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Updated May 7, 2012 - 11:10 PM EDT
NATO Strikes Kill Civilians in 2 Afghan Provinces
  Afghan Soldier Kills US Marine, Wounds Another
  Congressional Intel Chairs: Taliban 'Stronger' Since 2009 Surge
  US Secretly Releases High-Level Insurgents for Pledges of Peace

CIA Uncovers New Would-Be 'Underwear Bomber'

  US Drone in Yemen Kills Two, Including USS Cole Suspect
Gitmo 9/11 Tribunal 'Could Take Years'
Egypt Parliament to Ban Military Tribunals
Tensions Rise Between Islamists, Secular Rebels in N. Mali
Pentagon Report: Whistleblowers Vulnerable to Reprisals
Reality Check: Yes, President Obama Is a Hawk  by Conor Friedersdorf
New Legislation Would Give Power to Keyboard Cops  by Naomi Wolf
Obama Behind the Curve on Drug War  by Ted Galen Carpenter
39 Ways to Limit Free Speech  by David Cole
Sparta Is Heading to the Polls  by Gideon Levy
Justice Cheated  by Kenneth Roth

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Serbia Elections: Tadic and Nikolic To Face Runoff
US Carries Lessons of Iraq Into Honduras Drug War
A Slain CIA Secretary's Life and Death
After War Room, Heading Ivy League Classroom
Palestinians Go Hungry to Make Their Voices Heard
Army Captain Breaks Silence Over Disastrous Mission at Start of the Iraq War
Waiting 4 Years on an FOIA at TSA
Syria's Muslim Brotherhood Rises From the Ashes
Syrian Opposition Urges Election Boycott
Saudi Arabia Warns Citizens Against Travel to Syria
Parliamentary Vote in Syria Can't Cover Up Country's Violent Divisions
Iran Will Not Let Its Rights Be Violated in Baghdad Talks: Spokesman
US Wants to Steer Oil-Thirsty India Away From Iran
Iran Arrests Drug Smugglers Linked to Killing of Nuclear Scientists: Minister
Netanyahu Signals Support for Early Elections in Israel
Israeli Defense Minister Accuses Former Chief of Staff of Taking Bribes
Dennis Ross: Israeli Leaders Talk About Iran Nuclear Threat to Motivate the World to Act
Turkel Committee to Call for Stronger Civilian Review of IDF Probes
Israeli Supreme Court Questions Demolition Delay
Olmert: Right-Wing US Cash Derailed Israeli Peace Plan
Israel Considering Razing Homes of Palestinian Convicts
Brother of Rabin Killer Released From Israeli Prison
Yisrael Beiteinu Calls to Delay Knesset Dissolution to Allow Time to Pass New Conscription Bill
Kurds: Jaafari a Candidate to Replace Maliki
Iraqi Leaders Threaten No Confidence Vote for Maliki
Gunmen Attack Diwaniya Governor's Adviser by Sound Bomb
Libya's Agoco Cuts Oil Output Further Due to Protests
Libya Says 330,000 Voters Register for June Poll
Egypt Extends Cairo Curfew in Wake of Protests
Candidates in Egypt Work to Mollify the Military
Middle East
Lebanese March for Establishment of Secular State
Bahrain Rights Activist Held Over Tweets: Lawyer
Algeria Campaign Wraps Up Amid Voter Indifference
US Military
The US Military Wants to 'Microchip' Troops
Many Veterans Still Looking for Employers 'Eager' to Hire
'War on Terror'
9/11 Detainee's Lawyer Promises Long, Hard Fight
Lawyers Say 9/11 Hearing Protected by 'Veil of Secrecy'
Lawyers Say 9/11 Five Using 'Peaceful Resistance' in Court
US Reportedly Abandons Plans for Afghan Consulate After Already Spending $80M
Wife Saw Bullet Hole While Skyping With Soldier
Iran Says US-Afghan Pact Will Increase Instability
Nine Pakistani Troops Killed in Militant Ambush
Pakistan to Attend Afghan Summit in US Amid Tensions
Top US Lawmakers Demand Terrorist Tag for Taliban-Allied Haqqani Network
Shia Passenger Coach Attacked in Kurram
Hazara Man Among 3 Killed in Balochistan
China Activist Seeks Official Help to Go to US
Chen Guangcheng's Family and Friends Face Tempest of Retribution
Grenade Blast Outside Crowded Bar Kills 2, Wounds 30 in Southern Philippines
Fury at UK Lobbyists Over Lucrative Work for Brutal Maldives Regime
Suu Kyi Says Myanmar Needs 'Sustainable Aid'
A New Approach to Ridding Vietnam of Unexploded Ordnance
Islamists Shoot Dead Three at Wedding Party in Nigeria: Army
Security Chiefs Blame Greedy Politicians for Boko Haram
Mali's Islamists Flex Their Muscles
Congo's Military Says It's in Control of 2 N. Kivu Areas Where Fighting Displaced Thousands
Bashir Says Wants Warm Relations With South Sudanese
Moscow Clashes at Anti-Putin Protests
German Police Arrest 100 Salafist Protesters
What's at Stake as 6 European Nations Vote
Socialist Francois Hollande Wins French Presidency
Polish Opposition: Ukraine Should Lose Soccer Matches for Jailing Tymoshenko
Colombian Guerrillas Say French Journalist Is Prisoner of War
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