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Updated June 1, 2012 - 10:54 PM EDT
US Retains Plans for Military Option in Syria
  Syrian Rebels Rearm, Vow 'Bigger Conflict'
  US Blames Russia, Iran for Upcoming Syria War
  Unidentified Gunmen: Syrian Regime, Rebels Trade Blame for Massacre
Obama Ordered Wave of Cyberattacks on Iran
  Who Made Flame Virus: Israel, US, Gamers?
  Construction Activities at Site Fuel Latest Iranian Nuclear Fear
Despite Failures, US Doubles Down on Drug War
  Lawmakers Nudge Spy Agencies Into Anti-Drug Fight
20 Killed, 60 Wounded in Baghdad Attacks
Pakistan Denies Re-Entry of US Troops
Mali Rebels Fail to Agree on New Country
Israeli MP Calls to Send Rights Activists to Work Camps
Study: 13% of Deployed Marines Consider Suicide
A Drone-Eat-Drone World  by Nick Turse and Tom Engelhardt
Once-Censored WWII Documentary Shatters Clichés  by Kelley Vlahos
Coming: Even More FBI Warrantless Searches?  by Nat Hentoff
How Extremism Is Normalized  by Glenn Greenwald
Obama's Despotism and Kill List  by James E. Miller
Were Nazi Soldiers Heroes?  by Jacob G. Hornberger

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Avoid These Words to Prevent Feds From Spying on Your Social Networks
Music Used as 'Disincentive' at Gitmo, Pentagon Says
AP 'Napalm Girl' Photo From Vietnam War Turns 40
Marines Expand Probe of Urination Video
Congressional Request to Define Palestinian Refugees Lands Obama in Hot Water
Suicide Attack Kills 7 Afghan Police
UN: Afghan Civilian Deaths Still Too High
India Fears for Afghanistan After NATO Withdrawal
A Long-Lost Window Into Afghan History
Pakistan Conducts Test of Nuclear Capable Cruise Missile
Pakistan to Launch Strategic Dialogue With EU Next Week
Two US Military Liaison Officers Return to Pakistan
US: China Nukes No Direct Threat
Beijing Exhibiting New Assertiveness in South China Sea
China-Made US Military Chip Has Security Backdoor
China Urges Pakistan to Expel Uighur Islamic Militants
Kazakhstan: Burnt Bodies Found at China Border Post
Filipino Extremists Stage More Attacks
Third Witness to Massacre in Philippines Is Murdered
Supreme Court Judge Shot Dead in Nepal Capital
Thai Bill Targets Thaksin Shinawatra Return
Status Quo Between 2 Sudans Is Not Quite War, Not Quite Peace
UN Security Council Concerned by Lack of Aid Access in Sudan
Kenya: Forces Kill 14 Shabab Fighters
Somalia Forces Capture Key Al-Shabab Town of Afmadow
German Engineer Killed in Unrelated Nigeria Raid
Mali Rebel Group Merger Stalls Over Links to al-Qaeda
Rwanda's Calllixte NZabonimana Gets Life for Genocide
CIA Probes Publication Review Board Over Allegations of Selective Censorship
Syria Armed Group Says Holding Lebanon Shiites: Al-Jazeera
European Voices Go Silent on Syria
Robert Fisk: Syria Will Have a Long, Bloody War
20 Killed, 60 Wounded as Baghdad Sees String of Attacks
Senior Baghdad Official Admits Being Al-Qaeda Member
Iraqi VP's Lawyers Want President to Testify
Sinai Force Commander Warns of Weapons Smuggling to Gaza
Israel Returns Remains of Palestinians in Bid to 'Get Peace Process Back on Track'
Three Decades Later, New Reports Shed Light on Israel's Iconic Battle in Lebanon
Israel's Attorney General to Indict Reporter
Made in Israel? Not a Simple Question
Egypt's Military to Let 31-Year-Old Emergency Law Expire
Sinai Bedouins Free 2 US Tourists Hours After Abduction in Egypt, Security Officials Say
Middle East
Militant Raid on Yemen Town Leaves Seven Dead
Tehran Agrees to Consider Letting Indians in to Probe Israeli Embassy Bombing
Libya Says It Is Ready to Try Gadhafi Loyalists
Large Homemade Bomb Found in SE Turkey
UAE Islamists to Fight Court Ruling on Citizenship
Russian Reserve Colonel Convicted of Spying for US
Freed French Reporter Says He'll Stay in Colombia
FARC's Civilian Captives Suffer in Silence
Venezuela's Military Bombs Clandestine Airstrips as Part of Government Anti-Drug Effort
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