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Updated May 9, 2012 - 11:29 PM EDT
Sen. Kerry Argues Arming the Syrian Opposition
  US Aids Syria Rebels as Annan Pushes Peace Plan
Supposed New Underwear Bomber Is CIA Informant
Karzai: Civilian Deaths Could Undermine US Pact
  Administration Officials Insist Taliban 'in Retreat'
Rally in Tel Aviv to Protest Canceled Elections
  Israel Double Standard Jeopardizing Nuclear Weapons-Free Zone Talks
Top Republican Urges More Intervention in Americas
Interpol Issues Arrest Notice for Iraq VP
Bahrain Vows Harsher Crackdown
Stop Grading Obama's Foreign Policy on a Curve  by Conor Friedersdorf
Israel's Back-Room Deal Strengthens an Authoritarian Trend  by Jonathan Cook
The Everyday Evil of America's Torture State  by William Norman Grigg
An Afghan Okinawa  The Afghan Peace Volunteers
US Attack Kills 5 Afghan Kids  by Glenn Greenwald
Torture: The Bush Administration on Trial  by Andy Worthington

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Indians Host Clinton While Also Wooing Iran

Germany Still Locates 40,000 WWII Military Casualties a Year

Iraq Oil Industry Experiences New Boom

Anti-Americanism Rises in the Philippines

Australia Offers Military Jobs to US Troops Facing Separation


Taliban Kill Afghan Education Officials in Ambush

The Taliban Are Divided and in Retreat, Insist Top US Officials

Pakistan Army Says US Scapegoating It

Clinton Presses Pakistan to Do More on Militancy


Britain Seeks Delay to EU's Iran Ship Insurance Ban

Iran Accepts Yuan for Crude Oil Export to China

Reports: IAEA Inspector Killed in Iran Car Crash


Journalist Is 19th Slain in Honduras in Three Years

Colombia Won't Negotiate With Rebels Over Kidnapped French Reporter

Colombia Says Major Trafficker Has Surrendered to US Officials

United States

Military Training Exercises Frighten South Floridians

16-Year-Old Diabetic Blames TSA for Breaking Her Insulin Pump


With Some Dissent, Russia's Parliament Confirms Medvedev

Tymoshenko Case: Ukraine Postpones European Summit

Middle East-North Africa
Syrian Conflict Sends Ripples Across a Long-Calm Frontier With Israel

Libya Holds First Civilian Trial of Alleged Gadhafi Supporters

Several Killed in Shooting Near Libyan PM's Compound

Turkish Security Forces Detain 28 Rebels, Kill 5

Media Watchdogs Decry Egypt Attacks on Reporters

Violence Kills 5 Iraqis, Wounds 10

3 Time Bombs Found at North Nigeria University

Sudan Rebels Say Take Town in Darfur in New Push

Nine Killed in Mogadishu Mortar Attack


New Israel Partner Offers Moderate Voice on Iran

EU Asks Israel to Let Families Visit Hunger Strikers

Palestinian Negotiator Saeb Erekat Has Heart Attack

After Securing Unity Cabinet With Kadima, Netanyahu Is Now King of Israeli Politics

N. Korean Nuclear Weapons: How Real Is the Threat?

S. Korea, Japan to Sign Military Agreement

Activist Says Chinese Authorities Are Assisting His Plans to Go to US

China Expels Al Jazeera Correspondent; News Channel Closes Its English Bureau in Beijing
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Ron Paul Gets One Wrong

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Is Iran a Threat?

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Was Elliott Abrams Hitler's Senior Advisor?

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