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Updated September 5, 2012 - 11:05 PM EDT
After Dempsey Warning, Israel May Curb War Threat
  Netanyahu Angrily Breaks Up Cabinet Meeting on Iran, Citing Leaks
  Sanctions on Iran Blocking Medical Treatment for Thousands of Infirm
  Iran Aims to Patrol Warships Off US Coast in Coming Years
Iraq Demands Evidence Iran Shipping Arms to Syria
  Syria Regime, Rebels Both Reject Negotiations
  US Officials Say Iran Supplying Syrian Military Via Iraq Airspace
  UN Says 100,000 Refugees Fled Syria in August
Kabul to Take Over Prison, But Abuse to Continue
  25 Killed in Suicide Attack Against Afghan Funeral
Israel Envoy Denies Saying GOP 'Harmful' to His Nation
  Israeli Settlers Attack Catholic Monastery in 'Price Tag' Strike
Yemen Investigates Civilians Killed by US Drone
China Warns US to Stay Out of South China Sea Dispute
Egyptian Hospitals Under Attack as Patients Lose Patience
Why Didn't CNN Int'l Air Its Own Documentary on Bahrain?
Dividing the World Into Terrorists and the Rest  by Paul R. Pillar
US Shares Responsibility for Rachel Corrie's Death  by Stephen Zunes
More Foreign Aid to Egypt's Dictatorship  by Jacob G. Hornberger
The Pentagon's Bases of Confusion  by Nick Turse & Tom Engelhardt
Soap Opera Over Kabul  by Fred Reed
US Complicit in Israel War Plans for Iran  by Kaveh L. Afrasiabi

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Britain Held Responsible, but Malaysian Families Lose Fight Over 1948 Massacre
Get Assange Out of Embassy, Court Tells His Bail Backers
DoD Confirms There Are Secrets in SEAL Book
Moscow Rejects US Claims of Arms Control Breaches
Manning's Lawyer Demands Sentence Reduction Due to Mistreatment
Pakistan Orders South Waziristan Civilians Out of District Ahead of Invasion
Pakistan Capable of Downing US Drones: Bahadur
Pakistan's Lower Dir Border With Afghanistan Sealed
'Interpol Not Approached for Musharraf Warrants'
Germany, Pakistan Commit to Dialogue on Security Issues
3 Abu Sayyaf Militants Killed in Southern Philippines
Gunmen Ambush Filipino Anti-Mining Tribal Activist, Kill 11-Year-Old Son on Way to School
Six Separatist Rebels Held Over Papua Attack
Kenya's Navy Shells Kismayo in Somalia
Somali 'Pirates' Accused of Shooting at Dutch Marines
Officials in Guinea Say They Have Seized a Delivery of Arms Destined for Troubled Mali
Tanzanian Journalist Killed Reporting Police-Opposition Clash
Nine Police Hurt in More Northern Ireland Sectarian Riots
WWII Bomb in Germany: 'The Fuse Was a Real Bastard'
Royal Navy Pay Docked After £1.2m MoD Overpayment
FARC Peace Talks to Open in Oslo Next Month: Santos
Mexico Catches Leader of Gulf Cartel Drug Gang
The War at Home
Battle Lines Drawn Over Book on bin Laden Killing
Virginia Guard All Home for First Time in Decade
Syria President Backs 'Impartial' Red Cross: TV
Maliki's Adviser: Contacts With Syrian Opposition Never Stopped
Food Scarce in Aleppo's Rebel Bastions: Activist
Mortar Shell Kills 2 Kids in Syria's Coastal Latakia City
Syrian Opposition Leader Calls for 'Marshall Plan'
UN's Ban Says Syria Arms Suppliers Spreading Misery
War Artist Observes Syrian Life Amid Chaos
Al-Jazeera Website Hacked by Syria's Assad Loyalists
Police, Protesters Against Syria's Assad Regime Clash in Egypt
Mubarak Culture Minister Charged With Corruption
Israel Names New Army Operations Chief, Signaling Reduced Likelihood of Iran Attack
Hezbollah: We Don't Have Chemical Weapons, but We'll Still Pummel Israel if Attacked
'Jesus Is a Monkey' Daubed on Jerusalem Monastery Wall
Catholic Church Condemns Attack on Monastery, Urges Israel to Change 'Culture of Contempt'
'Price Tag' Vandals Consistently Escape Prosecution
US Democratic Party Removes Reference to Jerusalem as Israel's Capital From Official Platform
15 Killed in Iraq
Baghdad Threatens Kurds With Budget Cut Over Oil Row
Young Iraqis Face Religious Fashion Crackdown
Plan for Catholic Church Makes Waves in Bahrain
Bahrain Court Upholds Jail for 13 Opposition Figures
Middle East
Report: Iran Releases Azerbaijani Nationals in Custody on Spying Charges
Donors Pledge $6.4 Billion in Aid to Yemen
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