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Updated June 14, 2012 - 11:26 PM EDT
Egypt Dissolves Parliament, Imposes Martial Law
Reps. Demand Legal Grounds for 'Signature' Strikes
  Sen. Paul Pushes Bill to Limit Domestic Drone Surveillance
Russia: US Arming Syria's Rebels
  France: Syria Plan Should Be 'Compulsory'
US Drone Strike Kills Four More in N. Waziristan
  Panetta: Pakistan Border Closure Costs US $100 Million a Month
UK Top Court Rejects WikiLeaks' Assange Appeal
Ex-Mossad Head: Attack Will Push Iran Toward Nukes

US Expands Military-Intel Operations in Africa

Israel Comptroller Blasts Handling of Gaza Flotilla
US Drone Strike Kills Nine in Yemen
Iraq Slaughter: 107 Killed, 384 Wounded
Exposing Obama's Not-So-Secret War  by Ari Melber
The Warnings We Should Be Hearing  by Amira Hass
Obama's 'Kill List' Is Unchecked Presidential Power  by Katrina vanden Heuvel
Squealing Versus Killing  by Andrew P. Napolitano
Jack of No Trade, Masters of War  by Joseph R. Stromberg
Hatred: What Drones Sow  by Jefferson Morley

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Study Shows Widespread Global Opposition to US Drone Attacks

White House: US Position on Pollard Has Not Changed
US to Beef Up Marine Presence on Okinawa by Thousands Before Drawdown

Philippine Churches Say No to More US Troops


As US Pulls Out of Afghanistan, Will China Up Its Role?

Afghanistan Sends Failed Suicide Bombers to Rehab

China's Afghan Oil Deal on the Skids


Hunger Strike Takes Toll on Gaza Footballer's Dream

Gaza Water Too Contaminated to Drink, Say Charities

Comptroller: Israel Lost Flotilla Hasbara Battle

Report Criticizes Israel PM Over 2010 Mavi Marmara Attack

A Celtic Message to Palestine

Japan to Pass Bill Protecting Insurance for Iran Oil Import Tankers

Nigeria Slams Calls for Foreign Intervention Against Boko Haram

Fighting Breaks Out Between Northern Mali Rebels

Mali, Bissau, Sudans, Somalia Top UN, AU Talks

South Sudan MPs Suspend 75 Officials in Probe of Missing $4 Billion

Somali Capital Is Losing 'World's Most Dangerous City' Designation After Mostly Peaceful Year
Falkland Islanders Say Referendum Will Show Argentina They Aren't Held Hostage by Britain
Chavez Says Venezuela Has Started Making Drones, Assembling Kalashnikov Rifles

Colin Powell: US Shouldn't Go to War in Syria

Syria Prints More Money to Pay Bills

Syria Not in Civil War - Foreign Ministry

Red Cross: 3 Aid Workers Injured in Syria Blast

Hillary's Little Startup: How the US Is Using Technology to Aid Syria's Rebels
Amnesty Accuses Syrian Forces of Killings, Destruction to Deter Residents From Aiding Rebels

The Language of War

Some UN Monitors Spying in Syria: Jordanian Observer

Middle East-North Africa

New Egypt Decree Grants Arrest Powers to Military

Egypt Forms Constitutional Body After Lengthy Battle

'The Ghost': Where Is Yemen's Saleh?

AFP Journalist Wounded in Iraq Bombing

Bahrain Social Media Crackdown Threat for 'Irresponsible Use'

Ex-Tunisia President Gets 20 Years in Absentia

Armed Clashes in Western and Southern Libya Leave at Least 15 Dead
United States
Poll: Civilians Believe Veterans Are Valuable, but Lack Education and Suffer PTSD
Pentagon Soon to Spend More on Vets' Benefits Than Active Personnel, Study Says

Sheldon Adelson Is Giving $10 Million to Mitt Romney Super PAC

US Security Establishes Beachhead at Foreign Airports

Germany, Italy Warn of Damage to US Ties Over Funding for Missile Program
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