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Updated May 19, 2012 - 11:29 PM EDT
House OKs Indefinite Detention of Suspects
  Roll Call Vote on Final Approval of NDAA
  Flurry of Amendments as New Military Funding Bill Passes
Netanyahu: 'No Evidence' Iran Serious About Talks
  IAEA Chief to Visit Tehran For Nuclear Talks
  Rep. Dennis Kucinich: NDAA Authorizes War Against Iran
  Iran Hawks in Congress in Some Disarray
New French Prez: Troops to Leave Afghanistan
  NATO Trucks Cross Pakistan Border, But Final Deal Elusive
  Award-Winning Pakistani Drone Filmmaker Denied US Visa
UN: 'No Proof' al-Qaeda Behind Syria Bombings
  Syrian Troops Disperse Massive Protest in Aleppo
Three NATO Protesters Charged as Terrorists
Yemen Clashes Kill 34 Militants, Soldiers
Tens of Thousands Protest in Bahrain Against 'Saudi Union'
Why Americans Are Less Hawkish Than Their Leaders  by Benjamin H. Friedman
Why Don't 'High-Value' Gitmo Detainees Get a Trial?  by Andy Worthington
What Are the Purposes of a Foreign Policy?  by Robert A. Taft
The Case Against 'Indefinite Detention'  by Rep. Adam Smith & Rep. Justin Amash
Applying the Six-Day War to Iran  by Ray McGovern
To Talk or Not to Talk  by Peter Jenkins

More Viewpoints

Lawyers Guild Claims NATO Activists 'Disappeared' Without Warrant or Charges
NATO's Post-Afghanistan Future Unclear
US Soldier Referred for Court Martial for 2009 Iraq Shooting
Judge in 9/11 Case at Gitmo May Split Up Defendants and Hold Multiple Trials
UK Surveillance Program Could Expose Private Lives
Syria Accuses Lebanon of Incubating Terrorists
Syria Forces Kill 2 in Damascus as Thousands Rally
Palestinians See Settlements Thwarting State
Israel Detonates 700 Landmines at Jordan Border
Israel Nabs 474 Deserters, Draft Resisters in 6 Days
15 Killed, 72 Wounded at Baghdad Pet Market and Elsewhere
Allawi Promises to Release Evidence of Torture of Opposition Politicians
Iraq's Southern Oil Exports Fall From Record in May
Middle East
Yemeni Troops Kill 11 Suspected Militants in South
Over 50% in US, Egypt, Jordan, UK, and France Back War 'To Stop Iran'
Sectarian Clashes Injure 3 in Lebanon: Official
Lawyer Doubts Libya 'Able or Willing' to Try Gadhafi Son
UN Envoy Calls Off W. Sahara Trip Amid Morocco Dispute
Turkey Warns Gas Speculators to Stay Away From Cyprus Waters
Nigeria, Senegal, Burkina Faso Troops Head to Guinea-Bissau
UN Security Council Imposes Sanctions on Guinea-Bissau Coup Leaders and Key Military Officers
Mali: US Calls on Junta to Withdraw From Politics
Several Hurt, Arrested in New Mauritania Opposition Protest
South Sudan, World's Youngest Nation, Develops Unlikely Friendship With 'Role Model' Israel
Police: Crime Reporter Kidnapped and Killed in Northern Mexico
Mexico Detains 3rd General With Drug Cartel Links
Peru's Famed Hostage Raid Investigated
Former Soldiers and Their Backers March in Haiti's Capital; 40-50 Arrested on Arms Charges
Military Helicopter Crash in Venezuela Leave 4 Dead, 1 Survives
The War at Home
House Shuts Down Military Sponsorship of All Sporting Events, Including Pro Wrestling
Rep. McCollum: National Guard's $26 Million Sponsoring NASCAR's Dale Earnhardt Jr. Results in Zero Recruits
Monument in Palisades Park, NJ, Irritates Japanese Officials
'Reporter's Privilege' Under Fire From Obama Administration Amid Broader War on Leaks
Military Trainer Jet Crashes in Calif.; 1 Dead
Rocks Found on Beach Near Marine Base Mysteriously Catch Fire in Woman's Pocket
UN Urges Participants at NATO Summit to Provide Massive Long-Term Support for Afghan Forces
Rockets Kill 2 NATO Troops, 3 Afghan Civilians
On Joint US-Afghan Mission, Balancing Suspicion and Ambition
Taliban, Poppies Returning to Once-Secure Afghan Province
Poland to Press for End to Afghan Mission in 2014 at NATO Summit, and for Subsequent Aid
US Bill Against Pakistan Aid Turned Down
Pakistan Opposition Figure: 'US Planning to Usurp Our Independence'
Face Down, Cash Up, Then Pakistan Lets in Our Trucks
Pakistani Opposition 'Does Not Consider Gilani PM'
Pentagon Study Says China Military Getting Stronger
Pentagon: Chinese Entities World's Biggest Economic Spies
Chinese Embassy in US Cold-Shoulders Tiananmen Leader
Philippines Stops Protest Trip to Disputed Shoal
Diplomats Say UN Experts Report North Korea Continues Violating Sanctions, Citing Syria, Myanmar
Suspected Foreign Terrorist Killed in Azerbaijan's Security Operation
A Whisper of Nuclear War Spurs a Sell-Off in a Russian Stock Market
Hundreds Evacuated in Russia Ammunition Depot Fire
Northern Irish Police Charge Three Men Over Militant Attacks
Italy Recalls Ambassador to India After Marines Charged Over Shooting
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