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Updated September 20, 2012 - 11:17 PM EDT
Judges Skeptical of CIA's Drone Secrecy Claims
Ex-Gitmo Detainee in Libya 'Terror' Attack
  Fearing Protests, France Closes Embassies en Masse
  Latest Developments in Protest of Anti-Islam Film
McCain: US Should Consider Leaving Afghanistan
  Obama, Karzai Discuss Pact, Surge in Green-on-Blue Attacks
  Pakistan Kills 29 Taliban Along Border With Afghanistan
Abbas Threatens to Resign as PA President
  Israel Says It's Okay With Jordanian Nuclear Program
Reports: Airstrike on Syrian Gas Station Kills 54
  Syrian Rebels Take Third Turkey Border Crossing
  Unscheduled Israeli Military Drill Simulates Move Into Golan
Sen. Paul Bill to End Aid to Pakistan, Egypt, Libya
Russian FM: USAID Trying to 'Influence' Elections
US Threatens to Review Iraq Aid Over Iran Overflights
Panetta Tries to Convince China Buildup Not Aimed at Them
Italy Upholds CIA Convictions for Torture and Rendition
Post-9/11 Surveillance Broader Than Previously Known
The Only Surprise Is There Aren't More Violent Protests in the Middle East  by Seumas Milne
A Militarist Foreign Policy Means More Death and Destruction  by Gregory Bresiger
The Howling: Embassy Riots Pale Next to State Terror Tempest  by Chris Floyd
The Day We Lost Afghanistan  by James Joyner
The Colonial-Era Division of Spoils Draws a Map of Syria's Uncertainty  by Charles Glass
Afghanistan: 'It’s Just Damage Limitation Now'  Mark Thompson interviews Ben Anderson

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ACLU Pushes for Answers on Drone Strikes
Gitmo's Youngest Detainee, Omar Khadr, Turns 26
Obama: Consulate Attack in Libya Not an Act of War
Fortress America: How the US Designs Its Embassies
Japan OKs Deployment of Ospreys to Okinawa
Using Exec. Privilege, Obama Hides Fast & Furious Files
Foreign Fighters, Extremists Increasingly Appearing on Front Lines in Syria's Civil War
Damascus Suburb Sees Heavy Fighting
Israel, Syria Trade Accusations at UN Nuclear Meeting
Civil War Targets 'Entire Axis of Resistance,' Assad Says
Report: Syria's Chemical Weapons Stored in 20 Sites Around Country
New Sanctions Target Syria's Arms Suppliers
Former Syrian General: Assad Planned to Transfer Chemical Weapons to Hezbollah
Israeli Airstrike Kills Three Security Officials in Gaza
Palestinians' Deepening Financial Crisis 'Threatening Oslo Accords'
Israel Eases Ban on Export of Energy Bars From Gaza
Israeli Jews 'Prefer Barack Obama to Barack Hussein Obama'
Iran's Oil Minister Says Crude Exports Rebounding
Iranian Cleric Decked After Criticizing Woman's Veil
Iran Preparing Internal Version of Internet
Iran's Political Survivor Rafsanjani Raises Profiles With Presidency in Play
12 Iraqis Killed, 2 Abducted Children Freed
Abbawi Denies Reports That Iraq Seeks to Sever Its Relations With Turkey
Bahrain Agrees to Most UN Rights Recommendations
US Urges Its Ally Bahrain to Act on Rights Reforms
Libya's Central Government Exercises Little Authority Outside Capital
Libyan Preacher Urges Followers to 'Detonate Wrath' Against West for Anti-Islam Film
Egypt's President Names New Intelligence Chief, Involved in 2011 Schalit Deal
Egypt: Militants Call Army Raid 'Barbaric'
Middle East
Jordan's King Abdullah Endorses Controversial Media Law
Iraqi Kurds Count on Turkey as Energy Hub Amid Friction
UN Experts to Probe Disappearances During Algeria's Insurgency in the 1990s
The War at Home
Obstacles May Delay Drones' Access to US Skies
FBI Criticized Officer's Role in Terror Case
Pentagon Ends More Mingling of US, Afghan Troops
Afghan Leader Urges Peace Day After Suicide Blast
Bomb Kills Nine in Pakistan's Peshawar
Pakistan to Observe 'Love the Prophet Day' on Friday
Xi Warns Japan to 'Rein in Behavior'
Ex-Police Chief in China Scandal Sought US Asylum
China's Xi Says Japan's Purchase of Disputed Isles a Farce
Despite Concerns, Most in US Back China Ties
US Plans to Invite China to 2014 Naval Exercises
Nationalism May Rise Under Japan's Next Govt.
US Shuts Indonesia Consulate Amid Film Protests
Suu Kyi Calls for Further Easing of Myanmar Sanctions
India Army Not to Back Down on Siachen
DR Congo M23 Rebels Have 'De Facto Administration'
Additional Ugandan and South Sudanese Troops Join Anti-LRA Force
Report: 4 Injured After Explosion at Kosher Store in Paris
France in Embassy Alert Over Prophet Muhammad Cartoons
France Braces for Muslim Fury After Magazine Publishes Muhammad Cartoons
Ukrainian Opposition Says Libel Law 'Death of Journalism'
Critics Slam German Military Ad Aimed at Teens
Belarus Denies Entry Visas to 2 European Monitors Before Parliamentary Elections
Eight Kurds Arrested in Denmark on Charges of Funding PKK
Colombian Rebel Says There Should Be No Deadline for Peace Talks to Succeed
United Nations
UN Backs Naming and Shaming of Governments and Armed Groups That Recruit or Attack Children
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