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Updated June 28, 2012 - 11:29 PM EDT
Afghan War Supply Cost Triples Without Pak Route
  Taliban Attacks Kill 10 Afghan Police Nationwide
  Pakistani Troops Kill Eight Militants in Attempted Cross-Border Raid
Rebels Attack Syrian TV Station, Kill 7 Workers
  West Rebuffs Iranian Offer to Help Kofi Annan With Peace in Syria
Iraq PM Wants Early Elections Amid Calls to Quit
  22 Killed, Over 100 Wounded in Iraq Attacks
US Rejected Chance for Progress in Iran Talks
Nigeria Blasts US Over Terror-Listing Boko Haram
Assange Unlikely to Report for Extradition
US Soldier Kills Commander at Ft. Bragg
20 Killed, Tuareg Leader Wounded in Mali Clashes
How the Taliban Mastered the Operational Art of Modern War  by William S. Lind
The Syrian Crisis: Iraq Caught Between Iran and the United States  by Ted Galen Carpenter
Syria Puts Double Whammy on Turkey  by M.K. Bhadrakumar
Syria and the Phantom  by Conn Hallinan
Heavy Grows Israel's Finger on the Trigger  by Russ Wellen
Americans Have Lost Confidence in Values They're Supposed to Export  by Conor Friedersdorf

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UN: Violence in Syria Worse Than Before Ceasefire

Navy Attempts Culture Change on Sexual Assaults

Poll: Americans More Comfortable With Obama Than Romney if Space Aliens Invade
Agent Who Started 'Fast and Furious' Defends Gunrunning Operation

UN Tribunal Finds Ethics Office Failed to Protect Whistleblower


Taliban Video Shows 17 Beheaded Pakistani Soldiers

Building Bridges in Afghanistan

At Afghan University, Students Fear for the Future

Canadian Military Police Cleared in Afghanistan Abuse Report

Deadly Blast Hits Pakistan Rail Station

Pakistan Releases 311 Indian Prisoners

Pakistan's Supreme Court Sets Collision Course With New Prime Minister
West Worried by China-Pakistan Atomic Ties

Troops Have Withdrawn From Iraq, but US Money Hasn't

21 Killed, 25 Injured in Iraq Attacks
Iraq: Torture Against Prisoners Cannot Be Proven Through Claims, Says Human Rights Ministry

Iraq's Crude Production Rises to Highest Level in 20 Years

United States

Soldier Accused in Firefight With Police a Prisoner to PTSD

Panetta Says Educating Military Children a National Security Issue


Vietnam Decries 'Illegal' South China Sea Oil Bid

Reports of a Post-2016 Residual Force at Camp Casey in Korea Worries Locals

Syria: We Thought Downed Turkish Plane Was Israeli

How Vital Is Syria's Tartus Port to Russia?

Syria Walks Out of UN Human Rights Council Debate

Hamas Member Killed in Syria, Mossad Suspected

Middle East-North Africa

Egypt's Generals Eye Turkish Model

Egypt 'To Sue' Iran's Fars News Agency Over Mursi Report

Libya East-West Highway Cut by Armed Militia

One Dead After Libyan Coast Guard Fires on Tunisian Fishermen

Tunisia Politicians Seek to Bring Down Islamist-Led Govt.

10 Pro-Reform Activists Freed on Bail in Oman


Death Toll From Latest Nigeria Clashes Rises to 27

Sudan Accuses US of Interference Over Protests

Has the Arab Spring Now Spread to Sudan?

Retired Brazilian Colonel Ordered to Pay Damages for the Torture and Death of a Journalist
Former Strongman Videla Denies Argentine Dictatorship Baby Thefts
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