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Updated July 20, 2012 - 11:25 PM EDT
Syria Rebels Seize Iraq Border, Kill 22 Guards
  Assad Said to Have Fled Damascus Amid ‘Information Blackout’
  Syria Shells Damascus in Response to Rebel Suicide Bombing
  US Envoy Blasts 'Deplorable' Russia, China for Syria Resolution Veto
  Report: Pentagon Seeks to Prevent Israeli Attack on Syria
  Syria Rebels Take Responsibility for Attack, Say Not a Suicide Bomb
House OKs Massive $606 Billion Pentagon Bill
  Manning Mistreatment 'Shocking,' But Judge Bars UN Torture Probe
  Manning Prosecutors Change Tack Again: Harm 'Not Relevant'
  Justice Dept Sues Telecom for Challenging National Security Letter
US Blames Hezbollah for Bulgaria Bombing
British, Pakistan PMs Press Taliban Talks
Senators Press Obama to 'Blacklist' More Iranians
Judge Acquits Man Arrested for TSA Stripping Protest
Syria Would Be No Cakewalk  by Steve Chapman
Bagram: Still a Black Hole for Foreign Prisoners  by Andy Worthington
The Anti-Semitism That Goes Unreported  by Amira Hass
That Makes No Sense!  by Tom Engelhardt
Mossad Pulp Fiction  by Philip Giraldi
Obama's Killings Challenged Again  by Glenn Greenwald

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House Roll-Call Vote on Pentagon Funds
US Urges Nations to Watch for Iranian Ships
US Govt Issues Another Worldwide Security Caution
Attack on Israeli Tourists Prompts Fear of 'Shadow War'
Syria's Collapse Would Reverberate Throughout the Mideast
Bradley Manning
Defense Lawyers Say Guantanamo Court Rigged to Deliver Death Sentence
Lawyers Ask for Guantanamo Trial to Be Televised
US Military
House Backs Spending Millions for Military Sports Sponsorships
Romney Says He Won't Cut Military
Gen. Welsh: Efforts to Combat Military Sex Assaults Are Failing
Air Force Chief of Staff Nominee: Deeper Cuts at Europe Bases Needed
DoD Announces Return of Two US Army Europe Sites
Super-Silent Owl Drone Will Spy on You Without You Ever Noticing
The War at Home
McCain Defends Clinton Aide Over Brotherhood Claim
Fort Worth Woman 'Humiliated' After Love Field Pat-Down
Americans on No-Fly List Allowed to Learn to Fly
Bombs Kill 8 Afghans, 2 NATO Soldiers
Looted Art Returned to Afghanistan
Berlin Probes Pakistan Drone-Hit Death
Fear Stalks Mali's Refugees Despite Escape to Mauritania
Mali Hostages 'Were Released in Exchange for Prisoners'
Gunmen Shoot Dead at Least Five in Nigeria: Official
Liberia's Taylor Appeals War Crimes Conviction
Report: 'Suicide Bomber' Had US Drivers License
Bulgarian Media Name Swedish Citizen and Former Guantanamo Detainee as Suicide Bomber
Sweden Says Freed Guantanamo Captive Was Not Suicide Bomber
Israeli Tourist Attack: Bulgaria Shows 'Bomber' on CCTV
Attacks Target Muslim Leaders in Russia's Tatarstan
Nagorno-Karabakh to Hold Presidential Election
Germany Plans to Regulate Anti-Piracy Security Firms
Syrian Regime Issues 48-Hour Deadline to Damascus Rebels
Damascus Residents Told to Flee as Military Promises 'Violent Clashes'
Syrian Rebels Use YouTube, Facebook for Weapons Training
Syria's Assad Emailed Sexist Jokes
Israel to Block Syrian Refugees From Entering Golan Heights
Israel Worries as Syria Deteriorates
Israel Frees Hamas Speaker of Palestinian Parliament
Swiss Call for Moratorium on Death Penalties in Gaza
Mahdi Virus Victims Mostly Israeli, Report Says
Iraq Border Guards Describe Horrific Executions in Syria Before Shutting Down Crossings
US's Chevron Corp. Signs Deal With Iraqi Kurds to Search for Oil, in Defiance of Baghdad
Iraq Gets 'Positive' Obama Response on Exxon Concern
Iraq PM to Take 'Necessary Steps' Over Exxon Deal
UN Envoy: Mission in Iraq Needed 'More Than Ever'
Peshmerga Killed, Two Others Injured Central Kirkuk
Egypt's Military Wins a Round in Struggle With Mursi Over President's Power
Egypt's Ex-Spy Chief Omar Suleiman Dies in United States
The Death of Omar Suleiman: Man of Shadows Slips Into the Dark
Yemeni Security Official Assassinated in Aden
Million Yemen Children Face Severe Malnutrition
Middle East
Tunisia Sentences Ben Ali, Officials Over Revolt Deaths
US Navy Says Helicopter With 5 Crew Crashes in Oman; No Hostile Activity Suspected
Iran Steps Up Crackdown Against Its Arab Minority
Kuwait Forms New Cabinet With Little Change
Family Protest Over Missing Libya Olympic Chief
Colombian Indians Place Alleged Rebels on Trial
Indigenous Colombians: 'We're the Ones Dying'
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