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Updated May 3, 2012 - 11:26 PM EDT
US Fumbles Activist as China Slams 'Interference'
  Chen Phones Congressional Hearing: Get Me Out
US, NATO Exploring Post-Assad Scenarios
  22 Syrian Troops Killed in Rebel Attacks
US-Afghan Pact Won't End War or Night Raids
  US-Afghan Pact Will Allow Drone War in Pakistan to Continue

Taliban Announces Start of Annual Afghan Offensive

UK to Germany: 'Get Over WW2,' Fight More Wars
Israeli DM: Early Elections Won't Stall Iran War
Report: Media Freedom in Iraq Worsening
  Iraq: Sunni 'Terror' Arrests Hit Ex-Speaker's Family
FBI Arrests Five in Fake Cleveland 'Terror Plot'
Armed Men Attack Anti-SCAF Protesters in Egypt, Killing 11
Imperialism Didn't End. These Days It's Known as International Law  by George Monbiot
US Torturers Are Still Awaiting Arrest  by William A. Collins
Marco Rubio, the Foreign Policy 'Centrist'  by Daniel Larison
Since bin Laden's Death  by Glenn Greenwald
Not Explaining the Why of Terrorism  by Ray McGovern
Afghanistan, Without Illusion  The Miami Herald

More Viewpoints

Is Iran Really a Threat?
by Anthony Gregory
US Firm on Missile Defense Plan Opposed by Russia Before Moscow Conference
Military Leaders Seek More Clout for Cyber Command, but Growth Concerns Some

What Obama Didn't Mention in Kabul

UK Military Prepares for '9/11-Type Attack'

Shoot-To-Kill No-Fly Zone During Chicago NATO Summit

About 25,000 Troops May Be Needed in Afghanistan After 2014, Planners Say

7 Killed in Kabul Attack Just After Obama's Visit

UN Seeks $2 Billion to Speed Return of Afghan Refugees

Pakistan DM: Govt., Army Had a Role in bin Laden Killing

Pakistan's Hazara Minority Under Attack


Saudi Arabia Warns Iran Over Gulf Islands, Bahrain

Iran: Israeli Nukes Greatest Threat to Peace


Israel to Take Delivery of Nuke-Capable German Submarine

1,550 Palestinians on Jail Hunger Strike

UN 'Appalled' by Israel Treatment of Hunger Strikers

Senior Hamas Official Says Holding Secret Talks With 5 EU Countries
Poll: Netanyahu the Clear Favorite Heading to Israel's Upcoming Elections

Report: Israel Spied on Turkish Military Training Flights

United States

US Fears Militants Will Turn to Bombs Implanted in Body Cavities

Gen. Ray Odierno Seeks to Reshape Training and Deployment for Soldiers

Kosovo Court Acquits Ex-Rebel KLA Leader and Aides

10 Gunmen, 2 Soldiers Die During Gunbattle in Western Mexico State Plagued by Drug Violence
Middle East-North Africa
Syrian Army Pushes North as Clashes Continue Near Turkey's Border

Amid Unrest, Syrians Struggle to Feed Their Families

Yemeni Officials Say Airstrike Kills 15 al-Qaeda Militants in South

Inspire, al-Qaeda's English-Language Magazine, Returns Without Editor Awlaki

Saif Al-Islam Gadhafi 'To Be Tried in Remote Mountaintop Town'

Libya's Ruling Council Issues New Laws Against Gadhafi Loyalists
Tunisian Court Case Exposes Rift Over Free Speech in New Democracy

King Says Foreign Media Exaggerate Unrest in Bahrain

Top Christian Leader in Nigeria Warns Restraint Likely to End if Violence Continues

Nigerian Forces Raid Boko Haram in Kano; 1 Killed

UN Passes Resolution Threatening Sanctions on Sudans

South Sudan Civilians Are Trapped in Conflict Over Oil

Junta Claims Control of Mali Capital, Arrests 100s

In N. Mali Power Vacuum, Islamists Flex Muscles


China Won't Be Frozen Out of the Arctic

Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi Sworn in to Parliament

North Korea Has Enough Uranium for Six Nuclear Bombs, Expert Claims

'North Korea Jamming' Hits South Korea Flights

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