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Updated October 9, 2012 - 11:24 PM EDT
NATO Ready to Defend Turkey Against Syria
  Turkey's Leader Warns of 'Worst-Case Scenario'
  Maliki: Iraq Won't Become Part of Syrian Civil War
  BBC Finds Crates of Saudi Weapons in Syrian Rebel Base
Iran Diverts Its Uranium for Peaceful Medical Use
  US Plans to Restart Iran Talks After November Election
  Killing Iranian Scientists Is Terrorism: US Official
  Debunked: Allegation of Iranian Govt. Backing Terror Group Untrue
Afghan Govt. 'Could Collapse' After 2014: Report
  Red Cross Chief: Less Hope for Afghan Civilians Now Than in 2005
Israeli Leader Calls Early Elections
  Gaza Rockets Strike Southern Israel in Retaliation for Sunday Attack
3 Civilians Killed as Libya Forces Attack Town
  Shadow Fighting Erupts Over Gadhafi
Romney's Foreign Policy: No Major Difference
US-Backed Nigerian Military Kills 30 Civilians
UK Judge Orders Assange Backers to Pay $150,000 for Bail
Is a Nuclear Deal With Iran Possible?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
The Dangers of Saber-Rattling in Syria  by Patrick Hayes
Electoral Shock in Georgia: Time for Tbilisi to Abandon NATO Nightmare  by Doug Bandow
Return of the Neocons  by Lawrence J. Korb
Afghanistan: The 11-Year War  by Matthew Rothschild
Plucky Little Turkey Standing Up to Evil Syria? It's Not That Simple  by Robert Fisk

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Cries War

by Ted Galen Carpenter
US Air Force's 1950s Supersonic Flying Saucer Declassified
Guard: Security in Libya Cut Before Benghazi Attack
Libya Attack Presents Legal, Policy Dilemma for Obama
Somalia's Shabab Militants Ban Islamic Relief Aid
Cyberattacks Against US Rising Unchecked
Turkey Retaliates for 6th Day of Syrian Shelling
Turkish Jets Reportedly Strike PKK Bases in Iraq
Westerners With Syrian Ties Trickle in to Help Rebels
Despite International Criticism, Iraq Continues Executions
Maliki Seeks $5 Billion Arms Deal With Russia
Midnight Blast Rattles District in Syrian Capital
Iranian Foreign Minister: 'Assad Poses No Threat to the Middle East'
UNIFIL: No Drone Detected Crossing From Lebanon Into Israel
Drone Flight Shows Israel Is Vulnerable: Iran Military Official
Fatah: Palestinians Have Not Abandoned Armed Struggle
Arabs Stone Police on Temple Mount
Car Bomb Hits Afghan Intelligence Office, Kills 2
From Discontent to Violence at Kabul College
Pakistan Terms Karzai Comments Misplaced
Boy Killed, 15 Injured in Quetta Blast
Philippines and US Start Joint Exercises
Benefits Outweigh Risks in Philippines Peace Deal
North Korea Says South, US Are Within Missile Range in Response to Seoul's Extended Missile Range
Families of South Korean Sailors Held by Somali Pirates Ask Seoul for Help
'Terrorist Threat' Forces China Plane to Land
Chinese Telecom Firms Huawei and ZTE Pose Security Threat, Congressional Investigators Say
10 Years After Bali, Indonesian Terror Attacks on Rise, but Militants Showing Less Skill
10,000 Will Die if Israel Attacks Iran, Says Former Revolutionary Guard Commander
Iran Says It Blocks Cyberattack on Oil Platforms
Strict New Procedures for Iran Currency Trading After Protest
Plunge of Iran's Currency Slows as Rial Appears to Be Holding at Rebound Level From Weekend
Iranian FM: If Israel Wanted to Attack, It Would Have Long Ago
Cisco Drops ZTE After Claims of Sanction-Busting Iran Sales
Yemen Busts Iran Spies Posing as Investors: Ministry
Saudis, Syrians Among 8 Kidnapped in Yemen
Egypt Studying Proposals for Sinai Bedouin Police Force, but Critics Warn of a Militia State
21 Egypt Forces Killed in Sinai Vehicle Accident
Middle East
Middle East Canadians Fear Having Citizenship Revoked
South Kordofan: 'Rebel Shells Kill Five' in Sudan Town
Ethiopia: Independent Papers Say Government Banned Them
Niger Wants Joint Patrol on Nigeria Border
Albania Ex-Political Prisoner Sets Himself on Fire
In France, Jews and Muslims Warn of Anti-Semitism
Mexican Prosecutors Allege City Police Commander Played Role in Slaying of Governor's Nephew
Zetas Suspect Blamed by Mexico for Mass Jailbreaks, Slaughter of Migrants, Killing of US Man
Panetta to Latin America: Use Police, Not Military for Enforcement
The War at Home
With Military Suicides Rising, a Focus on Private Weapons
Suspect Charged in Ohio Mosque Arson
Illinois Man Faces Terrorism Charge in Oklahoma Bomb Plot
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