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Updated May 24, 2012 - 10:58 PM EDT
West Rejects Iranian Proposal for Wider Access
  Iranian Sailors Chase Off Pirates Attacking US Ship
  Neocons Assail Possible Compromise on Iran Talks
US Gen.: 'Big Firepower' in Afghanistan for 2013-14
  Afghanistan Secretly Adopts Indefinite Detention - With US Instruction
  Was Afghan Massacre Linked to IED Attack?
Tensions Rise as US Drones Pound Pakistan
  Pakistani Doctor Gets 33 Years for Treason in CIA Bin Laden Trap
Russia's New Missile to Target US Missile Shield
28 Die as US Troops Aid Yemen Military Offensive
Opposition as US Mulls Arming Domestic Drones
UK Army Chief: US 'Special Relationship' Too Expensive
Iraq Bus Bombing Kills Lebanese and Iranian Pilgrims
NATO's Not Very Lofty Summit  by Stephen M. Walt
Why We Should Be Thrilled by NATO's Lack of Action  by Daniel Larison
Congress 'Un-Declares' War With Iran  by Kate Gould
Thou Shalt Not Leak  by Murray Polner
War With Iran Has Already Begun  by Nathan Fuller
Ignoring the Costs of Intervention  by Robert Golan-Vilella

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US Senate Mulls Unprecedented Aid to Israel

Syria Says Sanctions Have Cost Country $4 Billion

Ahmadinejad Says Atomic Weapons 'Against Islam'

Romney Goes Silent on Afghanistan

Air Force Jet Fuel Spill in New Mexico May Reach 24M Gallons

USMC Braces for Post-Combat Child Abuse Spike


Afghan Girls Poisoned in Second Anti-School Attack

Turkmenistan Agrees to Trans-Afghan Pipeline Gas Deals

Rohrabacher: Pakistan Sees Itself in War With US

Turkey Proposes Charges Against Israeli Military Over 2010 Gaza Blockade Deaths

Gaza Fleet Leashed by Israel, Starved for Fuel

Shin Bet Arrests Two West Bank Hamas Cells Planning to Abduct Israelis

Poll: Majority of Germans Think Israel Is 'Aggressive'

Denmark Moves to Label West Bank Goods as Non-Israeli

Violent Tel Aviv Demo Against African Migrants

United States

CIA Discloses Names of 15 Killed in Line of Duty

US Appeals Court Clarifies Piracy Definition

Military Leaders, Clinton Push for Sea Treaty

Middle East-North Africa

Tunisian Military Tribunal Seeks Death Penalty for Ben Ali

Syrian Rebels Say Turkey Is Arming and Training Them

Syria Conflict 'Real Threat' to Lebanon: Russia

Libya Guarantees Tunisia Fair Trial for Former Prime Minister

Remembering Yemen Before the Bombs

Economy Trumps Religion in Egypt's Election

Egyptians Vote in Historic Presidential Election With Muted Optimism

Muslim Brotherhood in Pre-Election Conflict

DR Congo Militia Leaders Deny Village Massacre

Official: Over 12,000 Congolese Flee to Uganda

Guinea-Bissau: Junta Hands Back Power to Civilians

Why Ethiopia Won't Back Down on Eritrean Border

Somalis Flee Advance by African Union Troops

In a Sudanese Field, Cluster Bomb Evidence Proves Just How Deadly War Has Become
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Interventionism and the Elites

Philip Giraldi
Terrorizing Through Lawfare

Ivan Eland
The US Should Leave NATO, Not Shore It Up

Kelley B. Vlahos
War Inc. Shifts Homeward

Nebojsa Malic
The Serbian Job

Charles V. Peņa
Stick a Fork in al-Qaeda

David R. Henderson
Is Iran a Threat?

Ran HaCohen
Was Elliott Abrams Hitler's Senior Advisor?

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