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Updated July 21, 2012 - 11:15 PM EDT
Israeli Military Ordered to Prepare Syria Invasion
  Myriad Syrian Rebel Factions Continue to Puzzle US
  Syrian Troops Retake Damascus Neighborhood in Offensive
  Iraq's Anbar Province Reaches Border Deal With Syrian Rebels
Israel Walls Itself In
  US Envoy Vows Help in Israeli Retaliation Against Bulgaria Bombing
Border Opened, But NATO Trucks Still in Karachi
Alexander Cockburn, RIP
FISA Court: Wiretap Violated Constitution's 4th Amendment
NYPD: Iran Behind 9 Plots Against Jews Worldwide in 2012
Neocon Jihad Against American Muslims  by Jacob Heilbrunn
Romney's Obnoxious Statement on Syria  by Daniel Larison
The Enmity Conspiracy, or How War With Iran Became 'Inevitable'  by Trita Parsi
Journalism V. Propaganda  by Glenn Greenwald
'This Chamber Reeks of Blood'  by Carolyn Eisenberg
The Problem With Drone Warfare  by Luca Gattoni-Celli

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Pentagon: Shooting Suspect Not Military Member
Congress Steps Up Efforts to Regulate Drones
Saudis to Non-Muslims: Respect Fast or Be Expelled
Scotland Yard Interviews Libyans Over Claims of UK-Authorized Rendition
Muslims From Morocco to Afghanistan Brace for Toughest Ramadan in Years
Pakistan PM: Elections Will Be 'On Time'
Pakistan Plan to Revoke Afghans' Refugee Status Could Displace 3 Million
North Korea Speculation Rampant in Seoul
Kim to Reform North Korean Economy After Purge: Source
North Korea Said to Remove Military's Lucrative Export Privilege
North Korea Puts a Hold on Defectors
Afghan Policemen Killed in Uruzgan Bomb Blast
Owners of Islands in Japan-China Feud Shun PM Noda's Bid
ASEAN to Claim 'Common Ground' on South China Sea, but No Communiqué
Muslims in Myanmar's Rakhine State 'Abused': Amnesty
2 Killed in North Nigeria City Drive-By Shooting Amid Growing Sectarian Violence
Mob Attacks Ivory Coast Refugee Camp, Kills 5
Mali Islamist Rebels Say $18.4 Million Ransom Paid, Prisoners Released to Free 3 Europeans
Zanzibar Police Clash With Mourners
Russia Arrests Five in Attacks on Muslim Leaders

Anti-Putin Feminist Punks on Trial in Moscow

Syria-Bound Helicopters Unloaded at Russian Port Again
Villagers Loot Syria Border Post Seized by Rebels
Fleeing Syrians Leave Behind Bodies and Bombs in Damascus
Syrian Security Chief Dies From Bomb Wounds as Fighting Rages in Damascus
Syrian 'Agent' in US Gets 18 Months
UN Security Council Approves 30-Day Extension for Syria Monitors
As Syria Conflict Rages, China Hews to 'Non-Interference' Principle
Syrian Muslim Brotherhood to Launch Political Party
UN Fears for Safety of Iraqi Refugees in Syria
Tense Border Hampers Efforts for Returning Iraqis; 6 Iraqis Killed in Iraq, 7 in Syria
Iraq Says Unable to Support Syrian Refugees
Kurds Back Iraqiya MP as New Defense Minister
Middle East
Yemenis Protest at President Residence to Demand Firing Military, Security Chiefs
Israeli MP Enraged at Bible, Takes Photos Tearing It Up
2 Still Missing After Navy Helicopter Crash in Oman
Inquiry Seeks Accomplices of Bomber in Bulgaria
Scottish Court Convicts Man of Funding Stockholm Bomber, Clears Him of Conspiracy to Murder
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Echoes of 1878

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Obama vs. Romney: Two Shades of Nay

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The Drug War Finds New Ways to Fail

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Bradley Manning's Support System

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

Ran HaCohen
Tel Aviv 'Race Riots' Reveal Much About Israel

David R. Henderson
Is Iran a Threat?

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