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Updated August 4, 2012 - 11:17 PM EDT
NATO-Allied Police Commander Kills 17 Civilians
  Taliban Launches Dozens of Attacks in Eastern Afghan 'Show of Force'
  Officer: US Sgt. Shouldn't Face Court-Martial for Killing Afghan Doctor
48 Iranian Pilgrims Kidnapped by Gunmen in Syria
  Mortars Hit Palestinian Camp in Syria, 21 Dead
  Syria's Aleppo a City in Full Shutdown as Fighting Continues
  Syrian Army Raids Last Rebel Holdings Around Damascus
  Russian Military Denies Plan to Send Warships to Syria
  Syria's Muslim Brotherhood Launches Rebel Militia
Experts: No Imminent Threat of a Nuclear Iran
22 Killed in Attacks on Iraqi Security Forces
US, Pakistan Appear to Make Little Headway in Spy Meet
Egypt’s Top Court Ruling Heads Mursi to Face-Off With Army
Court Upholds Domestic Drone Use in Arrest of US Citizen
Ten Years of Torture: John Yoo's 'Torture Memos'  by Andy Worthington
Mitt Romney's Scary World  by Steve Chapman
Drone Warfare: a New Generation of Deadly Unmanned Weapons  by Rory Carroll
Raul's Proposal  by Paul R. Pillar
The Fate of Julian Assange  by Kevin Gosztola
Obama Does Syriana  by Pepe Escobar

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Putin Ally Enlists Cossacks to Repel Muslim Migrants
Judge Releases 82-Year-Old Nun Who Broke Into US Nuclear Bomb Facility
Tensions Rise as Turkey Continues Offensive Against PKK
Seven Killed in Yemen Blasts
Reading the Fake Reuters Reports on Syria
The War at Home
Congress, With Much Left to Do, Takes 5 Weeks Off
Reuters Says Blogging Platform Hacked
Pakistan Top Court Strikes Down New Contempt Law
Pakistan Jails Brig Ali Khan and Four Other Top Officers
Sen. Rand Paul Holding Up Ambassador to Pakistan Over Doctor's Arrest
China Region Bans Muslims From Fasting During Ramadan
China Regrets Annans Resignation
Panetta: No Osprey Flights Until Japan Agrees on Safety
Top Militant Killed in Encounter in Kashmir
Sudan, South Sudan Break Off Talks Despite Some Progress
Sudan, South Sudan Must Strike 'Compromise' Deal: Clinton
Justice Minister Orders to Probe Death of Nyala Protesters
Clinton Hopes for Improved Drones to Find Kony
One Dead in Kenyan Capital Grenade Attack: Police
Mali's 'Forgotten Crisis' Threatens Regional Security: UN
Equatorial Guinea's Dictator Tries to Rebrand Himself as a Champion of Human Rights With the Help of a Clinton-Endorsed Charity
Germany Should Use Armed Drones: Defense Minister
German Charged With Membership in Terror Group
Weekend Reviews
Drones Detach Us From Reallity of War
Nothing 'Orderly and Humane' About This Chapter of WWII History
For Real: Torture America-Style
Rights at Risk: the Limits of Liberty in Modern America by David K. Shipler
A Farewell to Arms: the Hemingway Library Edition
Review: The Flowers of War
Syrian Army Moves on Rebels in Aleppo, Damascus
Syria Opposition Figure: Post-Assad Plans Underway, Could Include Role for General Who Fled
Syrian Shells Hit North Lebanon Border Towns, No Damage
Another Syrian General Defects to Turkey
Syrians in Jordan Fear Hunt From Assad Agents
Syria's 'Forgotten Kurds' Grab the Spotlight
Russia, Iran Reject Foreign Intervention in Syrian Crisis
Bread Is Staple as Syria Rebels Press Strategy
Syria Says Reaches Deal With Russia for Oil Products
Syria Pleads With Russia for Aid in Sign of Desperation as Fighting Resumes in the Capital
Palestinians Brace for Repercussions Over UN Bid
Israel Detains Gaza Patients
Sinai Travel Warning Due to al-Qaeda Man's Release
22 Killed in Attacks on Iraqi Security Forces
Iraq Summons Turkey Envoy to Protest Over Visit
Blast Hits Libyan Military Intelligence Office in Benghazi
Libya's New Government to Take Power Soon
Middle East
Some Turks Call Foul Over Obama-Erdogan Bat Photo
Egypt's President Reassures Tourists on Luxor Trip
Russian Punk Band's Trial Inspires Protests
Russian Tycoon Says Pressure From Nation's Security Agency Driving Him Out of Business
Belarus Expels Sweden's Envoy After Teddy Bear Incident
100 Belfast Homes Evacuated Over IRA Mortar Claim
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