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Updated May 31, 2012 - 11:21 PM EDT
US Retains Plans for Military Option in Syria
  Syria Rebels Say They're Preparing for War
  Clinton: Russia Contributing to Potential Syria Civil War
20 Killed, 60 Wounded in Baghdad Attacks
US Still Runs Afghan Torture Prison
  Up to 68,000 US Troops to Remain in Afghanistan Into 2013
Pakistan Denies Re-Entry of US Troops
US Strikes Fueling al-Qaeda Sympathy in Yemen
Israel Charges Reporter Over 'State Secrets'
  Israeli DM: 'Unilateral Action' Possible on Palestinian Deal
FBI Quietly Forms Secretive Net-Surveillance Unit
Former US Envoy: Saudi King Wanted Nukes to 'Counter Iran'
UK Supreme Court Okays Assange Extradition, Appeal Open
America's Murderous Drone Campaign Is Fueling Terror  by Seumas Milne
Hero Inflation  by Will Wilkinson
Obama's Kill List and the End of the Post-9/11 World  by Charles Pierce
The Secret Kill List  by Andrew Napolitano
The Myths of NATO  by Tim Kelly
The Moral Challenge of 'Kill Lists'  by Ray McGovern

More Viewpoints

With Plan X, Pentagon Seeks to Spread US Military Might to Cyberspace

White House Threatens Veto of House GOP's Military Spending Bill

From Hopeful Immigrant to FBI Informant – The Other Abu Zubaidah
Senate Committee Again Blocks Funding for Marines' Move Off Okinawa

NATO 'Kills Senior al-Qaeda Militant' in Afghanistan

For Pakistani Truckers, NATO Route Row Is All About the Money

Pakistan: 'Nine Killed' in Karachi Targeted Shootings

'Bin Laden Doctor' Jailed for Militant Link, Says Court

In Pakistan, a Legal System Under Scrutiny

Ahmadinejad Says Doesn't Expect 'Miracles' in Upcoming Round of Nuclear Talks

Iran: 'Flame' Virus Fight Began With Oil Attack

Iran Relaunches Russian-Made Submarine


Iraqi President Rejects No-Confidence Vote for Prime Minister

UN: Human Rights 'Fragile' in Iraq

Iraq's PM Warns That Arab States May Face 'Water War'


Father of Slain Tiananmen Protester Kills Himself in Protest

Aung San Suu Kyi Takes First Trip Out of Myanmar in 24 Years

United States

First Lady Michelle Obama Will 'Sponsor' Navy Submarine

Songs of War From Sesame Street

Judge Sets Guantanamo Hearings for Ramadan, 9/11

Middle East-North Africa

International Outrage Mounts Over Massacre in Syria

After Syria Massacre, US Imposes Further Bank Sanctions

GOP Critical of White House's Syria Policy

Hollande's Syria Comments Irritate Berlin

Iran Official: Fallout From Western Military Action in Syria Will Bury Israel

Libyan Minority Rights at Crossroads

'Militants Killed' in South Yemen Military Strikes

PKK Says It Shot Down Turkish Helicopter

Further Charges Against Mubarak Sons

Leading Bahrain Activist Zainab Al-Khawaja Released


UN Official: Israel Slow to Relax Gaza Blockade


African Union to Take Mali to UN Security Council

Mali Rebels Split Over Sharia in New State

Liberia Ex-Leader Charles Taylor Get 50 Years in Jail

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Stick a Fork in al-Qaeda

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Is Iran a Threat?

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