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Updated June 18, 2012 - 11:25 PM EDT
Egypt Brotherhood 'Wins' Powerless Presidency
  Egypt Junta Grants Itself Massive New Powers
  Egypt's Generals Act to Negate Outcome of Presidential Poll
  Disenchanted Egyptians Spoil Their Ballots
  Israel Deploys Tanks Near Egypt Border, in Violation of Peace Treaty
Military Isn't Quick to Kill Its Killers
  At Least $50 Billion in US Foreign Arms Sales for 2012 So Far
Israel Demands Overt Threats Before Iran Talks
Syrian Rebels Hold Recent Gains Around Homs
Western Libya Declared a 'Military Zone'
39 Killed in Nigeria Religious Violence
Iraq: Fresh Bloodshed Leaves 19 Killed, 53 Hurt
Till Death Do Us Part  by Tom Engelhardt
We Can't Crush Iran  by Jordan Michael Smith
Creepy Nicholas Kristof Rejoices in Murderous Iran Sanctions  by John V. Walsh
Peace Is Profitable  by Lee Wrights
Unwarranted Intrusion  by J.D. Tuccille
CNAS Confab 2012: Aloof and Irrelevant as Ever  by Kelley Vlahos

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Aide: Obama Did Not Declassify Secret Info
The Jet That Ate the Pentagon
Thailand, US to Set Up Panel for Military Base
In Sweden, US Man Claims to Be AWOL Since 1984
Mexico's Drug War Rocks US Expat Stronghold
UK Communications Bill: 'No Plans' to Spy on Postcards
For One Egyptian Voter, a Despairing Surrender as Hope in Revolution Turns to Resignation
Voter Turnout Surges in Final Hours of Egypt Presidential Runoff
Tahrir Square Stands Ready to Reignite Egypt Revolution
As Egypt Voted, al-Qaeda Leader Urged Islamists to Unite
English Text of Junta's Amended Egypt Constitutional Declaration
Egypt: The Media's Role in Politics
Missile Confusion Threatens Muslim Brotherhood's Relations With Israel
Israeli Soldier on 'Solidarity' Hunger Strike With Palestinian Detainees
Two Palestinians Shot Dead 'By Israeli Lorry Driver'
Extremists' Guide to 'Struggle Against Ulpana Evacuation'
Israel Cabinet Approves Committee to Oversee West Bank Settlement Construction
10 Israeli Soldiers Lightly Injured in Firecracker Attack
Saudi Arabia
Saudis Seek a Crown Prince and Talk of Other Successors
German-Saudi Tank Deal Twice as Big as Initially Reported
Bahrain to Hold Runoff Poll After By-Elections
Pakistani Taliban Bans Polio Vaccination Campaign
Canadian Military Equipment Trapped in Afghanistan
North Korea Accuses Clinton of 'Reckless' Criticism
Thailand's Yellow Shirts Regroup, Seek Comeback
Bangladesh Jails 611 Soldiers
McCain: Lack of US Aid to Syrian Rebels 'Shameful'
Associated Press Journalist Wounded in Syria
UN Demands Warring Syria Parties Allow Evacuation of Families, Wounded From Besieged Homs
Romney Calls Obama Weak on Nuclear Iran
Iran Says Busts 'Terrorist Groups' Behind Assassination of Nuclear Scientists
Fresh Bloodshed Leaves 19 Iraqis Killed, 53 Wounded
Iraqi Journalists Call for Stopping Political Disputes, and Paying Attention to Citizens Instead
Yemen Says Islamists Retreat From Southern Town

Yemen Airstrikes Kill 6 al-Qaeda Fighters

Troops Sent to Quell Clashes in Western Libya
Libya Gives Green Light for Political Campaign
Sudan Seizes More Newspapers as Frustration Mounts
Malawi's Banda to Shun AU Summit After Bashir Spat
Talks 'Advancing' to Free Hostages: Mali Islamists
20 Years On, the Dilemma of World's Biggest Refugee Camp
UN: Crises in Libya, Somalia and Elsewhere Forced 800,000 to Flee Their Countries Last Year
The War at Home
World War II Vet, 92, Wins PTSD Disability Benefits
South Carolina Deputies Prepare for Navy SEAL-Style Training in California
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