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Updated May 27, 2012 - 11:28 PM EDT
NATO Airstrike Kills Six Afghan Children, Parents
  Sailor is 3,000th American to Die in Afghan War
Syrian Govt Denies Claims It Massacred 110
US Official Denies Israel Pushed Harder Iran Line
  Iran Nuclear Talks a 'Complete Failure,' Says Iranian Diplomat
  US Official: 'Iran to Face Harsher Sanctions Despite Talks'
Up to 34 Dead in US-Aided Yemen Offensive
US Drone Kills 4 in Pakistan Bakery
Congress Mulls Letting UN Regulate Internet
Mali Tuaregs, Islamist Rebels to Merge, Create Islamic State
Warrantless Spying Fight: Obama vs. Civil Liberty  by Glenn Greenwald
Iran: War Is Not Even the Question  by David Swanson
The NATO/UN Army: Perpetual War – and Bankruptcy for US  by William F. Jasper
Torture and the CIA  by Philip Giraldi
Not All Israeli Citizens Are Equal  by Yousef Munayyer
Memorial Day: Honor the Dead, Heal the Wounded, Stop the Wars  by Amy Goodman

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Report: North Korean Officials Executed in Staged Traffic Accidents
In a First, US Says 5 Million Palestinians Are Refugees
Activists Speak Out Against Lack of Access to Manning
After Guantanamo, Starting Anew, in Quiet Anger
Brother of Blind Chinese Activist Returns Home
Gorilla Areas Bombed by Congo Rebels
Sabahy Will Seek Egypt Election Suspension
Egyptians Ask Why a Mubarak Holdover Like Shafik Did So Well
Candidate Ahmed Shafiq Pledges Not to Be New Mubarak
Jimmy Carter Says Despite Violations in Egypt's Presidential Election, Vote Acceptable
Carter: 'Egypt's Brotherhood Would Keep Israel Treaty'
Residents of Cairo's City of the Dead Hope New President Will Help Them Find New Home
Syrian Regime, Rebel Supporters Put Pressure on Jordan
Syrians in Jordan: Only Armed Rebels Can Oust Assad
Middle East
Nine Killed as Iraqi President Demands End to Political Squabbles
Israeli Settler Shoots Palestinian in West Bank
Militants Post Appeal of Saudi Diplomat Kidnapped by al-Qaeda in Yemen
Hardline Islamists Seed Terror in Tunisian Town
Islamists Walk Out of Algeria Parliament in Protest
Gunmen Kill Cleric, Retired Prison Guard in Nigeria
170 Ivory Coast Ex-Combatants Held at a Refugee Camp in Ghana Escape, Official Says
Thousands March Against Media Killings in Honduras
Bomb Found in Buenos Aires Theatre Where Uribe Set to Speak
Peru Taxi Explodes in Chile Minefield
Cuban Church Official Tells Ladies in White They Are Now Political Group
Weekend Reviews
Fear, Inc.
Ron Paul's Paradoxes
Theodore Roosevelt Builds an Empire
The Hagiography of Mr. Holbrooke
The Miracles of Grand Illusion
Afghan Militia to Double as Troops Begin Drawdown
Munitions at Bagram Air Field Range Killing, Maiming Villagers
Afghan Women Leave the Country in Fear of Taliban Return
Drug Traffic Remains as US Nears Afghanistan Exit
Reporting From a Perilous Landscape in Afghanistan
UK Labour Party Leader: International Community Must Up Its Game on Afghanistan
British Soldier Killed in Explosion in Afghanistan
Pakistan Tribesmen Tell Govt to Restore Power Supply or Face Music
Balochistan Conference Demands End to Military Operation
Pakistan: School Principal, Son Shot Dead in Kharan
Rocket Attacks Kill Two Injure 13 in Quetta
Grenade Attack Near Karachi Central Jail; One Killed
Myanmar Power Protests Put New Reforms to the Test
Putin Puts Medvedev in Charge of Russia's Ruling Party
Americans Still Dying
Kansas Soldier Was Supposed to Return Home in Three Days
Ft Wayne (IN) Soldier Was Leaves Behind Wife and Baby Son
Yuma (AZ) Soldier With Ties to Colorado Was Only Two Months Into Deployment
Former Wife Memorializes Las Cruces (NM) Soldier, Father of Two Teenagers
Wheaton (IL) Soldier Critically Wounded in April 'Fought All the Way to the End'
Texas Soldier Had Been Found 'Unresponsive' in His Room in Afghanistan
Family and Friends Honor Slain Normangee (TX) Marine
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Justin Raimondo
BS in Baghdad

Philip Giraldi
Terrorizing Through Lawfare

Ivan Eland
The US Should Leave NATO, Not Shore It Up

Kelley B. Vlahos
War Inc. Shifts Homeward

Nebojsa Malic
The Serbian Job

Charles V. Peña
Stick a Fork in al-Qaeda

David R. Henderson
Is Iran a Threat?

Ran HaCohen
Was Elliott Abrams Hitler's Senior Advisor?

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