Remember the last time the media shrieked that a certain Middle Eastern country had developed "weapons of mass destruction" and was about to use them?

Now we are hearing the same story, only this time about Iran – a much bigger target. The lie is much bigger, too: our own intelligence community says the Iranians abandoned efforts to make nuclear weapons in 2003.

Yet virtually every "news" story refers to "Iran's nuclear weapons program" as if it were an established fact. Americans are swimming in a veritable ocean of war propaganda.

Not a day goes by, it seems, without some "breaking news" about Iran's alleged misdeeds, and no matter how fantastic the charges, the "mainstream" news outlets report them with straight faces.

Not us. We examine the "news" and deconstruct it from the ground up. Because the media refuses to do its job, we must do it for them – and for the American people. But we can't do it without your help.

Unlike the War Party and its journalistic vanguard, we don't have corporate millions bankrolling our operation. We depend on you to keep us going. And the need for has never been greater – because the warmongers are rarin' to launch yet another disastrous war.

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Updated August 18, 2012 - 11:20 PM EDT
Russia Rejects US Plan for Syria No-Fly Zones
  Fighting Rages in Syria's Aleppo, Damascus
  Russian Cancels Syria Meeting as France Demands Assad Be 'Smashed'
Two More US Troops Killed by Afghan Trainees
  War in Afghanistan Disappears From Campaign Discourse
  All NATO Troops in Afghanistan To Be Armed Around the Clock
Trapped in Embassy, Assange in UK Standoff
  Russia Warns Britain Against Attacking Ecuador Embassy
US Drone Strike in Pakistan Kills Five People
  Pakistan Army Chief: No Joint Operations Against North Waziristan
Pussy Riot Verdict: 2 Years for Anti-Putin Protest
Mursi in Press Crackdown as State Censor Reemerges
Somalia's New Govt: Change of Name; Same Old Game

UN's Multi-Billion Dollar Darfur Force Not Doing Anything

Britain's Assange Overreach  by Murtaza Hussain
The New Totalitarianism of Surveillance Technology  by Naomi Wolf
Why the World Can't Tolerate a Preemptive Israeli Attack on Iran  by L. Michael Hager
Barak's Blunder  by Philip Giraldi
Obama Turns Back the Clock on Guantanamo  by Baher Azmy
New Evidence That Israel Is Bluffing About Iran  by Robert Wright

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Police Chiefs Offer Guidelines for Drones
German Court Lifts Ban on Domestic Military Ops
Guantanamo Plea Deal Prisoner Said to Have a Cat
US Keeps Russia on 'National Threat' List
Radiation Left by Navy Found on San Francisco Bay's Treasure Island
Russia Embassy in UK Says Attacked by Syria Activists
Syria Activists 'Find 60 Bodies in Damascus Suburb'
Clashes Near Airport in Contested Aleppo
New Syria Point Man Lakhdar Brahimi Believes Every Conflict Can Be Solved
Red Cross Says Met Lebanese Meqdad Clan, Ready to Help in Any Release
Ahmadinejad Says No Place for Israel in New Middle East
Report: Iranians Planned to Assassinate Israeli Ambassador to Kenya
Iran Is Simply Not Afraid of the US, Says Israel's Former Military Intelligence Chief
Palestinian Taxi Hit by Firebomb in West Bank
Hamas Militant Killed in Accidental Bomb Blast
Bulgaria: Photo of 2nd Bombing Suspect Released
Eyewitness: Jerusalem Brawl Was Lynch Against Arabs
Israel Kicks Out Migrants – by Changing Their Nationality and Sending Them to Another Country
Yishai: African Migrants No Less a Threat Than Iran
Egyptian TV Presenter, Chief Editor to Go on Trial
Egypt: Rafah Crossing to Be Sealed for Five Days
Teenager Dies in Clashes With Bahrain Security Forces as Tensions Rise in the Gulf Country
US Military
Decorated Soldier, Suicide Victim, Is Remembered at Calif. Service
Assange and WikiLeaks
US Rejects 'Diplomatic Asylum' for Assange
With Assange Inside, UK Police Guard Ecuador Embassy
LatAm Countries Back Ecuador in Assange Case
Australia Believes US Wants to Prosecute Assange: Report
Photos of Demonstraters Outside Ecuador Embassy
60 Pro-Bradley Manning Protestors Disrupt Obama's Oakland, Calif. Headquarters
WikiLeaks Haters Launch DDoS Assault on Russia Today
July Is Deadliest Month of 2012 for US Troops in Afghanistan
Deadly Insider Attack That Left 3 US Marines Dead Was Work of an Afghan Teenager
Taliban Leader Urges Insurgents to Cut Civilian Deaths
NATO Brands Taliban Leader Omar's Eid Message 'Insane'
Why Afghanistan's Past Is Being 'Rewritten'
Britain to Pay Compensation to Family of Afghan Boy, 10, Bayoneted by Soldier
Pakistan: Deadly Bomb Hits Shi'ite Bus in Karachi
Indian PM Moves to Cool Panic as Thousands Flee Cities
China's Hu Gives Show of Support for North Korea
Japan Sends Back Chinese Activists in Bid to Defuse Island Row
Navy Adding Surveillance Planes, Drones to Its Asia-Pacific Fleet
Islamist Sect Suspected in Man's Death in Nigeria
Sudanese Refugees Face 'Humanitarian Disaster'
South African Official Defends Police Killing of 34
Groups: Investigate Rwanda's Kagame for War Crimes
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