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Updated September 21, 2012 - 11:12 PM EDT
Judges Skeptical of CIA's Drone Secrecy Claims
Video Protests Leave 55 Dead, 25 in Pakistan
  Slain Envoy Stevens Feared He Was on al-Qaeda 'Hit List'
  US Investigates Possibility Benghazi Attackers Had Help From Guards
  Germany Closes Embassies Across Middle East, Fearing Friday Protests
Taliban Insider Attacks Outflank US War Strategy
  Karzai Ousts 10 US-, British-Backed Governors, Citing Corruption
  Afghan FM: Pakistan Shelling Risks 'Negative Consequences'
  Congressmen Call for End to Afghan War
  US Surge Troops Out of Afghanistan, 68,000 Remain
US Drops Iranian Rebel Group From Terror List
  Iran 'Gave False Nuclear Info' to Fool Spies
  Israel: Calls for Nuclear-Free Middle East 'Futile'
  US Warns Israel Attacking Iran May Ruin Treaties With Egypt, Jordan
Reports: Airstrike on Syrian Gas Station Kills 54
  Iraqi Govt Denies US Allegations About Iranian Arms Smuggling
  Syria's Rebel Free Syrian Army Downplays Extremist Fighters
Suicide Bombers Hit Central Mogadishu, Killing 15
State Dept. Runs Ads in Pakistan: 'We Didn't Make That Movie'
Obama Officials' Spin on Benghazi Attack Mirrors bin Laden Raid Untruths  by Glenn Greenwald
Media Don't Get #muslimrage  by Dean Obeidallah
Israel's Version of the Two-State 'Solution' Is Anything but Dead  by Henry Norr
Washington's Mideast Follies  by Doug Bandow
Mitt Romney's Iran Hallucinations  by Robert Wright
Less Freedom Under Obama and Romney  by Jacob G. Hornberger

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Fast and Furious: Holder Cleared but 14 Faulted
Controversial 'Defeat Jihad' Ad to Run in NYC Subways
Netanyahu Ad Funded by Hawkish Advocacy Group
Actress Sues Over Innocence of Muslims
Clinton Fails to Convince Republicans on Her Account of Libya Attack
US Admiral Says Mideast Drills Ensure Stability
Melting Arctic Heats Up Resource Scramble
West Blasts Iran Over Syria Aid at UN Security Council
Christians in Syria Fear Uncertain Future
Security Forces Ring Rebel Area in Damascus, Arrest 100
Syria's Assad Says Rebels Will Not Win
Syria TV: Helicopter Clipped Tail of Passenger Jet, Passengers Okay
Egypt's Mufti Urges Muslims to Endure Insults Peacefully
Egypt Street Art Vents Anger at President After Whitewashing
Iran Slams Israel's Nuke Program, Israel Says Tehran Biggest Mideast Threat
Do Israelis 'Heart' Attacking Iran?
Israeli Air Strike Kills Two Palestinians in Gaza
Worries Over Violence Against Churches in Israel
Year After Effort at UN, New Aim for Palestinians
World's Youngest Mayor Goes Back to School in West Bank
US Doesn't Support Tying Iraq Aid to Cooperation on Iran
Iraq's Kurds Say Crude Exports Rise to 140,000 Barrels a Day
Jordan Says Iraq Will Boost Oil Exports to Kingdom
Turkey's War With PKK Reaches New Peak
Turkish Court Hears Final Arguments in Military Coup Trial
Middle East
Yemen Backers Name Groups for Possible Sanctions
UK Struggles to Balance Ties With Gulf Arabs
South Africa
South African Police Kill 2 More in Crackdown on Strike
Activist Hit by Police Rubber Bullet While Shopping Dies
Army Soldiers Kill 2 Radical Sect Leaders Days After Killing 2 Others in North Nigeria
Kenya 'Mass Graves' Mystery
Mexico Deploys Troops to Outskirts of Mexico City
Venezuela: Colombian Drug Lord Changed Look With Surgeries
Colombian Judge Revokes Acquittal in Killing of 3 Americans in 1999, Orders Rebel Be Arrested
Cuba Says Next US President Has 'Historic Opportunity' to End Embargo
1 Killed, 4 Wounded in Peru as Human Rights Watch Criticizes Police for Indiscriminate Force
Seven Al-Qaeda Militants Reported Killed as Algeria Steps Up Activity on Libya Borders
Libyans Admit Struggle Analyzing Consulate Attack
Ansar Al-Sharia on Collision Course With 'Save Benghazi' Rally Friday
After Attack in Libya, Ambush Struck Rescuers
US Deputy Secretary of State in Libya
Libya Offers Further Apology for US Envoy's Death
Tunisia Bans Protests Over French Satirical Weekly's Caricatures of Muhammad
Embassy Attack Tests Fledgling Democracy
Turkish NATO Peacekeepers to Stay in Afghanistan Another Year
Insider Attacks Hit Home Hard in US
Baby Birth Shock for Soldier on Afghanistan Deployment
China Donates 100 New Ambulances to Afghanistan
State Department Warns Americans Against Travel to Pakistan

UN Abductions Team Tells Pakistan to End Impunity for Military

Violence Over Video Continues in Pakistan Ahead of Public Holiday
Japan Seeks Payment From China Over Protest Damages
Japan-China Trade Ties Complicate Island Dispute
In Protests, Mao Holds Subtle Messages for Beijing
China Premier Wen Jiabao Urges End to EU Arms Embargo
Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi Finds Common Cause With Russian Dissident Punk Rockers
Myanmar Editor/Publisher Charged With Libel Over Govt. Corruption Story
Russia to Keep Kyrgyzstan Military Base
Deported Sri Lankans Arrive Home From UK Amid Torture Fears
Russian Forces Kill 8 Militants in North Caucasus Region
Art Exhibit Inspired by Pussy Riot Disrupted by Orthodox Christian Protesters and Riot Police
British Police Report Redact Litvinenko Report on Contacts With UK Intel
Norway Upholds Conviction in al-Qaeda-Linked Case to Blow Up Danish Newspaper
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