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Updated October 2, 2012 - 11:28 PM EDT
US May Keep Troops in Iraq, Without Authority
  Iraq's Monthly Death Toll Doubles, Bloodiest in Two Years
US Scales Back Plans for Afghan Peace
  NATO Afghan Withdrawal 'Could Accelerate' Amid Blatant Failures
  14 Killed in Suicide Attack on Afghan NATO Patrol
  US Initially Refuses to Admit Newest 'Insider Attack' in Afghanistan
US Ties Libya Attack to 'Powder Keg' in Mali
  US Withdraws All Government Personnel From Benghazi
US Drone Strike Kills Three in North Waziristan
  Pakistani Taliban Offers to Provide Security for Tribal Peace March
Pro-Western President Loses in Georgia
Syria Civil War Escalates, Rebels Deeply Divided
PA in Talks on UN 'Non-Member State' Bid
WH Secret Meetings Examine al-Qaeda Threat in N. Africa
Obama Makes Promises to Arms Makers Who Ignore Law
The Unraveling of Obama's Foreign Policy  by Patrick J. Buchanan
American Influence on the Middle East Is Past Its Peak  by Patrick Cockburn
Island Wars: Stay Out of the Senkaku Scuffle  by Ted Galen Carpenter
Silence of the Drones  by Ray McGovern
Israel's Hypocrisy on a Nuclear Middle East  by Thalif Deen
Woodrow Wilson's 'Second Personality'  by Ralph Raico

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Can Mitt Romney Damage Obama Over Benghazi Attack?
Mass. Senate Candidates Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown – Hawks Both
Romney Maps Out 'New' Course for US Mideast Policy
White House Admits Being Victim of a Cyber Attack
Turkish Ruling Party Model for Muslim States: Erdogan
Alarming Breast Cancer Rates Among Troops
Libyans Lament Their Missing Army
US May Have Put Mistaken Faith in Libya Site's Security
Libyan Threat to Freedom of Information Concerns Watchdog
Somali Troops Enter Former Militant Port City
Leader of Radical Islamist Sect Threatens Wives of Nigeria Leaders, Promises More Attacks
Korea Peninsula Could Face Thermonuclear War, North Tells UN
North Korea: US Wants to Occupy Entire Korean Peninsula as Steppingstone to Dominate Asia
Armed Rebels Shot at Two Security Men in East India
India: Pakistan's Reference to Kashmir at UN Unwarranted
Anti-Tank Mine Explodes, Kills 6 Cambodian Farmers
Cambodian Broadcaster Sentenced to 20 Years
Bangladesh Says Opposition Attacked Buddhists
Chinese Communist Party Still Unsettled Over Changes
Maldives Ex-President Mohamed Nasheed's Trial to Start
British Terror Suspect Babar Ahmad Bids to Halt US Extradition
EADS and BAE: Bosses Urge Political Support for Merger
Russia Bans Showing of Anti-Islam Film
Swiss Prosecutors Charge 2 Iraqi Brothers With Propaganda for Terror Group Linked to al-Qaeda
German Prosecutors Shelve Nazi Massacre Probe
Colombia's FARC Rebels Say Peace Talks Delayed a Week; No Reason Given
Monument to Ex-Azerbaijan Leader Leaves Mexicans Puzzled, Angry
Miami-Based Venezuelans to Vote in New Orleans
Syria Chemical Weapons 'Great Concern': NATO
US Wants to Repeat Iraqi Chemical Weapons Scenario in Syria: Muallem
Fighting and Chaos Spread Through Syrian City, as Services Vanish
YouTube Video Shows McClatchy Contributor Austin Tice Alive After Capture in Syria
Syria Calls for Israel to Join NPT
Aleppo's Souk and Old City Before the Fire
Iraq Releases September Casualty Figures; 23 Killed Today
Iran Currency Falls 17% to New Low
Iran Fars News Agency Apologizes for Running Onion Article
Mashaal Confirms He's Quitting as Hamas Leader, Vows Continued 'Resistance' Against Israel
US Warns European Governments Against Supporting Palestinians at UN
Arafat to Be Exhumed
Egyptian President's Adviser Describes Israel as 'Occupied Arab Palestine'
Baghdad Pays Oil Companies
Bulani: Iraq Broke the Record in Number of Prisoners Escaping From Prisons
32 Face Trial in Bahrain for Police Station Attack
Bahrain Court Upholds Verdict in Medics Trial
Yemen Says Captured Soldiers Were Studying in Syria
After US Embassy Attack, West Uneasy Over Saleh's Role
The War at Home
L-3, Virginia Tech Open Cybersecurity Center
For US Soldiers, Repeat Deployments 'Definitely Take a Toll'
State Dept. Rejects Call for UN Ambassador to Quit
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