behind Ukraine Bomb Attacks in Dnipropetrovsk
Images Show 'Bruises' of 'Beaten' Ukraine Ex-Pm Tymoshenko
Cyprus Talks: Turkish Cypriots Deplore Deadlock
MI6 Officer Inquest Hears Claim of Third Party Role
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