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Updated September 11, 2012 - 11:10 PM EDT
US Rejects Netanyahu Meeting Request
  Netanyahu: US Has No Moral Right to Block Israeli Strike on Iran
  Clinton: US 'Not Setting Deadlines' for Iran
  Barak Says Iran War Last Resort, in New Moderate Approach
  IAEA Chief 'Frustrated' Over Delays in Iran Site Access
Taliban Open to Deal with US to End Afghan War
  Rockets Destroy NATO Helicopter, Kill 3 Afghans
  21 Killed as Suicide Bomber Attacks Northern Afghanistan Protest
US Public Wants a Less Militarized Global Role
  Rand Paul: No More 'Bomb Everybody'
  The Laws Obama Is Breaking in His Relentless Drone War
  CIA Ex-Chief: Obama's War on Terror Same as Bush's, With More Killing
Syrian Rebels Execute 20 Captured Soldiers
  Syrian Rebel General Opposes Foreign Military Intervention
  Rebels Look to Deploy Anti-Aircraft Weapons Near Aleppo
22 Iraqis Killed, 93 Wounded in Ongoing Attacks
  Turkish Jets Strike Northern Iraq, Kill 25 Kurdish Rebels: Army
Yemen Says #2 al-Qaeda Chief Killed
End of 'Supervision' Means Little for NATO-Occupied Kosovo
UN Chief: Israeli Blockade on Gaza Bolsters Extremists
Never Have So Few Been Able to Frighten So Many  by John Mueller
Democrats Flout Constitution, Go on the Warpath  by Timothy P. Carney
Americans Do Not Want or Need a Preemptive War Against Iran  by Allan Brownfeld
Has Obama Called Bibi's Bluff?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
How We Became Israel  by Andrew J. Bacevich
The Incredible Shrinking Foreign Policy Debate  by Daniel Larison

More Viewpoints

Hiroshima Survivors in Israel, Hold Nuke Protest
US Groups Helped Fund Dutch Anti-Islam Politician
US 'Helped Russia Cover Up Second World War Katyn Forest Massacre'
GAO: 'Dirty Bomb' Threat at Hospitals Remains
In Standoff Over Assange, Ecuadoreans Close Ranks
Senior Russian Official Says Assad Regime 'Is Still Solid'
Egypt Hosts Meeting of 4 Nations in New Syria Push
Syria Defector Manaf Tlas Hints at French Intelligence Aid
Al-Jazeera SMS Service Attacked by Pro-Syrian Hackers
22 Iraqis Killed, 93 Wounded in Ongoing Attacks
White House Nominates New Ambassador to Iraq
Iraq's Sunni VP: Shi'ite PM Is Behind My Death Sentence
Gaza Strip: Children Hurt as Israel Strikes Tunnels
Israel Used 17 Tons of Explosives to Destroy Syrian Reactor in 2007, Magazine Says
Palestinians Borrow Chant From Syria to Vent Rage at Their Leaders
Tribal Militias in a Fierce Battle With Al-Qaeda Wing
Thousands Rally for South Yemen Independence
Middle East
2 Former Senior Libyan Officials Stand Trial on Charges Related to Lockerbie Bombing
Analysis: Canada May Have Cut Ties With Iran to Avoid Retaliation
Tunisian Police Detained on Torture Suspicions
Bahrain: Nabeel Rajab Appeals Against Conviction

Russian Parliament Prepares to Kick Out Ex-KGB Officer Who Has Openly Protested Putin

The War at Home

App Firm Fesses Up to iPhone ID Leak: 'It Wasn't the FBI'

Soldier Says Osama bin Laden Was Shot After Sticking His Head Into a Hallway Full of Heavily-Armed US Navy SEALs
Car Bomb Kills 12 Shi'ites in Pakistan
Pakistani Hindus Say Will Not Return From India Visit
Parwan Prison Transferred to Afghans, but Questions Remain
Records Missing on Afghan Army Fuel Costs
North Korea Agrees to Take South Korea Aid
Absence of Chinese Leader Xi Jinping Fuels Speculation About Transition
India Cartoonist's Arrest on Sedition Charges Sparks Outrage
Raiders Kill 38 in Latest Land Clashes in Kenya
Amputations and Killings Shake an Embattled Mali
Parliament Selects Mohamud as Somalia's President
Ethiopia Pardons Two Jailed Swedish Journalists
16 Bodies Found in Truck in Region of Southern Mexico Plagued by Drug Violence
Border Patrol Halts Mexico Flights Home for Illegal Aliens
Rebel Deserter in Colombia Leads Ecuadoran Businessman to Freedom
Venezuela's Government Begins Process of Withdrawing From OAS Human Rights Bodies
Prominent Cuban Dissident, 12 Others, Begin Hunger Strike
Murdered Schoolboys Shake Salvador's Gang Truce
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