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Updated April 30, 2012 - 11:12 PM EDT
White House Defends Drones Despite Civilian Deaths
US Drone Strikes Resume in Pakistan
Israeli Ex-Officials Oppose Attacking Iran
  US Amasses Stealth-Jet Armada Near Iran
  Talk of Early Israeli Elections Distracts from Iran War Debate
  Netanyahu: Israel Soon to Conscript Arabs
Afghan Taliban Deny Resuming Talks With US
'Kony Hunt' Is Proving Difficult for US Troops
Top Maliki Aide: Kurdistan's Weapons Pose Threat
US May Reopen Illinois Prison Just for Anti-NATO Protesters
UN General: Syria Troops, Rebels Need to Stop Fighting
Egypt Cabinet Reshuffle Promised Amid Parliament Row
Celebrating Our 'Warrior President'  by Glenn Greenwald
The UN May Have Silenced the Afghan Public  by Kathy Kelly
You Are All Suspects Now. What Are You Going to Do About It?  by John Pilger
The Obama Contradiction  by Tom Engelhardt
The NSA Is Watching You  by Amy Goodman
Terrorist Plots, Hatched by the FBI  by David K. Shipler

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Obama Keeping the Lid on bin Laden Raid Images
Embattled TSA Takes One Hit After Another
Predator Drones Have Yet to Prove Their Worth on Mexican Border
Attack on Nigeria's Bayero University in Kano Kills 20
In Terrorists' Testimony, a Rare, Intimate Look Into a Secretive World
Bahrain Police 'Continue to Torture Detainees'
Former Mossad Chief, Israeli Minister Trade Accusations at New York Conference
Ehud Olmert, Former Israeli Premier, Against Iran Strike
'August-September Israeli Elections Highly Likely'
Israel Court Puts 60-Day Hold on Settlement Razings
UK Supermarket to Boycott Israeli-Settlement Goods
Islamist Group Says It Carried Out Damascus Bombing
Militants Fire on Syrian Central Bank: State TV
Leader of the UN Mission in Syria Urges Halt to Violence
Egypt Parliament Suspended in Row With Military
Egypt Tries to Woo Back Saudi Ambassador
In Egypt, Salafist Vote Could Prove Decisive
Support From Islamists for Liberal Upends Race in Egypt
Protesters Injured in Egypt Clash
Brotherhood on Back Foot on Eve of Egypt Campaign
Egypt Elections Commission to Sue Brotherhood's El-Shater Over Claims of Improper Relationship With Military
Kurds Approve Heavy Weapons for Themselves, Baghdad Says No
Roadside Bomb Kills Iraqi Officer Near Baghdad
Serbia 'Ready to Arm Iraqi Army'
Camp Ashraf Residents Refuse Move to Camp Liberty Over Property Disputes
Libya Leader Says Government to Stay Put Until Elections
Wrangling Hampers Libyan Drive to Try Gadhafi Son
Austria: Ex-Libya Oil Chief Found Dead in Danube River
Al-Qaeda Frees 73 Yemen Soldiers
Saleh to Leave Yemen Temporarily: Diplomatic Source
Saudi Arabia
Cash-Strapped UNESCO Gives Saudi King Its Highest Honorary Medal
Saudis: bin Laden's Wives Not Tied to Terror
China, Philippines Line Up Naval Ships Again
China Reach in Focus at US-Philippine Security Talks
In Crisis Over Dissident, US Sends Official to Beijing
Obama Wants to Strike 'Appropriate Balance' on Chinese Dissident, Official Says
US Eyes Testy China Talks, Chen Backer Expects Chinese Decision
Beijing to Release Confession of Heywood Murder by Bo's Wife
Failed Assassination Try in Afghanistan Leaves 4 Dead
Lawyer in Afghan Murder Case Hopes to Put the War on Trial
Senior Taliban Leader Detained in Zabul Province
Drone Strike Kills Four in North Waziristan
UK Aid Worker Kidnapped in Pakistan Found Beheaded
UN Chief Will Ask West to Lift Myanmar Sanctions
In Myanmar, What a Difference an Oath Makes
Massive Street Rally Demanding Electoral Reforms in Malaysia
Bombs Hit Dhaka Amid Nationwide Strike
Kony Tracked by US Forces in Central Africa
Sudan 'Declares Emergency' on Border With South Sudan
Kenya Grenade Attack Kills at Least 1, Injures More Than a Dozen in Nairobi Church
Gadhafi-Funding Claim Weighs on French Presidential Campaign
Merkel Reported to Be Mulling Euro 2012 Boycott
France24 Journalist Goes Missing in Colombia Firefight
US Military
Feds Say Soldier Sold Stolen Arms on eBay
Despite Skills, Veterans of Iraq, Afghanistan Not Getting Hired
Texas AF Base Serves as Home for Children Caught at Border
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