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Updated May 11, 2012 - 11:28 PM EDT
Huge Majority in US Support Defense Cuts
Afghan Soldier Opens Fire, Kills US Colleague
US: Israel Unity Deal Raises Prospect of Iran Strike
  US Treasury Claim of Iran-al-Qaeda 'Secret Deal' Is Discredited
  New Israeli Dep. PM Mofaz May Betray Earlier Opposition to Iran Strike
Syria, Allies See Foreign Backing Behind Attacks
  Syria Suicide Bombers Kill 70, Wound 372
  Western Officials Slam Syria After Deadly Bombing
  Jihadist Group Complicates Picture in Syria
  Rebels Threaten More Attacks, Accuse Govt of Not Keeping Cease-Fire
Pentagon Propaganda 'Fiasco' Exposed in House
  DoD Instructed 'Total War' on Muslims, Advocated 'Hiroshima' Tactics
US Drones, Air Strikes Kill 17 in Southern Yemen
UK Played Central Role in CIA-Saudi Underwear Bomb Plot
Egypt Seizes Heavy Weapons Smuggled From Libya
China Escalates Philippines Dispute, as US Intervenes
It's Again Time to Dismantle the Cold War Military Machine  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Is This Cold War 2.0?  by Benjamin Carlson
Persistent & Pervasive Orientalism of the West's Iran Policy  by Nima Shirazi
What Constitutes a Fair Trial?  by Andrew P. Napolitano
The Energy Wars Heat Up  by Michael T. Klare and Tom Engelhardt
Missile Defense, the Decades-Old Fever Dream  by Kennette Benedict

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Dem and GOPer Working Together to Change NDAA
Joint Chief Head Rejects GOP Push for East Coast Missile Defense
Change to Ballot Request Form Angers US Expats
Report: TSA Wasting Money on Screening Machines
18-Month-Old Baby Ordered Off Plane at Airport
Syria Calls on UN to Stop 'Terrorism'
Syrian Troops Say Cease-Fire Hasn't Stopped Rebel Attacks
Christians in Syria Live With an Uneasy Sense of Security
Major Suicide Bombings, Large Explosions During Syria's Uprising
Palestinians Press Case of Hunger Strikers in Israeli Prisons
Lapid: I Dare Netanyahu to Fire Shas
Kadima MP: We'd Have Had to Join Coalition After War Started Anyhow
Netanyahu, Cabinet to Weigh Approval of Illegal WB Outpost
7 Dumped Bodies Found in Iraq
Demonstrators Attack Zagros TV Station in Arbil
US Republicans Want Answers in Iraq-Hezbollah Case
Islamists Poised for Strong Showing in Algeria Vote
No Sign of Arab Spring as Algerians Trickle to Polls
Algerian Vote Touted as Fair, but Voters Apathetic
In Bab El Oued, Election Is 'News From a Foreign Country'
Bahrain Activists Burn Tires, Demand Women's Release
Bahrain Delays Medics' Retrial Until June
Middle East
Egypt Holds First Ever TV Presidential Debate
US Official Doubts Iran Can Find Alternative to Dollar Trades
Turkish Generals Put in Custody in Widening 1997 Coup Probe
Uruguayan Judge Questions Young Haitian Man About Alleged Abuse by UN Peacekeepers
Peru's Defense, Interior Ministers Quit After Complaints of Incompetence in Rebel War
US Military
US Raytheon Co Missile Interceptor Test 'A Success'
Defense Leaders Push US to Sign Sea Treaty
POW/MIA Team Looking for Clues of Missing WWII Troops in Guam
US Ambassador to Pakistan Bowing Out
Pakistan Successfully Testfires Ballistic Missile
Red Cross Suspends Work in Pakistan After Doctor's Murder
Suicide Attackers in Afghan Police Uniforms Kill 5 at Checkpoint
Afghan Police in Spotlight After Foiling Taliban Strike
'Frustrated' Dad of Taliban Prisoner Bowe Bergdahl Takes Matters Into Own Hands
Ex-Official's Drive in China Leads to Torture Inquiry
China Tightens Restrictions on Activist's Family
Indian Police to Visit Iran to Probe Attack Targeting Israeli Diplomats in New Delhi
US Plans 10-Month Warship Deployment to Singapore
UN Envoy Rebukes Cambodia Over Shooting of Protesters
Vanuatu Ejects Australian Police Amid Diplomatic Row
Two Sudans Brace for a War Both Thought Was Over
In 2 Sudans, Familiarity With Path to War
Bombs and Hunger Haunt Sudan's Nuba Mountains
Guinea-Bissau Paralyzed a Month After Coup
Clashes Between Guinea Protesters and Police Leave 19 Hurt
Hundreds of Mutineers Return to DR Congo Army: Military
Briton With Shabaab Links to Go on Trial Over Kenya 'Bomb Plot'
Rwandan Genocide Suspect Given Fortnight Adjournment
Russia Says It Foiled Terrorist Attacks in Sochi Winter Games
Putin Sending Medvedev to Camp David Summit
British Government in U-Turn Over F35-B Fighter Planes
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