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Updated June 16, 2012 - 11:08 PM EDT
US Military Planning 'Completed' for Syria Attack
  UN Suspends Peace Mission in Syria, Citing Increasing Violence
  UN Monitors Fault Both Sides for Escalating Syria Violence
  Exporter: Russia Sending Air and Sea Defenses to Syria
Egypt Going Full Circle on Revolution?
  Murky Situation as Egyptians Go to Vote This Weekend
  Clinton Unconvincingly Urges Democracy in Egypt
Bombs Hits Iraq Pilgrimage, 51 Killed, 154 Hurt
Bomb Kills 26 in Pakistan Market, 65 Wounded
GOP Lawmakers Push to Limit Domestic Drones
  White House Finally Admits Drone Strikes Against Yemen, Somalia
Rand Paul's Baffling Support for Romney's Cowboy Foreign Policy  by Daniel Larison
Drone Me Down on the Killing Floor  by Pepe Escobar
The Imperial Agenda of the US's 'Africa Command' Marches On  by Dan Glazebrook
The Cleaving of Palestine  by Paul R. Pillar
About That 'Foreign Money'  by Thomas Knapp
Obama Is Criminalizing Investigative Reporting  by Dan Froomkin

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School of the Americas, the CIA, and US-Condoned Torture
Bowing to the CIA, National Archives Will Not Release JFK Assassination Docs
Musharraf Threatened India With Nuke Attack in 2001
Appeals Court Rejects Case Against Rumsfeld Over Imprisonment in Iraq
Australian Defense Report Details Horrific Tales of Abuse
French Afghan Pullout to Start 'Within Weeks'
Talks on Afghanistan's Future Kicks Off in Kabul
India: Pakistan Firing Kills 1 Indian in Kashmir
Safety Fears Restrict Relief Work After Myanmar Riots
Syrian Opposition Meets to 'Unify' Vision
Syrian Detainees Speak of Sexual Abuse by Pro-Assad Forces, Says Human Rights Watch
Turkey Says Syrian Refugee Numbers Exceed 30,000
Former Iran Negotiator: Islamic Republic Unlikely to Accept West's Offer in Upcoming Talks
German Court Lifts Ban on Press TV
Gunmen Slaughter Family of Eight Near Baghdad
Murdoch Pressured Blair to Rush Into Iraq War, Says Campbell in Diaries
Christians in Iraq Forced to Flee Terror, Archbishop Says
After Decades of Sanctions and Strife, Iraq's Return to OPEC Influence Could Shift Landscape
Kurd With Lemon Accused of Supporting Terror
Ruling on Turkish Presidency Smooths Erdogan's Path
Middle East
Yemen Troops Kill 15 Qaeda Gunmen
Palestinian Killed in Clash With Lebanese Soldiers Outside Northern Refugee Camp
South Sudan Reps in Israel: Deportation Undignified
White House Says Reset of Relations With Russia Has Been Successful
4 Bosnian Serbs Sentenced for Srebrenica Killings
Security Forces Surround Parliament in Egypt, Escalating Tensions
Military Lurks Behind Egyptian Presidential Poll
Egypt Revolution Losing Steam as Military Asserts Power
Protests in Egypt on Eve of Election in Which Many Are Unhappy With Choices
Egypt's Brotherhood Pins Hopes on Presidency
Mursi Warns Vote Rigging in Egypt Polls May Hand Presidency to Shafiq
Brotherhood's Mursi Says He Will Respect Constitution Court Rulings
Senator Leahy: Egypt's Rulers Are Throwing the Transition Into Question
Egypt Human Rights Groups Challenge Army's Arrest Powers
Bedouins Free Singapore Tourist in Egypt: Official
Attacks on Western Targets in Libya Sow Fears of Islamist Extremists
AFRICOM Forms Military Relationship With Libya
Tunisia Lifts Curfew Imposed Following Riots
Religious Leaders Appeal for Calm After Riots
Tunisia's Embattled Artists Speak Out
UN Isn't Ready to Back Military Intervention in Mali
Al Shabab Attacks Somali, Ethiopians Forces
The War at Home
Feds Have Interviewed Over 100 People in Two Leak Investigations
Source: White House Declassifying Some Counter-Terrorism Info
Destruction of Army Chemical Weapons Delayed
Technicality Hurting Suicide Prevention Efforts
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