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Updated May 15, 2012 - 10:57 PM EDT
State Dept. Poised to Remove MeK From Terror List
  IAEA Demand Puts Iran Cooperation Pact at Risk
  Israel Fears P5+1, Iran Could Reach Deal Next Week

US Drone Strikes in Yemen Kill Up to 12 Civilians

Syrian Rebels Kill 23 Soldiers, Reject Talks
  Russia Warns Kosovo Against Training Syrian Fighters
NATO Defends Civilian Deaths in Libya War
Reports: Hunger Strike Ends for Most Palestinians
  Israel Allows Gazans to Export Clothing
Iraq Minister: War Dead Reach 70,000; 11 Killed Today
CIA Rendition Victim Will Have His Day in EU Court
NATO Must Investigate the Civilian Casualties of Its Libyan Campaign  by David Mepham
Why the Inconvenient Truths of the Nakba Must Be Recognized  by Tom Pessah
What an Israeli Attack on Iran Will Mean for Muslims  by Ahmed Rashid
Operation Lip Service  by Chris Toensing
The US Drug War Comes to Honduras  by Ted Galen Carpenter
No Secret Why CIA Is Now Romanticizing 'Harsh Interrogation' Techniques  by Robert Crawford

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US Nuke Upgrade to Trigger New Arms Race With Russia?

Military Families Also Pay Price for Repeated Tours of Duty

Chicago Cops' New Weapon Against Dissent

TSA Agents Conduct Pat-Down on Henry Kissinger


Afghan Local Police Units Tangled in Criminal Activity

Blast in Afghan Market Kills Nine

2 Pakistani Lawsuits Pressure Government to Deal With CIA Drone Strikes

Pakistani Foreign Minister Indicates NATO Supplies Should Resume


Russia Says Killed 7 Islamist Militants

United States

Wisconsin Soldier's Death in Afghanistan Was Suicide


Haiti Wannabe Soldiers Say President Promised to Restore Army

Mexican Priest Who Denounced Abuse, Kidnapping of Migrants Flees Death Threats
Middle East-North Africa

Obscure Jihadists Enter Syrian Conflict

'Pursuit of Terrorists Is Irreversible,' Yemen's President Says

Continuing Yemen Battles Kill 16 'al-Qaeda Militants,' 7 Troops

Libyan Islamist Quits Militia to Enter Politics: Aide

North Lebanon Clashes Escalate, Kill 5


Israel Lets Gaza Export Clothes

EU Condemns Israeli Settlement Construction, Evictions

PA Arrests Former Top Militant After Attack on Palestinian Official's Home

Nigeria to Deploy Troops to Guinea Bissau This Week

Mali Coup Leader Calls for Transition Talks

US Trains Ugandans for Somalia Occupation

Red Cross: At Least 12 Killed, 48 Wounded as Gunmen Raze Villages in Northeast Nigeria
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What's Behind the Second Underwear Bombing Attempt?

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Stick a Fork in al-Qaeda

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Tyranny of Good Intentions

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Is Iran a Threat?

Ran HaCohen
Was Elliott Abrams Hitler's Senior Advisor?

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