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Updated June 25, 2012 - 11:20 PM EDT
Mursi Wins, but Egyptian Military Stays in Control
  Mursi Victory Brings Celebration to Tahrir Square Protesters
  Egypt Vote Spawns Loud But Mixed Reaction Out of Israel
  US Congratulates Mursi But Denies Supporting Him
NATO in Syria: Will Turkish Plane Be the Excuse?
  London-Based Syrian Group: At Least 63 Killed in Syria
  The Last Critical Mile: Turkey and Syria Differ on Plane's Downing
Iraq Orders Mass Closure of Media Outlets
  Turkey Pounds Kurdish Rebel Sites Deep in Iraqi Territory
Israel Threatens Escalation in Gaza If Truce Fails
Ecuador In No Hurry Over Assange Asylum Bid
Attacks, Tensions Complicate US Training for Afghan Forces
Needed: A National Debate on US Support of Dictatorships  by Jacob G. Hornberger
What Is Waltz Up to on Iranian Nukes?  by Justin Logan
Drone Warfare Clashes With Law, Human Rights  by Ramesh Thakur
Our Muslim Brothers  by Uri Avnery
The Third Intifada Is Inevitable  by Nathan Thrall
The Increasingly Absurd Conceit That Drone Strikes Are Secret  by Conor Friedersdorf

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Bradley Manning Lawyers Accuse Prosecutors of Misleading Judge
Apple Traders in Iran Scoff at US iPhone Sales Ban
Egypt's Mursi: We'll Uphold International Agreements
Egypt Appears to Underline the Limit of US Influence
Mursi Victory in Egypt Is a Potent Weapon for Islamists
Three More Syrian Pilots Defect to Jordan
Northern Syria Clashes Kill 16 Soldiers
Turkey Admits Downed Plane Had Strayed Into Syrian Airspace
Turkey: Jet 'Downed by Syria in International Airspace'
Turkey Says Downed Jet Was Not Spying on Syria
Russian Helicopter Shipment Heading Back to Syria: Report
Israel Army 'Game' Leaves Palestinian Dead
Meretz: PM Is Intentionally Silencing Dissent
Gazans Celebrate Brotherhood Victory in Egypt
Decision to Oust Caterpillar From Influential Ethical Investing Index Linked to Israeli Use of Tractors
Iraq's Journalists Censored by All Levels of Government; 14 Killed in Attacks
Iraq Cleric: Government Reforms Need PM's Ouster
Middle East
Yemen Oil Route Reopens After Military Pullout
Tunisia Extradites Libya Ex-PM Mahmoudi

Use of Drones on the Rise in Germany

DEA Agent Kills Suspected Trafficker in Honduras
Bolivia Leader Rules Out Troops as Police Rebel
4 NATO Service Members Killed in Afghanistan in Two Days
Afghan Brain Drain Fears Over Education Reforms
Lucrative Afghan Oil Deal Was Awarded Properly, Karzai Says
Pakistan's Power Play Intensifies
India, Pakistan Agree to End Skirmishes
Pakistan President: Court Can't Challenge Former PM's Actions
Gunmen Kill 3 Policemen in Southwest Pakistan
North Korea Calls US Use of National Flag in Huge Live-Fire Drills a Grave Provocation
North Korea Tests the Patience of Its Closest Ally
Chinese Ship 'Accidentally Rams' Philippines Boat
Philippines Says Reporter From Jordan Held Hostage
Papua New Guinea Election Under Way Amid Unrest
Kenya Protests US Terror Advisory for Mombasa
At Least One Killed in Blast in Kenyan Port City of Mombasa
Nigeria's Boko Haram Frees 40 in Prison Break
Nigerian Christian Worship Subdued by Church Bombs
Nigeria Says It Needs New Anti-Terrorism Tactics
DR Congo
More DR Congo Soldiers Desert Ranks: Mutineers
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