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Updated September 26, 2012 - 11:27 PM EDT
Clinton Admits Libya Attack Was al-Qaeda
Ahmadinejad Slams Israel's 'Continued Threats'
  Obama to UN: US 'Will Do What It Must' on Iran
  Obama Falsely Claims Siding With Democratic Change in Mideast
Study: Drone War 'Terrorizes' Pakistani Civilians
  On Outskirts of Kabul, 'Warlordistan' May Be Glimpse of Afghan Future
  High-Profile Officer's Suicide Adds Pressure on UK To Leave Afghanistan
Qatari Emir Pushes for Arab Invasion of Syria
  Syrian Militias Extort 'Protection' Out of Homs Alawites
Clashes in Tripoli as Libyan Militias Snubbed
  Facing Crackdown, Eastern Libya Militias Take to Desert
Iran Ayatollah Is Poster Boy for Influence in Iraq
Mali Islamists Becoming 'Increasingly Repressive'
Palestinians Set to Win 'Nonmember State' Recognition at UN
Drones: The West's New Terror Campaign  by Clive Stafford Smith
New Study Documents the Civilian Terror From Obama's Drones  by Glenn Greenwald
Taking Liberties: Canada's Growing Torture Infrastructure  by Matthew Behrens
Even Dumb Ideas Have Consequences  by Andrew Bacevich & Tom Engelhardt
What if Iran Leaves the NPT?  by Reza Sanati
The Real Lesson of Benghazi  by Martin Sieff

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Panetta: US Keen to Station Troops in New Zealand
Ralph Nader: Obama's a 'War Criminal'
Rep. Allen West to UN: US Is the 'Angel of Death'
In Suicides, Army Faces Steepest Challenge
Assange to Address UN Meet From Embassy Hideout
US Hearings Again Sought for 3 Detainees
Remarks by the President to the UN General Assembly
Obama Renews Call for Ouster of Assad
Bomb Hits School Used by Syrian Security Forces
Mortar Shells Land in Northern Golan Heights
Syrian Refugees Clash With Jordanian Police
In Damascus, Life Is Disappearing From the Streets
As Numbers Swell, Syrian Refugees Face New Woes
Syria Child Trauma 'Appalling,' Says Save the Children
Door for Israeli-Palestinian Peace May Be Closing: UN Chief
US Jewish Group: Abbas Says Palestinians Expect Statehood Through 'Compromise'
Iconic Israeli Newspaper Maariv Faces Collapse; Critics Allege It's Part of Anti-Media Blitz
Israel Plans Work Permits for 5,000 Palestinians in West Bank
Egypt's Mursi: Freedom of Speech Comes With Responsibility
Egypt Prosecutors Refer to Trial Radical Islamist Who Tore the Bible Over Anti-Islam Film
Clinton Urges Mursi to Keep Channels Open With Israel
Death of Libyan Rebel Hailed for Capture of Gadhafi Brings Calls for Vengeance
Court Finds 3 Swiss Guilty of Aiding Libya Nuclear Program
Kenyan Air Force Bombs Somali Airport Held by Al-Shabab Militants, Says Armory Destroyed
Kenya MP Ferdinand Waititu Accused of 'Hate Speech'
Ghana Says to Help Ivory Coast Probe Raids That Closed Border
Police Seal Off Spain Parliament Ahead of Protest
BBC Apology to Queen Over Abu Hamza Disclosure
Remains of Smolensk Plane Crash Victims Swapped: Prosecutors
The War at Home
NSA Whistleblower Reveals How to Beat a Polygraph Test
Romney Attacks 'Apologetic' Obama on Foreign Policy
Obama Vows to Hunt Killers of US Envoy
Retired Military Leaders Want Junk Foods Out of Schools
Iran Reveals More About What It Calls Foreign Sabotage Acts
Iran Flexes Military Muscle With New Drone
US: Iran Missile Test Is 'Pure Fabrication'
Iraq Bloodshed: 23 Killed, 39 Wounded in Numerous Attacks
Iraqi Kurds Expect Baghdad's First Payment to Clear Next Week
US Envoy Praises Yemen on Militants Despite Embassy Attack
Yemen Leader Says Would Talk to Disarmed al-Qaeda
Kurdish Blast Kills at Least Seven Turkish Soldiers
In a Surprise Move, Erdogan Invites Iraq's Maliki to Turkey
Middle East
Jordan Arrests Zarqawi Nephew
Kuwait Rejects Election-Law Change Govt. Wanted
Relatives of Saudi Inmates Hold Protest Over Detentions
In Afghanistan, US Advisers Train Ally With Armor On
Harriers Destroyed in Afghan Base Attack to Be Replaced
Senkaku Dispute Reinforces Military Shifts
Foxconn Riot in China Unlikely to Be the Last, Experts Say
Japan, China Foreign Ministers Meet in New York Over Island Dispute
China's First Aircraft Carrier Enters Service
Avalanche Deaths Might Be Victims of Tibet Crisis
Zardari Tells UN to Act Against Blasphemers
North Korea Parliament Holds Rare Second Session
Judge Orders Arrest of President of Google's Operation in Brazil Over Videos
Water-Rights Activists Question Prosecutor Theory on Slaying of Mexican State Legislator-Elect
Cuba State TV Airs Report Allegedly Showing Neighbor Pass Food Into Hunger Striker's Home
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