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Updated July 11, 2012 - 11:22 PM EDT
US Backs Abusive Afghan Militias, Civil War Looms
22 Dead in Yemen Police Academy Bombing
Pakistani Amb.: Govt. Never Okayed US Drones
  Pakistani Opposition Figures Vow to Install Pro-US Govt.
US Outraged at UN Call to Include Iran in Syria Talks
Israel Releases Hunger-Striking Palestinian Footballer
  Under Netanyahu, Illegal Settler Population Swells
Secretive US Spy Office Caught Secretly Spying in US
The Myth of Wartime Prosperity  by Robert P. Murphy
The Bravery of Joystick Executioners  by Glenn Greenwald
Democratic Form Without Substance in Libya  by Paul R. Pillar
The Real Blowback Fallacy  by Joel Poindexter
The Mystery of Arafat's Death  by Ray McGovern
Our Paranoia Is a Victory for Terror  by Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

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Sens. Levin and Graham: Pakistan Military Entitled to US Taxpayer Money
Fact-Check: How the NYPD Overstated Its Counterterrorism Record

US Muslim to Confess Over Govt.-Fueled Model Plane 'Plot'

Ecuador 'Won't Be Bullied on Assange'

US Uses Local Militias in Afghanistan, Echoing Iraq Strategy. Will It Work?

Despite Latest Attacks, Afghan Forces 'Will Be Capable' by 2014

Taliban Poetry and the Lone Fighter


US Antagonist in Iraq Takes a Political Gamble

Iraq Bloodshed: 13 Killed, 38 Wounded

Does Israel Walk a Thin Line With West Bank Oil Drill?

US Opposes Report Recommending Legalization of West Bank Settlements

Jewish Lobbying With Church of England on Behalf of Israel 'Backfires'

Russian Wikipedia Shut Down to Protest Censorship Bill

UK Judge Clears Way for Olympic Rooftop Missiles


Indigenous Colombians Demand End to Rebel, Army Clashes


Jordan Opens New Refugee Camp for Syrians

Russia Sends Naval Flotilla to Syrian Port

Cyprus Prepares for Up to 200,000 Syrian Refugees

Middle East-N. Africa-Sahel

Five Turkish Soldiers Killed in Clashes With PKK

Bahrain Court Jails Protest Leader Over Tweets

Turkey Reportedly Skirting Sanctions by Paying for Iranian Oil in Gold

Iran Denounces Crackdown on Saudi Protesters

Al-Qaeda Leader Released From Mauritanian Jail After Renouncing Terrorism

Tombs in Timbuktu's Djingareyber Mosque 'Destroyed'


Death Toll in Nigeria Village Massacre Hits 90

Islamists Claim Attacks on Nigeria Christians

Congo Warlord Jailed for 14 Years in Landmark Case

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Age of Absurdity

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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Tel Aviv 'Race Riots' Reveal Much About Israel

David R. Henderson
Is Iran a Threat?

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