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Updated May 2, 2012 - 11:18 PM EDT

Shoot-to-Kill No-Fly Zone During Chicago NATO Meet

Obama in Afghanistan to Sign War Deal Through 2024
  Obama Sees 'Light on the Horizon' in Afghanistan

7 Killed in Kabul Attack Just After Obama's Visit

Pentagon: Tons of NATO Weapons Stuck in Pakistan
Iran Criticizes US Deployment of War Planes to UAE
Israeli Military Shrugs Off 2009 Killing of Gaza Family
  Israeli Party Leader Resigns, Condemns Netanyahu Hawks
  Israeli Dissent May Create More Space for Iran Nuclear Deal
30 Killed as Syrian Army, Rebels Continue Attacks
Libya Expects $1 Trillion in Foreign Cash
Fired for Protesting, Bahraini Shi'ites Rally to Demand Jobs
Is Rubio Running for Veep, or Globocop?  by Gene Healy
Why I Interrupted Obama Counterterrorism Adviser John Brennan  by Medea Benjamin
Waterboards, Drones, and the Drones Who Love Them  by Charles P. Pierce
Why Al-Qaeda May Never Die  by John Mueller
Israel Should Listen to Former Shin Bet Chief Diskin  Haaretz
Gitmo Trials Are Not the US at Its Best  by Donald J. Guter

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Iraq's Grim Reaper Gets Humanitarian Award

Pentagon Is Planning 'Contingency' for Iran and North Korea

US Funds May Have Helped Iraq Insurgents

Drones Invade Campus

US Targets Foreign Evaders of Iran, Syria Sanctions

Iraq Registers Highest Rates of Violations Against Journalists

Afghan Protesters Accuse NATO of Killing Four Children During Taliban Clash

NATO Seeks Funding for Afghan Security Forces

Pentagon Progress Report Cites Pakistan as Top Deterrent to Success in Afghanistan

Map: US Bases Encircle Iran

US Strikes a Military Pose for Iran

IMF Rejects Call to Cut Ties With Iran


Unease Mounting, China and US to Open Military Talks

Barack Obama Silent on China Activist Chen Guangcheng

United States

5 'Anarchists' Nabbed in FBI-Governed 'Plot' to Blow Up Ohio Bridge

Terror Defendant Convicted in New York Subway Plot

Military Leaders Seek Higher Profile for Pentagon's Cyber Command Unit
Middle East-North Africa

Yemen President Hadi: New Leader, Same Routine

Syria's Cultural Treasures Latest Uprising Victims

Amid Unrest, Syrians Struggle to Feed Their Families

'West, Zionists Seek Instability, Division in Syria'

Kuwait Urges Iraq to Continue Paying War Compensations

GCC Military Completes War Games

Centrifuges, Palestinians, Army Service and Cottage Cheese - an Election Primer

Mali Junta Overruns Loyalist Base in Blow to Counter-Coup

Chad President: Regional Force 'Should Help Nigeria' Crush Boko Haram

Suicide Attack on Nigerian Police Convoy Kills 11

Suicide Bomber Kills 3 MPs in Central Somalia

South Sudan Civilians Are Trapped in Conflict Over Oil

China, Russia Resist West's Sanctions Push for Sudans

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American Foreign Policy: Have Gun, Will Travel

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Waking Up to the Drones

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Washington Felons Fret Over Hanky-Panky in Cartagena

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Between Hope and Despair

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Coming to a Neighborhood Near You

David R. Henderson
Is Iran a Threat?

Ran HaCohen
Was Elliott Abrams Hitler's Senior Advisor?

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