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Updated September 25, 2012 - 11:24 PM EDT
Obama: Time 'Not Unlimited' on Iran Diplomacy
  At UN, Obama Falsely Claims Siding With Democratic Change in Mideast
Study: Drone War 'Terrorizes' Pakistani Civilians
  US Drone Strike Kills Five in North Waziristan
Obama: Libya Assault 'Wasn't Just Mob Action'
  Libyan Islamists Cornered, Not Quieted
  Libyan Militia: Looters Took Anti-Aircraft Missiles During 'Protest'
Ahmadinejad: Israel Bullying US Into Striking Iran
  Iranian Diplomat Says Iran Offered Deal to Halt 20% Enrichment
  White House Sets Table for More Sanctions Against Iran
Taliban Release Video on Afghan Base Attack
  US Marines Charged for Urinating on Taliban Corpses
Israeli DM Proposes Partial West Bank Pullout
  Palestinians Displaced by Israeli Demolitions at 18 Per Week in 2012
Kenyan Soldier Kills Six Somali Civilians
UN Envoy to Syria: War Worsening, No End in Sight
Nigerian Army Kills 35 Boko Haram in Overnight Battle
Mali to Host 3,000 Foreign Troops for War Against North
Alternative to WikiLeaks Arises in Iceland
I Was Fooled by the War-Makers  by Thomas E. Woods
Romney, War, and the Republican Base: Libertarians May Split  by Jon Basil Utley
MEK Delisting Is a Slap in the Face for Average Iranians  by Leila Kashefi
America's Last Crusade  by Patrick Buchanan
More Posturing on Iran  by Paul R. Pillar
Imprisonment Without End at Guantánamo  by Herman Schwartz

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'Savage' Jihad Ad Debuts in New York City
Ryan Says Under Obama, Middle East Looks Like '1979 Tehran'
Latest Protests Against Depictions of Muhammad
Arab Spring a Harsh Test for Obama's Diplomatic Skill
UK to Hand Abu Hamza to US 'As Quickly as Possible'
Kim Dotcom: Inquiry Ordered Into 'Unlawful Spying'
Pakistan Disowns Bounty on Anti-Islam Filmmaker
Pakistani Radio Show Uses Mothers and Clerics to Undercut Taliban
South Korea Presidential Hopeful Park Apologizes for Father's Rights Abuses
North Korea 'To Introduce Farming Reform'
Myanmar's President Embarks on Historic US Visit
Japan Envoy Heads to China as Ships Sail Near Islands
Vietnamese Bloggers Jailed for Criticizing the State
Afghan Women Who Fight for Freedoms
Bad Connections: How Did a Russian Mobile Network Get Hijacked in Uzbekistan?
Belarus Election: Opposition Shut Out of Parliament
International Observers Slam Belarus Election
Gunmen Kill 7, Wound 17 in Attack on Mourners at Funeral in Mexico
Report: Gangs Control 60 Percent of Mexican Prisons
Prosecutors: Political Rival Organized Killing of Mexican State Legislator
4 Uruguay Marines Charged Over Haiti Abuse
Victim of Guatemalan Civil War Massacre Wins Asylum in US
Grim Determination in Assad Alawite Heartland
Syria's Archaeological Heritage Falls Prey to War
UN Agency Says Aid, Security Needed to Feed Growing Numbers of Internally Displaced Syrians
Mass Detention, Torture of Syrian Children Among Atrocities Documented by UK Charity
Syria's Humanitarian Crisis Set to Deepen With Onset of Cold Weather
Bahrain Denies Bid to Naturalize Syrians
Iran's Leader Says Israelis Have No Mideast Roots
Iran Says Newly Designed Drone Can Carry Missiles Over Long Range
Iran to Boycott 2013 Oscars Over Anti-Islamic Film
Four Iraqi Children Killed in Suicide Bombing Outside School; 23 Dead Across Iraq
A Fragile Iraq Faces New Perils From Syria's War
Middle East
Yemen: Intelligence Officer Killed in Drive-By Shooting
Egypt Upholds Death Sentences for Sinai Islamist Attacks
Turkey's Pro-Kurd Party Urges Talks to End Kurdish Conflict
Olmert Free to Run for Office After Escaping Prison Term
Mali's Secular Tuareg Rebels Splinter, New Group Says Independence Unrealistic
No Deal in Sudan-South Sudan Talks; Leaders Will Meet for Third and Final Day Tuesday
Shabab Threatens to Kill Somali Lawmakers 'One by One'
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