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Updated September 29, 2012 - 10:58 PM EDT
US Envoy: Preparations Made for Attacking Iran
  Netanyahu Lays Out 'Red Line' on Iran's 20% Uranium Enrichment
  Romney: US Won't Have to Attack Iran
US Aims to Rally Syrian Rebels With More Money
  Clinton Slams Iran For Aiding 'Its Proxy and Crony in Damascus'
  Syrian Rebels' 'Decisive' Aleppo Offensive Stalls
Panetta: US Expects More Attacks in Afghanistan
US, Pakistan Postpone Meeting Over Protests
US Intel: Benghazi Attack 'Deliberate, Organized'
Omar Khadr Leaves Gitmo for Canadian Max Security Prison
US $450 Million 'Emergency Aid' to Egypt Hits a Roadblock
Calling US Drone Strikes 'Surgical' Is Orwellian Propaganda  by Conor Friedersdorf
Netanyahu Backs Off on Iran  by Ray McGovern
Obama Releases Names of Cleared Gitmo Prisoners; Now It's Time to Set Them Free  by Andy Worthington
Syria and the Dogs of War  by Conn Hallinan
I Like and Respect Israel, but It's Not America  by Scott McConnell
Romney Advisers: Bring Torture Back  by Adam Serwer

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At UN, Muslim World Questions Western Freedom of Speech
FBI Agents to Stay Away From Benghazi
To Protesters: Relax, There Are No 'Political Arrests' in Bahrain
Shifting Reports on Libya Killings May Cost Obama
China Alters Its Strategy in Dispute With Japan
Air Force Insiders Foresaw F-22 Woes
White House: Obama, Netanyahu 'in Full Agreement' on Iran's Nuclear Program
Netanyahu's Bomb Diagram Stirs Confusion in Israel
Netanyahu's Iran Cartoon Bomb Timed to Make Big Impact
Netanyahu's Cartoon Bomb Wasn't Meant for World Leaders, and Not Even for Obama
Imminent Iran Nuclear Threat? a Timeline of Warnings Since 1979.
Iranian News Service Cites Faux Onion Story on Poll Finding Ahmadinejad More Popular Than Obama
Israel Disappointed at Argentina Talks With Iran
US: Syrians Moved Some Chemical Weapons to Boost Security
Russia Says Backing Syrian Rebels Deepens Strife, Says Moscow Demands Comprehensive Cease-Fire
Iraq Proposes Two-Stage Plan to Bring Syrian Opponents Together for Talks
Saudis Say UN Inaction Gives Assad a Green Light for Crimes Against Syrian People
No Going Back for Syrian Expats
Iraqi Forces Hunt Dozens of Escaped 'Qaeda' Inmates
Iraq Prison Break Kills 10 Guards, 2 Inmates
Iraq PM Declines Invitation to Visit Turkey
Hundreds Demand Militias Disband in Tripoli
Libya Thwarts Planned Anti-Militia Protests
Pro-Salafist Rally in Libya's Benghazi Turns Violent
Middle East
Egypt's Copts Abandon Sinai After Threats, Attack
The Plight of the Rif: Morocco's Restive Northern Periphery
Protesters in Yemen Demand Return of Stolen Assets
Julian Assange
Are Troops Talking to Assange 'Communicating With the Enemy'?
Ecuador Invokes 1840 Treaty in Assange Row With Britain
Amnesty: Sweden Must Assure Assange of No US Extradition
Assange 'Guarantees' Spark Amnesty Spat
Pakistan Army: No Operation, No Death Squads in Balochistan
Peshawar Blast Kills Top Pakistan Bomb Disposal Officer
Two Shias Shot Dead in Quetta
Pakistan Foreign Office Rejects Newspaper's Report on Drones
Afghan Troops Get a Lesson in American Cultural Ignorance
Osprey Protesters Block Base Gate in Okinawa
Japan and China Trade Barbs Over Islands at UN
US Seeks Calm Over Asian Disputes; Won't Mediate
Kenya Says It Has Captured Last Islamist Bastion in Somalia
2 More Somali Journalists Murdered; 1 Is Beheaded
Nigeria: We Are Winning War Against Boko Haram, Says Jonathan
In 'Serious Diplomatic Incident,' Russians Strip-Search Israeli Minister's Security Personnel
Q&A: Why Marches Trigger Northern Ireland Strife
The War at Home
20 Servicemembers Sue DoD, Say Sex Assaults Were Mishandled
US Banks Hit by More Than a Week of Powerful Cyberattacks; Speculation Swirls Over Culprits
Report Slams Military's Recent Camouflage Uniforms
Army Releases August Suicide Data
Group of Military Medics Say Goodbye to Family Before Deploying to Afghanistan
Unexploded Post-WWII Bombs Lurk in US Offshore Oil Patch
Marine Missing in Action From Korean War Identified
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Tel Aviv 'Race Riots' Reveal Much About Israel

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Is Iran a Threat?

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