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Updated June 24, 2012 - 11:28 PM EDT
Brotherhood's Mursi Elected President of Egypt
  Egypt Vote Spawns Loud But Mixed Reaction Out of Israel
Turkey-Syria Spat Over Downed Jet May Escalate
  AP Finds Syria Rebels Leaderless, Disorganized, Ready to Kill Prisoners
  NGO: At Least 40 Killed in Syria Violence
US Rebuilds Former Bases Across Asia-Pacific
Gaza Strikes Resume Despite Cease-Fire Agreement
Allies Wage Largest Live-Fire Drill Since Korean War
UK Soldiers Beat Innocent Iraqis in 'Black Ops' Jails
Siege Undercuts US-Led Narrative That Afghan War on Track
Why Is the US Selling Billions in Weapons to Autocrats?  by R. Jeffrey Smith
History is the Enemy as 'Brilliant' Psy-ops Become the News  by John Pilger
Israel's 'Price Tag' Terrorism Has Tactical Political Goals  by Jonathan Cook
Washington Arms Bahrain, Denounces Russia for Arming Syria  by Doug Bandow
Still No Accountability for Torture  by Andy Worthington
Blowback, or Impossible Dilemmas of Declining Powers  by Immanuel Wallerstein

More Viewpoints

Why NATO Won't Go to War Over Syria Shooting Down Turkish Jet
US Plans More Drone Flights Over Caribbean
Ecuador Considers Asylum for Assange
Panetta: Suicide Problem Goes Far Beyond Combat Veterans
Yemen Says Qaeda-Laid Mines Kill 35 in 10 Days
Vienna Tormented by FBI Building's Non-Stop Buzz
Syria Forms New Government; Key Posts Unchanged
Syrian Troops Clash With Armed Groups in Deir Al-Zour
Syria: Downing of Turkish Plane Not a Hostile Act
Turkish, Syrian Forces Jointly Seek Downed Turkish Jet
Iraq Sees Escalation, Fears Spillover of Syria Crisis
Rise in Number of Syrian Refugees in Turkey
Israeli Air Strikes on Gaza Leave Two Dead
Series of Israeli Airstrikes Wound 25 Palestinians
Iron Dome Intercepts Five Gazan Grad Rockets
Palestinian Boy Killed in Israeli Bombing
Hamas Entrenched in Gaza After 5 Years of Rule
Turkish Artillery Spooks Iraqi Civilians Near Border
Iraqi Press Crackdown: Police to Close Media Agencies
Iraq Military Beard Edict Stirs Religious Debate
Oil Key to Any Iraqi Kurdistan Independence Bid
Blair Blocked Cabinet From Hearing Legal Advice on Iraq
Iraq Eying New Law to Let Lethargic Government Quit Work for Much of Summertime
Egypt's Army in Control of Vast Business Empire
Stuxnet Cyberweapon Set to Stop Operating
Thousands of Iran's Resistance Take Part in Paris Rally
Any Attack Will Cause End of Israel, Warns Iranian General
Weekend Reviews
Jews Against Israel
Why Weren't They Grateful?
Tahrir 2011
Five Broken Cameras: A 'Best Documentary of the Year'?
Drone Warfare: Killing by Remote Control
Working for Peace and Justice: Memoirs of an Activist Intellectual
The Significance of the Nakba in the Israel-Palestine Conflict
Eight 'Settlers' Shot Dead in Quetta Firing Incident
Pakistan: MQM Activist Killed, Eight Injured in Violence
Philippines Arrests Militant in American Beheading
In North Korea, Learning to Hate US Starts Early
Bomb Explodes Near Popular Nigeria Club; None Hurt
Nigeria's Jonathan Sacks Security and Defense Chiefs
US Warns of Attack Threat in Kenyan Port City
Liberia Extradites 41 Unrest Suspects to Ivory Coast
Sudan Students at Forefront of Rising Social Unrest
Mexico: 'Mistaken Identity' Over Guzman Drug Arrest
Fourteen Mutilated Bodies Found Outside Mexican Supermarket
Ouster of Paraguay's President Sparks Criticism
Bolivia Deploys Army to Patrol Streets as Police Strike

'War on Terror'

Al-Qaeda No. 2 Condemned US Army War Ethics
Texas Man Accused of Trying to Blow Up Pipeline
Moroccan Admits He Tried to Blow Up Capitol in Suicide Bomb Plot
US Military
Army Releases May 2012 Suicide Data
Military Computer Upgrades 30 Years Behind Schedule, Cost $7 Billion
Pentagon Recommends Better Pay for Front-Line Troops
Americans Still Dying
Mother of Paratrooper (WA) Killed by Rogue Afghan Police: 'We'll Miss Him Forever'
Walla Walla (WA) Father of Two Baby Sons Killed in Afghan Helicopter Crash
Vigil Held for Oklahoma Civilian Contractor Who Died in Iraq
Michigan Soldier Killed in Afghanistan Remembered as a Wonderful Dad
San Diego (CA) Paratrooper Killed on 6th Combat Deployment
Suffolk (VA) Father Dies on USS Enterprise Day Before Daughter's Graduation
Local Friends, Family Remember Chino Valley (AZ) Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Soldier From Lawrenceville (IL) Killed by Afghan Land Mine
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