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Updated September 1, 2012 - 11:26 PM EDT
Israel Vice PM: US 'Undermining' Push for Iran War
  Iran Rejects IAEA Charges Over Parchin Military Base
  Non-Aligned Movement Unanimously Backs Iran's Nuclear Program
UN Security Council Split on Syria 'Safe Zones'
  Rebels Launch Aleppo Counter-Offensive, Claim Another Copter Down
Afghan Suicide Blasts Kill 13 Near US Base
  2 US Soldiers Killed in Afghan Battle
  Obama Administration 'Divided' on Declaring Haqqanis Terrorists
US Drone Strike Kills 5 in Pakistan
  12 Killed, 20 Wounded in Pakistan Market Bombing
Time to 'Speak Out, Not Hold Your Peace'  by Stephen McKeown & Coleen Rowley
America Is Not the Greatest Country in the World  by Sarah Harvard
Can Clint Eastwood Bring the Troops Home From Afghanistan?  by Ed Krayewski
Learning to Eat Soup With a Spoon  by Kelley Vlahos
Friedman's Sermon  by Stephen M. Walt
For Julian Assange, Justice Foreclosed  by JoAnn Wypijewski

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Logic of War

by Sheldon Richman
Marking 'End' of Iraq War, Obama Defends Foreign Policy Record
Assange Predicts 'Up to a Year' of Living in Embassy
First Since '52: No Talk of War in GOP Speech
Egypt's President Cultivates Image as a Strong-Talking Sunni Populist
Pentagon Fighting Taliban on Social Media Front
'Afghanistan' Not Among Buzzwords at GOP Convention
Two Afghan Children Beheaded in Separate Incidents
Pakistan Military: 2 TTP Commanders Among 18 'Terrorists' Killed in Bajaur
Pakistani Taliban Release Video of Severed Heads
Blasphemy Arrest Exposes Tensions in Islamabad Slum
A Star Televangelist in Pakistan Divides, Then Repents
Pakistan Extremist Leader Held in Jail
Chinese Dissident Jailed on Yahoo Evidence Freed
Hong Kong Debates 'National Education' Classes
Gujarat Riots: Senior Politician Jailed for 28 Years
North Africa
Tunisia Islamists Lead Demo Against Old Regime Figures

Egypt Purchases New Submarines From Germany

Sudan Rebels Say Town Entered, Army Camp Destroyed
Sudan Withdraws Candidacy for UN Human Rights Council Seat After Criticism on Rights Record
Nigeria State Security Service Spy Details Leaked
Congo Wants UN to Beef Up Mandate of the UN Peacekeeping Force So It Can 'Neutralize' Rebels
Thousands Stay Away, Unable to Vote in Angolan Elections Expected to Return Ruling Party
Senegal Threatens Sanctions Against Gambia
Russia's Putin Calls for Stalin-Style Leap Forward
Georgia Hunts Gunmen After 14 Killed Near Russia Border
Armenia Cuts Ties With Hungary Over Azerbaijan Killer Pardon
The War at Home
OBL Book: SEAL Denies Spilling Secrets
Romney: Obama 'Has Thrown Israel Under the Bus' and 'Failed to Slow Iran's Nuclear Threat'
Obama Ordering VA to Add Staff, See Suicidal Vets Within 24 Hours
Remembering a Legend of the Peace Movement: Sr. Anne Montgomery
Syria Defectors Live in Secret Jordan Camp
Soldier Wounded as Syrian Shells Hit North Lebanon Border Towns
In Rebel-Held 'Free Syria,' Regime Planes Still Terrorize
Hope Fading for Quick Return for Syrians in Turkish Refugee Camps
McClatchy Contributor Austin Tice May Be Held by Syrians
Wounded Syrian Soldiers Tell Their Stories
Israel Pressured Not to Strike Iran Alone
Russia Says Iran's Nuclear Power Plant Fully Operational
Ahmadinejad Ends Non-Aligned Movement Summit With Call for World Peace
Iran's Analysis of Latest IAEA Report
IAEA Report on Iran (text)
Jimmy Carter Calls Corrie Ruling 'Unacceptable'
Israeli Soldier Shoots Palestinian in the Hand at Protest
US-Israeli Military Exercise to Be Smaller Than First Planned
Gaza Rocket Hits Home in Sderot, Causes Damage to Property
Blair Defends Decision to Invade Iraq
Four Turkish Soldiers Wounded in Railway Bombing
Turkish Military Claims Killing 389 PKK Rebels Over Past Eight Months
Amid Drug War, Mexico Homicide Rate Up for Fourth Straight Year
Mexican Drug Gang Suspect Extradited to the US
Photo Essay: Mexican Caravan Goes 5,600 Miles for Peace
Central America
Human Rights Groups Warn Against Militarization of Guatemala's Anti-Drug Fight
Seizure of $9 Million in Cash From Fake Journalists Puts Light on Nicaragua Role in Drug Trade
Weekend Reviews
Haunted Victory: The American Crusade to Destroy Saddam and Impose Democracy on Iraq
Learning the Lessons of Afghanistan
The Vietnam War's Tragic Prologue
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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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Tel Aviv 'Race Riots' Reveal Much About Israel

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Is Iran a Threat?

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