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Updated April 29, 2012 - 11:27 PM EDT
Israel Ex-Spy Warns Against 'Messianic' Iran War
  Netanyahu Readies for Early Israeli Elections, Sources Say
  US Deploys Stealth Jets to Air Base in Southwest Asia
US Talks Fail as Pakistanis Demand Apology
Taliban Reject Safe Passage Proposed at Meet
  Bomb Leaves 10 Afghan Police Dead
Syria Says UN Chief 'Encouraging Terrorists'
  Weapons-Smuggling, Infiltrators Bedevil Assad Regime
  Gunmen Attack Syrian Army Unit From Sea, Several Dead
Panetta: 'No Kind of Silver Bullet' to Destroy al-Qaeda
  Selective bin Laden Leaking
Deadly Attack on Nigeria's Bayero University in Kano Kills 20
Understanding Iran's Diplomatic Strategy  by Gareth Porter
How to Tell if a Candidate Backs Peace or War  by David Swanson
How Obama Recycled a Lie About Iran  by Elizabeth Murray
NATO: An Alliance Past Its Prime  by Doug Bandow
Ziad Jilani: A Kill Shot in Wadi Joz  by Richard Silverstein
US Hegemony in Latin America  by Renee Parsons

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A Game
of Drones

by Ximena Ortiz
Games Find US Navy Ability Lacking in Arctic
Military to Show Gitmo Proceedings at 4 US Bases
US Looks to South America for Pacific Security Partners
How CISPA Would Affect You (FAQ)
Major Obama 'Bundler' Gets Dutch Ambassador's Post
Vets for Peace Return to Vietnam to 'Make Things Right'
Shin Bet Chief's Vote of No Confidence Is Another Blow to Netanyahu and Barak
Fatah Officials Urge Abbas to Oust Fayyad as PM
Tel Aviv Mayor: Jewish Law Would Turn Israel Into Iran
Liberman: Our Obligation to the Coalition Is Over
Former Shin Bet Chief: Netanyahu Not Interested in Peace Talks
IDF Nabs Palestinian Carrying 2 Bombs
Muslims Revive Pilgrimage Route Via Jerusalem After Decades of Shying Away, Defying Ban
AG Criticized Over Bid to Halt Evacuation of West Bank Outpost
Talks With UN Nuclear Agency Set for May 13-14 in Vienna
Trojan Attack May Not Be Limited to Iran
Iran Identifies Source of Reported Cyber Attack on Oil Industry
Tehran Police in New Dress Code Crackdown
Top Iraqi Leaders Demand Maliki Honor Agreement; 11 Killed in Attacks
Camp Ashraf Residents Refuse Move to Camp Liberty Over Property Disputes
PKK Claims Shooting Down Turkish Spy Drone
Security Forces Pull Down Hundreds of Baghdad Blast Walls
Police: Tribal Feud Kills 5 After Baghdad Wedding
Lebanon Stops Ship With Arms Bound for Syrian Opposition
Beirut: 8 ISF Members, 2 Egyptians Injured in Embassy Protest
ElBaradei Returns to Egypt Politics With New Party
In Egypt Race, Candidate From Old Era Is Secular Hope
Egyptian Protests Over Detained Lawyer Shut Saudi Embassy
Bahrain's PM: Opposition 'Are Terrorizing the Rest of Country'
Bahrain Lawmaker Says Gunmen Fired on Business After He Criticized Govt Crackdowns
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Recalls Ambassador, Shuts Embassy in Egypt
Senior Saudi Official Urges Gulf Unity to Confront Iran, Arab Spring Uprisings
Saudis Letting bin Laden Widows, Children Stay on 'Humanitarian' Grounds
Middle East
Seven Militants Killed in Yemen Clashes
Syrian President Assad Could Be Tried for War Crimes, Says Ex-Peace Envoy
In Tunisia After Arab Spring, Islamists' New Freedoms Create New Muslim Divide
Freed Moroccan Journalist Remains Defiant
Cuban Officials, Exiles Dialogue Via Video
Cuban Actors to Seek Asylum in Miami
7 Killed as Drug Rivals Clash in Mexican State of Sinaloa
Pro-Chavez Gangs Tolerated, Rule Turf in Venezuela
Canada: F-35 Purchase Had 2 Sets of Books, Page Says
Weekend Reviews
The Value of Bradley Manning
The Dissent Papers
The Myth of Wartime
Oklahoma City: The Bubba Job
Sheikh Jarrah, My Neighbourhood
Taliban Militants Smuggle Guns Into Afghan Governor's Office in Their Shoes, Kill 2 Guards
General: Corruption Poses Biggest Threat to US and Coalition Forces in Afghanistan
Role of Military in Foreign Policy Receding, Says Pakistani FM
US Found Zia 'Most Patriotic Liar' on Nukes, Reveal Declassified Memos
Seven, Including Three Police Officers, Killed in Lyari Violence
IED Explosion Injures Woman
Four Killed in Charsadda Attack
Girls' Primary School Blown Up in Landikotal
China, Russia Team Up at Sea
Russia, China Agree on Syria, North Korea: Chinese Minister
Daring Circle, Now at Risk, Aided Activist's Flight in China
Chen Guangcheng Is New Pawn in China's Two Tugs of War
China's Space Know-How Said to Be Threat to US, Taiwan
Tear Gas Used as 25,000 Rally for Malaysia Reforms
New Photo Shows Work at North Korea Nuclear Test Site
Rights Groups Decry 'Torture' of Kazakh Detainees
Mali Coup Leader Rejects ECOWAS Troop Deployment
Mali Soldiers Threaten to Force Out Coup Mediators
Eritrea Denies Rumors Its President Is Dead
Is Eritrea the Most Repressive Nation on Earth?
S. Sudan Official Says Khartoum-Backed Rebels Attack Southern Frontier Town, 3 Captured
Sudan Arrests Four Foreigners in Heglig
Heathrow Queues: Border Force 'Ready' for Olympics
Missiles Stationed on Residential Roof for Olympics
Stolen UK Military Hardware Being Sold Off on eBay
'Large Viable Bomb' Defused in Northern Ireland
Norway Muslims Question Focus on Breivik's Sanity
3 Men Held in Denmark for Illegal Dealings With Firearms, Part of Terror Probe
Mass Grave From the Thirty-Years' War Begins Revealing Soldiers' Secrets
Göring's Brother Was Another Schindler
Americans Still Dying
Pennsylvania Soldier Whose Death Is Under Investigation Was a New Father
San Diego (CA) Helicopter Pilot Leaves Behind Wife and Baby Son
Florida Mother Loses Paratrooper Son to an Afghan IED
Pekin (IL) Army Sergeant Killed in Afghanistan Helicopter Crash
Army Reservist (OK) Working as Contractor Dies in Afghanistan
Family Remembers Dyer (IN) Soldier as Giving, Fun
Funeral Held for Louisville (KY) Marine Killed in Afghanistan
Funeral to Be Held in Boise (ID) for Soldier Killed in Afghan Chopper Crash
Mason (TX) Marine, EOD Tech on 6th Combat Tour, Killed by Roadside Bomb
Waipahu (HI) Soldier Killed in Helo Crash Wanted Career in Commercial Aviation
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