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Updated June 3, 2012 - 11:29 PM EDT
Lebanese Army Deploys in Tripoli After 15 Killed
Syria Fighting Kills 89, Including 57 Troops
  Syria Says Massacre Victims Wouldn't Help Rebels
  I Saw Massacre of Children, Says Defecting Syrian Air Force Officer
  Syria Military Casualties Rose in May While Death Toll Overall Dropped
  UN Official Says No to Syria Amnesty
US Drone Kills 10 as Pakistan Demands a Halt
  Pakistani Court Acquits Four Accused of Aiding Times Square Bomber
Mubarak Sentenced to Life for Killing Protesters
  Egyptians Take to Streets Over Verdicts in Protesters' Deaths
Obama Ordered Stuxnet to Continue After It Spread Wildly
Ex-Blackwater Executives Finger CIA in Weapons Trial
Do Obama's Drone Strikes Imperil America?  by Robert Wright
Will a Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy Be Discussed in 2012?  by Kevin Kelly
The Hands-On Approach to Lethal Force  by Paul R. Pillar
America and Future Wars  by Cal Thomas
Tall Tale about Special Forces in North Korea?  by Tim Shorrock
US Should Steer Clear of Syria  by Sheldon Richman

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Risks of Boomerangs a Reality in World of Cyberwar
Assange and Allies Claim Conspiracy as Extradition Fight Hits Home Stretch
Court Wary of Overturning Warrantless Spy Case Victory, but Might Have To
Delaware Guard Unit Hauling Obama's Campaign Cargo
Understanding Cyberspace Is Key to Defending Against Digital Attacks
Egypt's Mubarak Hit by 'Health Crisis' After Guilty Verdict
Protests Grow in Tahrir After Mubarak Verdict
Young Egyptians Storm Shafiq HQ: State Website
Egypt's Mubarak: From War Hero to Prisoner
Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Calls for Mubarak Retrial
Widow of Egyptian Protester Expects No Solace From Mubarak Verdict
Excerpts From Judge's Statement in Mubarak Trial
Syria Risks Slipping Into 'All-Out Sectarian War', Says Kofi Annan
Syrian Brigadier Killed by Gunmen in Suburb of Capital
Broadcasters Risk Reporting on Syrian Rebellion
Iran Threatens to Target US Bases if Attacked
Iran Builds New Space Center to Launch Satellites
Netanyahu Seeks to Uproot, Transfer Homes From West Bank Outpost
Police Confiscate Weapons After Settler Shootings
Israel Is New South Africa as Boycott Calls Increase
IDF Inquiry Finds Israeli Youth Tied and Beat Palestinian After He Was Shot by Settlers
Iraqi Figures Show Slight Growth in Death Toll
Hashemi Trial: Murder Plots Detailed in Iraqi Court
Iraq Signs Agreement With Yemen on Terror
Baghdad Sells Kirkuk's Oil as It Stalls Article 140
Middle East
Four Qaeda Fighters, Soldier Killed in Yemen
PKK Says It Killed Three Turkish Soldiers
Algeria's Elections Not Credible: Monitoring Commission
Bosnians Bury 32 Victims of Wartime Killings
Americans Still Dying
Indiana Soldier Killed Hours After Chatting With Mom by Phone
Oregon Marine Killed in Afghanistan, Was to Be Married in July
Sailor From Shasta (CA) Dies While Serving With the Navy in Bahrain
Navy Combat Corpsman (OK) Killed on Third Afghanistan Tour
Oklahoma Soldier Leaves Behind Wife, Three Children
Grandparents Remember Prince George (VA) Captain Killed by IED
Loved Ones of Slain Soldier (CA) Put Together Video Tribute
Newlywed Salinas (CA) Soldier Wanted to Become a Pharmacist
Helicopter Pilot From Maine Killed in Afghan Crash
Olanthe (KS) Soldier Killed by IED in Afghanistan
San Jose (CA) Soldier Killed by Afghan Roadside Bomb
Karzai: America Could Have Done Better in Afghanistan
British Soldier Killed While on Patrol in Afghanistan
British and US Special Forces Rescue Kidnapped Aid Workers in Afghanistan
Over 30 Training Camps in Afghanistan Fuelling Balochistan Unrest: Inspector General
Fighter Jets Pound Militant Hideouts in Khyber; Five Killed
30 'Terrorists' Killed in Khyber Clashes
2 Balochistan Levies Officials Shot Dead
Shi'ite Man Shot Dead in Quetta
At Least Four Gunned Down in Karachi
Myanmar Says It Has Abandoned Nuclear Ambitions
Panetta Open to Military Relations With Myanmar
Myanmar Refugees in Thailand Cheer Suu Kyi
Siachen Glacier Withdrawal Tops Agenda for Talks: India
India Military Intelligence Staffer Caught Stealing Information for Pakistan
Deaths of 14 Kazakh Guards 'Act of Terror': President
Al Shabab May Be on Last Legs in Somalia After Key Military Defeats
Thousands of Sudanese 'Flee to South Sudan'
Timbuktu: In Time of Chaos, a Hometown Son Returns
Regional Leaders Want Zimbabwean Reforms
Canada Criticizes UN Report Accusing Its Troops of Complicity in Torture in Afghanistan
Raul Castro's 81st a Reminder of Aging Leadership
The War at Home
Why Antivirus Companies Like Mine Failed to Catch Flame and Stuxnet
Clinton Urges Cooperation in Resource-Rich Arctic
Inside America's Controversial Commando Conference
After 15 Months in Orbit, Secret Space Plane Finally Returning to Earth
New Stealth Sub Is Fully Networked, but Cut Off From the Outside World
Exclusive Pictures: Inside the Navy's Newest Spy Sub
Weekend Reviews
A Stasi for America
Terrorists? Us?
Once-Censored WWII Documentary Shatters Clichés
What Happens When They Get Drones?
Peter Beinart's The Crisis of Zionism and Its Critics
Obama's Flailing Foreign Policy
Review: Consent of the Networked
The Journey to Tahrir: Revolution, Protest and Social Change in Egypt
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