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Updated September 24, 2012 - 11:29 PM EDT
Israeli DM Proposes Partial West Bank Pullout
  Israeli FM: No Chance of Any Changes in Egypt Pact
Attack in Libya Was Major Blow to CIA
  Libya to Militias: Pledge Loyalty or Disband
US Drone Strike Kills Five in North Waziristan
Obama and Romney Talk Foreign Policy
German Firm Blamed in Sabotage Bombing of Iran
  Iran Lawmaker Accuses IAEA of Passing Nuclear Secrets to Israel
  Iran Commander: Israeli Attack Could Start WW3
Kurdistan Will Only Stay in Iraq 'If Govt. Follows Constitution'
  Failed Efforts and Challenges of America's Last Months in Iraq
Syrian Rebels Attack Lebanese Army Post Along Border
AIPAC-Drafted US Aid to Israel Illegal  by Grant Smith
Never the Twain Shall Meet  by Leon Hadar
Why Does the Govt. So Desperately Want Indefinite Detention for Terror Suspects?  by Andy Worthington
Obama Against the World  by Tom Engelhardt
No to War With Iran  by Adil E. Shamoo
Benghazi, Beijing Show Limits of Power  by Peter Lee

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Official: US Won't Surrender Internet Control to UN Agency
Gibbs on Libya: White House Did Not Mislead
China Surveillance Ships Enter Waters Near Disputed Islands
Turkey Clips Military's Wings in Landmark Verdict
Prophet Film Protesters Clash With Greek Police
Syria's Opposition Parties Call for Halting Violence
Number of Syrian Refugees in Iraqi Kurdistan Surges to 30,000
Cyprus Defense Minister Tackles Syria With Lebanese Leaders
Brigadier General Among Ten Killed in Iraq Violence
Iraq Speeds Up Executions Citing Terror Threat, Raising Concerns About Unfair Trials
Iraq Shrugs Off Calls to Reconsider Death Penalty
Middle East
Yemeni Militias Hold Suspects
Bahrain Charges 39 Over Anti-Police Attack
Somali Rebels Claim Killing of MP; Threaten More Assassinations
Did Minnesota Student Join Somali Terror Group?
Suicide Bomber Kills Two, Wounds 46, at Nigerian Church
Rivals Meet to Discuss Sudan Oil and Border Plan
Ivory Coast to Admit Ghana Flights, Keep Land, Sea Borders Shut
Honduras Human Rights Lawyer for Agrarian Groups Murdered at Wedding
German FM: 'We're Doing Everything to Avoid Israel-Iran War'
Iran Boosts Domestic Cyber Security; Blocks Google
Iran Detains Former President's Daughter
Siemens and Iran: A Checkered Past
Egypt-Based Islamist Militant Group Claims Responsibility for Israel Border Attack
Israel, Palestinians Discuss Developing Gas Off Gaza Coast
Pakistan Condemns Minister's $100,000 Muhammad Film Bounty
Rep. Rogers Slams State Department for Pakistan Ads Denouncing Anti-Islamic Film
China Cancels Diplomatic Event With Japan Over Islands
Ex-Police Chief in China Scandal Gets 15 Years, Sets the Stage for Decision on His Ousted Boss
Behind North Korea's Propaganda Star, a Darker Story
Vietnam Puts 3 Prominent Bloggers on Trial for Spreading Anti-Government Propaganda
China and Afghanistan Sign Economic and Security Deals
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Anti-American Violence Should Provoke Rethink

Kelley B. Vlahos
Diane Roark Talks NSA Retribution

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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Tel Aviv 'Race Riots' Reveal Much About Israel

David R. Henderson
Is Iran a Threat?

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